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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm alive

sorry for the hiatus of posts, I took yesterday off from bloglandia, I just needed to really hunker down and work yesterday.

you see I was in the finishing stages of the pieces you see above, now if all goes according to plan, at some point on Wednesday I will have my first group of limited edition reproduction prints in my shop!!!

these were all made with royalty free imagery that I purchased, so finally I will have prints in shop.

They are going to be very limited, only 10 of each!!

(I am very excited and nervous for them!)

so hope you enjoy.

this is short today due to the fact that I still have ton of work to do before our party tonight!!! This is my first ever halloween party I have ever thrown.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Petite Heights Sunday October 28, 2007

(we interrupt the harrowing escapade of little Jack’s hair cut to bring you…
a Very Special Petite Halloween Strip, enjoy!)

(please click on image above to enlarge)

art- keith cousineau
words- jennifer gordon

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Friday, October 26, 2007



our friend Carol passed away yesterday, leaving behind her family.

I am overcome with sadness for them, for her husband. I can't imagine losing a spouse like that, I watched my mom go through it when my father died, and I can honestly say I have no idea if I could.

I was up last night a little after 2:00am overcome with fear, just stark fear. What if, what if, what if...plaguing my mind.

Life is so short, so very short and so very beautiful and sad all at the same time, and cancer is such an awful word...such an awful disease, haunting and unfair.

so please all of you who read this, hug someone you love today, tell them you love them, tell them anything and everything you want, they want to hear it, so don't hold back.

sorry this is a bummer. also, a head's up that Petite Heights might not get posted on Sunday, probably later in the day or monday.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Got Halloween??

Good morning

ok, I am sleepy (what else is new), but you've got to understand that I am a woman in need of lots and lots of sleep, I used to be able to survive on 4 or 5 hours, but that is no longer the case, is this old age?? Failing health???

who knows.

So, yeah...I'm tired, very tired because I stayed up late last night watching the world series, but it was worth is because the Red Sox slaughtered them.

This makes me miss New England even more, my homesickness is always strongest in the fall and until Christmas...but this in particular makes me ache for home, the baseball energy in the air.

I know, I know, I go on and on....but seriously I love the Red Sox.

le sigh.

So yesterday was a nice day, Keith and I worked in the morning and then went out in the afternoon for a short while to get much needed errands done, they were the most fun type of errands because they were all Halloween related.

yup, I got my costume....finally and I must say I love it. All the ideas I had before were thrown out the see I was going over lots and lots of vintage images (in preparation for the beginning of the binge of painting that will come before I get my prints made) and I realized what I am drawn to, every time, and that is the idea of the original party girls themselves...the flappers.

So that is what I went with, though I decided to opt out of the costume with the fringe and instead go for more of a silent film movie darling...more deco than anything else....lots of black and gold and low cut, fabulous little hat, fabby gloves and bling....

I will def post photos.

Keith will be Batman, he tried on his costume yesterday and he looked so sexy, then I felt odd for thinking that, but I guess I am just a sucker for a man in a mask and a cape.

We also got the beginnings of decorations for the party, including these wonderful blood spatters to put on our windows and walls...also some bloody hand prints.

Then it was off to the pumpkin sale in town where we got two lovely grown up pumpkins and 3 teeny tiny ones, including one "albino" pumpkin in honor of our good luck albino squirrel that roams the perimeter of the Chateau.

(I named the squirrel gustave, just so you know).

Once we got home we enjoyed an old timey horror movie, The House On Haunted Hill, a visit from my bff Steve and then well, baseball...duh.

So there you have it, it seems like nothing it was one of those days that ached just on the edge of perfection. for some news about the shop. Yesterday I listed my new mini blank note cards. Can I just tell you that they are wonderful beyond words, little cards and little envelopes.

the cards were all made by kittycrossbones for me and the little envelopes were made by moonparade and they were done with antique paper..I could just die.

They started to sell very quickly and the numbers of these are I do advise to get them now while you still can.

I also got another order of rings...which I have not listed yet, but they are hot...HOT!!!!! Email me if you want to see the designs before they go up.

ok, enough babble....the pictures today are of my mini cards which are available in my shop.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dear Insert Name Here

Dear Joaquin Phoenix

Hi how how are you?

um...remember last week when I very publicly declared that we we were "over"...remember that? Well, you know I was joking right?


I was temporarily insane you see, it was real life bubs' birthday and I always get a little psycho when presents of any kind are involved, throw in cake and I am done for.

