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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dear (Insert Name Here)

Hi loves

First I need to thank you all for all your nice words yesterday when I was in a cranky state, it really helped, so thank you, thank you…a million times over.

Well if you are keeping track, it’s Wednesday which means I have to rush off to the shop in just a few minutes…


I hate that Wednesdays seem so rushed and frantic, I really enjoy my blogging time, so that being the case, I am going to start a tradition, every Wednesday will be “write a fake letter to a celebrity day” here at Stiletto Heights

Yes, you heard me, we’re going to write to celebrities, and no….we are not going to really mail them, we’re not stalkers after all, right?

Please feel free to post your letter in the comments section of my blog, as I will so very seriously LOVE to read them, we don’t all have to pick the same one, I think it will be fun….

Ok so my first letter will be to Reese Witherspoon…

Dear Reese

Hey, what’s up? I have been meaning to write to you for so long…I am really sorry to hear about your divorce. You guys always seemed so sweet together.

Though, he did always sound like he had a stuffed up nose, what’s up with that? Did he have seasonal allergies? A Coke problem?

I know, I know….none of my business, you’re right.

Anyway, now you can join the chic and elite group of young divorces, I’m one you know, we’re a very elite squad, like cheerleaders.

I also have to ask, what was going on with you at the Oscar’s? Your dress was fantastic, but really, what was that thing you were doing with your hair? I think you were trying to do a sort of Jennifer Anniston thing with it, but it really didn’t work, your face is just not shaped the right way to wear bangs.

You probably think I am just being jealous and snotty, after all you are my bf’s “movie bubs” and you did get to make out with my “movie bubs” Joaquin Phoenix…but please know I only have your best interests at heart.

Well gotta go Reese, hope to hear from you really soon

Love, your bff

Jennifer Gordon

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And So It Is


I am feeling a bit "off" today, not really sure what exactly it is, just one of those days that I feel so very unlike me.

I think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's called them the "mean reds", though as I just typed those words it seems like the phrase "mean reds" could also be 1980's cold war lingo for those naughty communists.

Do you ever have those days when you feel all jittery inside? Like your heart is all a flutter, and not in a first love kind of way, but in a about to go to the doctors kind of way.

well that is how I am feeling, just anxious I guess, but anxious for what I have no idea.

I am feeling like I have too much to do....or not enough to do, it's hard to tell, anyway...I feel like I am floundering a bit.

Yesterday I worked for the majority of the day finishing the two pieces for the commission project for Tanekeya, I am really proud of them, I have enough materials to do a couple more as well, maybe to list for public sale in my shop, for some reason I was feeling very drawn to these pieces...

ok, now I am going to do something I hate doing but I just have to....I have to blog about TV for a minute....

Heroes was so good last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can;t stress that enough, I actually found myself clapping at one point and getting all teared up at the end. For those of you who don;t watch the show, you really need to, though it will be impossible to catch up wait for DVD.

It really is like watching a wonderful comic book come to life on the screen each week, just fantastic, plus check out the picture of my new, is it me or is he just the most perfectly crafted person you have ever seen?

I mean seriously he looks like a piece of art.

There is one giant draw back to watching Heroes, is that before it is have to suffer though Deal or No Deal (or as my bubs calls that show "Fat People Getting All Jazzed Up), now I am sure you are thinking, why do I have it on, why not keep the tv off until 9:00...

well you see, I tried that, but I am very anti clock, we have one in the bedroom but that is it, and without a clock I always was missing the first 10 minutes at least, so I always end up watching abit of the Deal show (which I loathe).

A way to get through that show though is every time they pan over to one of the "models" I make up what their career was before they hit it big on "Deal"...

like, Oh she was a hostess at TGI Fridays or she did nails at a Korean run salon in a strip mall next to a Fashion Bug...

I think my Bubs thinks I have some sort of Turrets Syndrome, but usually he just smiles and nods.

well I will leave you with that, I must get some work done...(by work I mean read a whole bunch of blogs), I am not feeling very inspired today, last week everything was inspiring me...and now I feel like I have nothing left to give.

It will change, it always does.

thanks for reading this, I will try my hardest to be a little less whiny tomorrow...

oh, and I am still on the Etsy Showcase today, so I am running a little surprise sale in my shop because of that...