So you see...I was not in my right mind. I am back to normal now and I just wanted you to know we are most certainly NOT broken up.

So there you have it, no excuse to head back to the demon liquor're stuck with me....oops, I mean, lucky have me.

Yours forever (and ever, and ever)

Jennifer Gordon

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hello dear ones.

well, I was very very close to taking a mental health day today, but I am going to post what's in my head anyway.

So....last night Keith and I found out that a good friend of ours is going to die very soon, she has been battling and struggling with cancer for the past several years, but her battle is almost over and there is nothing left to be done.

I am heartbroken for her, for her poor wonderful husband who has become the surrogate father I needed since mine died...I feel bad for her Mom who should not have to bury her child, and for her son who in his way will always need his mom.

I am overwhelmed with the fact that of all the people in the universe this is a person that should not have gotten sick...bad things should just not happen to good people.

I'm sorry, I am very down today, I don't like to bring that melancholy here to my blog but sometimes I have to, I have to open the door so you can see what is inside, and you see dear friends, what is inside is a bit of a mess right now.

I am feeling very Victorian and melancholy today, the rain is not helping at all, as it still looks like night out, and it's making my knee hurt so bad I can barely walk.


in other brighter news...

I promised a bit of a little shop announcement and here it is. Withing the next several days I will be listing the most adorable mini blank note cards. The measure 2 inches x 2 inches and would make lovely little gift enclosures or gift tags, the best part about them is that they will come with lovely little handmade envelopes, all made with antique papers.

I could just die....little cards and little envelopes....breathtaking. You know my love of stationery, so those should be soon.

Also.................this is still maybe a month or so away, but definitely before the holidays, I will have a small collection of reproduction prints available in my shop as well, all made with copyright free images...very Victorian and lovely (well in my head they are, you see I do need to get my butt in gear to get these done) but I have talked with a printing company close to me and have seen some samples and their fine art prints are lovely. I am hoping that I can charge around $10 for an 8x10 print...hopefully.

ok, well that's it for today, the images listed are a few of my current pieces that are all still available and listed in my shop, also coming later on today are more of the American Cancer Society Donation cards, as I have been sold out for a couple days.


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Monday, October 22, 2007

Thank You

Good morning everyone.

How are you all??? I hope you had as good a weekend as the Red Sox did....YAY!!!!

I know, I know you hate it when I talk about sports but come on, the Sox are going to the World doesn't get much better than that.


I also wanted to say a big huge thank you to all of you and your wonderful words and support leading up to my 1500th sale...(which I did hit and surpass on Friday), it really is a dream come true to be able to do this and call it a "job".

I am keeping the blog short and sweet today, as I am a bit spent, the mean cheese left me sort of fried this weekend and I am taking the day to re-group and do some creating and packaging .

I promise I will catch up on all your blogs at some point throughout the day (I pinkie swear even!!)

until tomorrow when I will have new work to show you and hopefully even an announcement of new products for my shop too.

have a wonderful Monday, until then enjoy the view from my studio window.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Petite Heights Sunday October 21, 2007

(please click image to enlarge)

art- keith cousineau
story- jennifer gordon

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Am I ready for this?


so this morning I wake up a little groggier than I should be, you see last night I was so exhausted after partying liek and Olsen Twin the night before, but....................I decided (cough..had to...cough) stay up late to watch the Red Sox last night.

so morning came a little early for me, and now here I am behind the gun on everything. You see I spent yesterday working on commission work, and getting research ready for a couple more cutom pieces...yes, I do research.

I am a dork like yesterday a lot of the day was spent getting back in touch with my inner Desdemona and floating around in my head in the world of Othello...

Oh I love it, this...THIS is why doing what I do is the best thing in the world.

The next two custom projects are going to be done next week as today needs to be spent packaging things (hopefully the rain will stop for the first time this week so I can get to the post office) and then preparing the house for the mean cheese invasion.

yes, the mean cheese is coming, the mean cheese is coming.... my shop I have been holding steady at 1498 sales for the past 18 hours or so....and frankly the anticipation of hitting 1500 is all but driven me batty I tell you. I feel like somehting HUGE is going to happen when I hit 1500, like the ceiling will give way and I will have confetti and balloons raining down on me.

chances are...something huge will happen, but it will be far more exciting to the person who is #1500 than for me....think big people, this is a huge milestone....what kind of goody package will the lucky person get???

It will be amazing, trust me on this...original art (perhaps 2 pieces...a diptych!!) Some art cards, a mirror, a ring...

and more than anything else, my love and gratitude.

I know....amazing huh???

with that I will leave you, must package, must clean, must get a mad dash of creating done before the cheese gets here.

(photos today are from a brand new altered mixed media book I have in my shop, called "The Castle Maiden's Song)

PS- HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEIRD AARON!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you!!!!!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm feelin it this morning....

morning campers...

so, I am going to be very very truthful with you this morning, this blog entry...well, this is a tough one for me.

You see last night we went out to celebrate my darling bubs birthday, and can I tell you...I believe I am still feeling the effects of the very strong Seven and Sevens I was drinking.

We went to Bernies last night, for those of you now in the know....Bernie's is the Columbus version of CBGB's except there is no gift shop, and 90% of the bands are terrible, just terrible.

Though last night was a rarity, some friends were playing there (and they're actually good) and also my bubs played a few songs with them in the middle of their set. So, really that's why we were there (and the ton of people that showed up to see my bubs play, as there were more people to see him than to see any of the bands).

So you see now I am feeling really tired, old actually. My ears are still ringing from the bad music, my throat sore from screaming over said music, and mostly my eyes are sore from seeing some of the dirty gutter punks all whored up and making out with the homeless men for fun.

I wish that was an exaggeration, but no....people do really tongue kiss the hobo's at Bernie's.


all in all though it was a great time, and so wonderful to see my bubs with "his people" again...though any time we go to Bernie's it kills any desire in us to have a club sometimes we miss it, but then after seeing all those people and sitting through all the crap....we realize we're way better off now.

So how are all of you?? Peachy I hope.

ok, so a couple things....

1- I am really close to hitting the 1500 sale mark in my shop, which is really unreal...I just hit 1400 after all, or so it seems.

2- I am still trying to figure out my halloween my choices are; Wonder Woman, Little Red Riding Whore, Naughty Candy Striper (I think that's actually called a Candy Stripper), and some sort of winged thing...less fairy and more arch angel.

sigh, I am open to suggestions.

ok, now I am in desperate need of more coffee and something, anything to take away the pain in my head.

(image today is of a new collage that is in my shop)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dear (Insert Name Here)

Dear Joaquin Phoenix (my movie bubs)

this is really hard for me, you do I say this...

you and I mister, we're over. Yes, it's true I can't go on leading this double life, you see my real life bubs is an amazing man. Today in fact is his birthday and on this I cannot have my heart torn in two.

I have to face reality, though you and I share something intense and almost other worldly, my real life bubs and I share those things too.

Movie bubs, real life bubs, movie bubs, real life bubs...

you see, it's not healthy.

I know you will be fine, after a while. You will get over me, you will have too. Luckily you have a movie coming out so you will have lots of things to distract you, also you have AA meetings to go to, those will be a good distraction for you.

Please don;t go back to drugs and the joy juice, losing me will be a devastating loss, but I think it will not only make you stronger as a person, but as an actor. Maybe next'll win the Oscar too, not just the Golden Globe.

I will always look back on what we had with much fondness.

Jennifer Gordon

(now, off to celebrate my real life bubs' birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH, LOVE YOU!!)

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It's Mad lib Time...remember Mad libs everyone??? Well my friend Aaron, does these on his blog and they are spectacular...

all I ask is you play along, and then copy and paste your story in the comments see my story you can read it there.

have fun!!!

Day Of The Week
Time Of Day
Past Tense Verb
Article Of Clothing
Name Of A City
First Name Of A Male Celebrity
Last Name Of A Male Celebrity
A Candy Brand
A Country
First Name Of Female Celebrity
Last Name Of Female Celebrity

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Monday

(blah, blah...blah, blah, blah, blah)

Just so you know, in my head I am singing the blah, blahs to the tune of the "Monday, Monday" song.

how are you all??

Me, well I am not thrilled that the weekend is over, yesterday was strangely relaxing, I did not "work" which is rare for me....seeing as I work from home it is very easy to just stress at times, but no....none of that, just hung out with my bubs, did a little reading went for a little walk...hell, we even watched a scary movie (it was Ghost Ship...predictable...yes, but it involved ghosts and ships so it was pretty good).

So is a wonderful day in this world. You see one of my most favorite people on the planet is having a birthday, it's my friend Cat, otherwise known as make sure to all wish her a very special day, she deserves it!!!

Happy birthday Cat. Love you!!!!

Speaking of birthdays, this is a bog week for me it starts with Cats birthday and then moves onto someones bubs' birthday....oh yeah that would be my bubs birthday, that's on Wednesday, and then the week wraps up with my bff from back home Aaron whose birthday is on Friday...

so, big week here in the world of Stilettoville.

So did you all read Petite Heights yesterday?? How about my interview over at The Indie Path??

well if not....what are you waiting for??

ok,have to dash off early today, I have some top secret bubs birthday related things to make and presents that I have been hoarding for ever to days have to be extra productive because my nights are filled with BASEBALL!!!

(well tonight is filled with Dancing with the Stars, Heroes, AND baseball....)

for now enjoy my latest framed art card set, it is called "The Italian Widow", the theme and the women seemed very operatic to me.


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Petite Heights Sunday October 14 2007

(please click image to enlarge)

art- keith cousineau
story- jennifer gordon

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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Morning Y'all (said in my thickest and fakest Brittany Spears accent)

It's really cold this morning in Chateau really cold, I can;t believe it was less than a week ago that I was belly aching about 90, wow...this giant old house really is cold.

So did you all have a marvelous Friday night?? I personally was glued to the tv watching the AL Championship, for the first time since 2004 I can watch my Red Sox play every night of the week...also they totally kicked the Indian's ass.


yes, I know I just blogged about the weather, THEN sports...if I had a silly picture of a cat or a baby to post I would have filled the blog with nothing but cliches.

Instead of that I am going to re-direct you all to go to The Indie Path today, as they have a lovely interview with me posted...please read it, I am afraid I came off sounding like an odd ball.

(not that I don;t sound like an odd ball every day here, but that's different.)

anyway, shower then with love and comments as they are wonderful.

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Friday, October 12, 2007


SO I could not even think of a snappy title, a catchy little something that grabs your attention, makes you giggle and then read on...

so without a snappy title, really, that does not bode well for the rest of this blog entry, what's a girl to say when a girl's got nothing to say.

Wait................I just want to say thank you (I do a lot of thanking you on this blog), thank you all for the great response to the aceos that I am doing for The American Cancer Society, all the ones listed are once again sold out, but there will be more today, it really warmed my heart that they sold so fast, you know it's the little things like this that restore my faith in humanity.

So, last night was a rough one for me, I was up most of the night with breathing problems, but seem to be doing better now, things seemed to calm down around 3:30am for me and I got a couple of good hours rest. My poor bubs though every day time I would cough he would wake up and rub my back, see THIS is why I hate getting sick at all.

So, do you all have fabulous plans this weekend?? Now that it is really starting to feel like fall around here I am so in the mood to go walking into town for some sort of hot alcoholic beverage and know?

Like, hot cider with, I know I can just make that in my own home, but there is something I just love about going out and about on cool nights...

with that I will leave you I drift into daydreams about fall....have you noticed the colors I am using are getting very fall like???

these are some of my newest pieces, the first one id a small framed aceo set,and the other is a diptych done on stretched canvas.

They are both available in my shop

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Thursday, October 11, 2007 work!

good morning all!!

So finally this post has new work....I know, it's been a while, but I swear to you, I have been productive, I have made lots of new things as well as been hard at work on a large commission that I finished late last night, I have no photos of it yet but will say, that it is really something...I hate to be egotistical but...I love it, I can;t wait for her to get it, and I can;t wait to show it off.


Oh and (finally) I was able to start listing the line of art cards (aceo) that I do for Charity, many of you who are long term readers and buyers (and friends obviously) know that my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a few years ago, she fought and won her battle, but not a day goes by that I don't fear that I will get a phone call from her saying it is back....with that in my mind I have started a line of cards in which a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

The theme for this year's cards are classic film stars, I have already done a Marilyn, which is listed in my shop, and an Audrey Hepburn which will go up later this morning. I am going to keep up with the cards for the rest of October and beyond, I am hoping I will get a great response to the cards, crossing my fingers!!

The other picture I featured today is a new small collage called "I Dreamt I Went To Manderly Again" there was something haunted about this piece it reminded me of "Rebecca" hence the title...

well, I hate ti post new work and dash, but I have a lot of computer things to do and some packaging today...oh, and paying bills, lots and lots of bills, lol.

Yes, this is the glamorous side of being an artist.


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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dear Insert Name Here

Dear Jennifer Lopez

aka J. Lo, aka, the other Jenny from the Block that is NOT ME!!

What's up? So, here's the deal...everyone thinks you are preggers, I even hopped on that bandwagon ages ago...but you won't say anything, when it's totally obvious, that've got a baby up in there, wither that or you are a total chubster now.

Wait....that's it, I think you are not pregnant, in fact I think now that there rumors are flying you are doing everything in your power to get yourself knocked up.

Ok, we get it, you are happy, your married, you are all "settled" so, you started eating, a lot, it started simply with a few trips to your local Hostess Bakery outlet store...and have escalated to you consuming a bag of egg noodles and 4 cheese sauce.

Am I right?

And now that the fat has hot the fan you are scrambling for a good old fashioned baby cover up.

Yeah, I could be on to something.

In all seriousness, big fat belly or baby belly it does not matter, what you should really worry about is what you are wearing, darling look like Mrs Roper on Three's Company...the MooMoos are awful.

So, with that I bid you adieu, and wish you luck with the big announcement, whether that be a baby announcement or just that fact that you are embracing your "larger self" wither way you are still a hottie, just ditch the 1970's curtains you have been wearing. I also want to wish you luck and hope that kids look like you, your hubby sort of looks like an E.T.

your friend
Jenny from the Block II
(jennifer Gordon)

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

ok, so now it's fall


so, let's cut to the chase....yes, I am still sick, very sick....I know, I know....I should go to a doctor, but I feel like I'm getting better, I am slightly less miserable than I was yesterday or the day before....

And well, let's get serious, a certain stiletto loving girl who has no health insurance and makes her living by selling art online...we she has to pick and choose when she goes to the doctors.

But in all seriousness thank you all for the get well comments and e mails it's been very sweet.

What was not helping matters was that it has been 90 degrees for the past almost week here...but the heat is gone and I am having a morning mocha...yes a mocha.

Now, it's fall.

So, I believe my bubs and I are going to be having a litttle party, a house warming/Halloween party, it sill be small(ish) and casual (meaning you don;t HAVE to dress up...but I will be).

This will be the first Halloween party I have ever thrown, and I am going to have to stop myself from getting so geeked up about it, already right now I am getting jittery, in a good way. Inside my head I am obsessing about costume choice, which we all know means obsessing about the lifelong question....

Am I thin enough to gtet away with a slutty costume???

Sorry this is a ramble, I am trying to fend off the sneezing and the desire for sleep trying to be "productive".

Truth is, I want to be on the couch and watching a scary movie, normally in October all I watch are scary movies on tv, but we have had so little time to do that, so far we have just watched The Ring, because my bubs had not seen it. It was great to watch it with him, when I asked if he thought it was scary he just said...

"yeah it was, but I would have seen a couple seconds of the tape and known I did notwant to watch it, so I would have turned it off, and been fine"

he's adorable.

I am aching to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which believe it or not is the scariest thing I have even seen, it's the type of movie you don't think will be scary and then all of a sudden.....your awake at 3:00am and convinced the devil just wants to possess you....


AM I the only one who does that???

So, a friend of mine, Aaron, posted this on his blog too, so I am going to throw it out here as well....what;s your favorite scary movie??? I am in the mood to see some new ones.

(please keep in mind, I like scary movies, not lame gorefests like "Saw")

sorry no pictures today....I have none formatted that I am happy with....damn plague is keeping me from being very productive.


PS- GO SOX!!!!! Love the fact that it's going to be Red Sox Indians fighting for the AL title....Yankees suck, spread the word.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

out of sickness comes this...

very very sorry I have been a horrible blog friend lately, no comments and no visits, but you see I am still really sick, and I just can't kick it. Leave it to me to get sick during my worst allergy season AND during this nuclear autumn we are having ('s NOT supposed to be over 90 degrees for a week straight in October...this is Ohio not the tropics).

so anyway, in lieu of real creativity I have decided a bunch of spirited up time wasters are in order.

You Are Apple Cider

Smooth and comforting. But downright nasty when cold.

Halloween Horoscope for Leo

You simply have to have the most unique, elaborate, and amazing costume.
You tend to hop from party to event, making sure everyone checks you out.

Costume suggestions: A geisha, samurai, fairy, or pirate

Signature Halloween candy: Skittles

Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: The Shining

You Are Scary

You even scare scary people sometimes!

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Very popular, one of you is not enough.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Petite Heights Sunday October 7, 2007

(please click image to enlarge)

art- keith cousineau
story- jennifer gordon
**purses designed by Jody Derevenko
aka The Devils Cloth

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Friday, October 05, 2007

front page news

bear with me darlings, I am sick as hell...this will be lackluster as best.

my throat=sore
head=killing me
energy level= not there.

So after I do this bloggy blog I am heading to the couch there is daytimetv that needs to be watched while I sip on juice and feel sorry for myself....I am hoping if I sleep most of the day away I will get the energy to take care of the mean cheese when she arrives.

yup...fear not for me, this is standard...usually it happens in September but seeing as it's been so very hot my normal fall plague was pushed back a bit.


One thing that was pleasant though was the fact that last night I logged into etsy and there I was on the front page....and the day before when I logged into trukt, I was a featured profile there.

It was so exciting, it really helped to ease the tension I was feeling this week.

ok, back to bed I go....

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's called "what not to wear" people!!

Happy Thursday

so..............I realize with the Kevin Federline letter yesterday that I neglected to tell you all about the "fashion show" with Clinton Kelly the other night at Macy's.

well, I will say this, I had a lot of fun, as it was wonderful to have a "girls night" the clothes were but great. Most of the models were wearing INC or Calvin Klein...and seeing as INC is my favorite (wearable and realistic brand) I was all set.

Clinton Kelly did what I feared (hoped) he would do...he heckled people in the audience...pulling them onto the runway and making them do the 360 and in front of hundreds and hundreds of people talked about how saggy their boobs were or how big their butt was.

The greatest is that really he could have picked almost anyone in the crowd for this, the place was filled with flip-floppers, capri pants, sneakers, and denim shirts....DENIM SHIRTS....for hells sake!!!

And seriously there is this plague going on with women over 45 in this's a little advice....UNDER WIRE BRAS....seriously it will help you.

SO that being the case, I had no fear that I would be singled out and ridiculed for the public fashion flogging, leaving me broken and going home with an eating disorder and a complex...I was an INC scoop neck shirt, black and white with an almost Pucci inspired pattern with wonderful sleeve detail, I was wearing a black a line skirt and boots, and my killer faux croc I was set.

Any way you could tell we were at a low brow Ohio fashion show because before it started the dj played the theme to the Ohio State Buckeye's....which made the crowd of sad fashion don't just go crazy...(seriously there was hooting and hollering), and also in a very Ohio fashion there were cookies served at the show.




yeah, you should be feeling shocked, I was it would be a lie to say I did not partake of the cookies, they were huge and I stalked the refreshment area like a lion trying to eat a yummy gazelle so I could get a fresh cookie not yet manhandled by the denim shirted mafia.

So that was that, Clinton Kelly was charming in that "way" of his...he did notgive out too much real advice, nothing most people who care about how they look don;t already know. I was glad he was not focusing on what fashionable things you should wear, but mostly on figuring out clothes for shape...

he is very good at making sort of dumpy people feel like they are not as dumpy as they think they are. fashion fashion....or something like it.

Now, I am thrilled for Columbus Fashion week, because my friend Debbie will def. come with me, already understanding how serious I take it all....

so, that's that. I have lots of important things to say, but now I feel I have been babbling for quite all don't need to hear my rantings about anything else for today.

so I will leave you with that, and some pictured of some pretty things, that can be found in my shop.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dear (Insert Name Here)

Dear K-Fed

wow....ok so let's fist start with the humiliating....lately I have been finding you.....sort of attractive, I think it was that whole "father in need" thing that so many Lifetime movies are about.

Now that you have been awarded full custody to your little monsters (ahem...oops) I mean children, I am sure this odd attraction will go away.

So officially, congrats on getting to take care of your two, what's his name and slightly older and slightly fatter what's his name.

I am sure you will be a good or at least adequate father.

If you ever need a little "child rearing" advice I am here for you. You see, you and I have a bit in common you see I take care of a "mean cheese" who was also birthed by a crazy white trash woman, I too have had the pain and heartache of picking up a child only to have to say the words "Why are you covered in Soy Sauce?" or "Why are your hands (and socks?) covered with the red from BBQ chips??"

So, fear not you will break your little what's their names out of all the trash habits they have, surely before Brit-zilla kicks that nasty meth habit she has.

you will be fine, I have faith in you, and even more than that I have faith that the $30,000 a month that you get from Un-Fitney will be enough to hire a nice nanny and get your kids eating 3 sqare meals of cheeseburger macaroni....or what ever it is the little ones eat.

Anyway, I should not be taking up anymore of your time, you have butt pants to change and children to chase.

keep it real K-Fed.

Jennifer Gordon

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007's still dark out

good morning...

oh and by good morning I mean...what the hell am I doing up so damn early????

so as I type away I am being greeted by the morning sky, still dark as night. This is no good. I am no morning person. So, when awakened at 5:27am by my allergies, I knew the day was off to a crap of a start.

I tossed and turned, sniffled and moaned...then started to loudly complain to my poor bubs who was trying to relaxy before getting up for work...poor guy, he heard a lot of this.

"ugh...........(sniffle, sniffle) it's awful"
"THIS IS NOT NORMAL (cough, cough)"
"It's way too early to get up, it's still night (sneeze, sneeze)"

I realize now that I should not have been such the drama queen, as my dear bubs gets up at that time everyday, that it is not in fact "still night" but the beginning of his day.

Working at home has made me spoiled, and a bit bratty I fear, well....more spoiled and more bratty that I used to be.

So..........that has been my day, 7:00am and I have already listed 3 reserved pieces on etsy, and worked a bit on a new collage.

At this rate I will be ready for bed by 9:00am...le sigh.

Though, no bed for me, as I actually have plans tonight, I am hanging out with another woman, my friend Debbie....I know, me having girl time. Crazy as I am usually trapped with a bunch of boys.

You see Debbie called last night to see if I wanted to go to a fashion show with her hosted by Clinton Kelly from What not To Wear, it should be fun...sure we're not talking Couture here, but still, fashion is fashion.

Though, my inner fear is that he will be heckling people in the crowd for their choice of ensembles...And this city there are more people that are poorly dressed that well dressed.

So what are you all up to today???

The pictures I am showing today are of the one available card set left in my shop (which is my favorite so far I think) as well as a new 4 piece collage.

Oh, and before I forget....I should thank you all, again (I do that a lot), for the support as I deal with the darker side of etsy...(the stalker). Thank you all for the emails and the support, it is because of that very fact that I end up smiling at the end of the day, because when all is said and done, someone might try and take what I do and what I am, but they can't take all of you, all of "this".

so, thanks from the very bottom of my (not dead) heart.

I love you all.


PS- did you all here that Brit Brit got her kids taken away finally????? I am tempted to write to her tomorrow for celeb letter, but I am not sure, I am sort of holding it all in...

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Monday, October 01, 2007

and the winners are....

good morning everyone!!

ok so I will just cut to the chase.....thank you all for commenting here and on myspace...also for those of you who made purchases in the past few days.

That being said I have been up for a while writing all your names on little pieces of

so the winner of the 8x10 collage is.......(those dots are a drumroll) AARON!!!!!!! this should make you happy Aaron, as last time you created a stink saying that the contest was "rigged"

ok and the winner of the 8x8 collage will be...............................CHICKENBELLS!!!

Congrats to both of you, I will contact you later today about the contest!!

Did you all have lovely weekends?? Mine was good, filled with some cool creating and some sleeping in time on Sunday....

as some of you may have noticed I snuck some new merchandise into my shop over the weekend, Saturday I listed a couple sets of blank cards featuring my art, I was not sure how well they would do, so I only made a couple sets....and I was pleasantly surprised to say that each set sold out within minutes of me listing them, so.....I have made a couple more sets, so today at 2:00pm EDT, I will list them... rings and stickers and hair pins are finally here, I'm telling you it was like Christmas waiting for these, and it was worth the wait. The new button set is wonderful as are the stickers...but the best possible things are the rings and the hair pins, I have only listed one of each so far, but they are amazing. The quality is superb!!!

(thanks to for the wonderful work, I recommend that you all use her if you need any promo items made, just drop my name, trust me do it, it will make you feel all "Hollywood" to name drop)

I am feeling a bit anxious this morning and I am leery to talk about it too much here, no need to air dirty etsy related laundry all over the this is NOT an etsy bashing post, not at all, I love etsy. I am just having minor (major problems) with another seller right now and it is leaving me distracted and if someone is trying to steal a part of my very soul.

(I know, I am the queen of melodrama)

anyway, I have lots and lots to do this morning, including packaging some lovelies and making a trek to the PO before the rains set it.

see you all tomorrow when I promise my undivided attention to you...:)

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