15% off your entire purchase today, you just need to write "Showcase" in the message to seller section and I will send you a new invoice.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

As The Oscar High begins to fade...

Morning strangers.

How was your weekend????

As you know we had the lil cheesy herself, the one and only mean cheese...and let me just say for the record that this weekend she was all mean and all cheese (also 100% adorable so that makes up for it).

She has been sick for the past week and in the hospital so I think she was just feeling stir crazy and all fired up with "piss and vinegar" and my Dad would have said.

She was on a rampage through the house, like was almost frightening. This weekend Keith and I were hit, things were thrown at us, I had food and medicine spit onto me, oh and she got up at 3:00am on Sunday morning....

so needless to say when it was time for the Oscars last night I did not have it in me anymore to get all glam for the event, though in my head...well I was just fabulous.

My bubs watched the awards with me, and the strange thing is...that just him being there meant the world to me...sure he was working on stuff but just having him there making fun of everyone, made me realize yet again how we are supposed to be together.

I had the bubs on Bradgelina look out, as I was prepping some canvases for work today...sadly they appeared to be a no show.

And I hate to say this as it is against almost everything I believe in, but Penelope Cruz looked Beautiful last night, her Versace gown was like something ripped from a fairy tale, normally I loathe her as I can never forget the horrible relationship with Tom Cruise or the fact that it appears to me that one of her eyes is larger than the a Picaso painting....

sorry, I digress.

she looked beautiful, much to my chagrin I cannot say the same thing for Nicole Kidman, or Anne Hathaway, even Cate Blanchet seemed slightly "off", it made me feel better for not dressing up.

As a special treat during the ceremony I drank Cherry Fizz wine, can you believe it? Wine Coolers!!!

I felt like I was in high school again and had snuck out to the cemetery to drink wine coolers and just lay in the grass and look up at the clouds and just let my mind get all dreamy and slow...thinking about how all I ever do is feel like I am homesick for something that does not even exist.

Does that make sense?

probably not, but then again, I can seem senseless at times.

I have a bunch of stuff I need to get finished today, a beautiful commission project that I am doing for the talented Tanekeya, as well as photograph and list some new pieces for my shop, as it has been a while since it was stocked up full, I have some wonderful new little lovelies today, lots of vintage ladies and some other beauties...maybe later I will add some photos, or I will list photos tomorrow....or if I am too lazy you can visit my "ye olde etsy shoppe" to see them.

Thanks to the lovely Tara and Michelle who bought some of my new vintage image pieces just mere seconds after they were listed, you are both so adorable.

The piece I am showing today is brand new and just listed last night right before the Oscars...It is called "Such a Long Way From Home"...please note that the color is eerily similar to Cherry Fizz wine coolers....

coincident? I don't think so.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

here are some pretty things...

happy Saturday...

I am engrossed in a mean cheese weekend, and there is an ice storm coming.

I told you yesterday, it seems ominous...

I am taking part in the Saturday Night Special Sales again at Etsy, this week my specials are 20% off all collage paintings and 15% off anything in my sale section.

here are some of my latest pieces....these are all up in my shop right now. The last two pieces with the women with the flowers in their hair are actually part of a Gypsy Girl art card set.

chat more on Monday with you all...


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Friday, February 23, 2007

The French make Lindsay Lohan seem less trashy

Morning my dearest most darling ones!!!

So as I sit an d type this I once again am enjoying the solitude before.....MEAN CHEESE WEEKEND!!!!!

yup, she is on her way (well, not really we pick her up tonight, but it seems strangely ominous if I say she's on her way...never mind).

Where the hell did this week go? First it is Monday, and then next thing I know it's Friday, and the entire week has been a blur of paint covered hands and packaging parcels and secretly watching General Hospital.

I need to say how adorable you all are, there were several of you who after reading my last post about the non paying buyers who sent me the most adorable little messages asking if I was referring to them.... of course not!!!!!!

No my non paying buyers I believe are not even real people, just imaginary names and address which have been a plague to many lately.

So yesterday I very briefly got to see my friend Diana, she is an amazingly supportive woman, she is the one that got Keith the "in" at the magazine for a possible monthly comic strip (I am so excited for him I could almost burst), also if I ever have the money I am going to hire her as my agent!!!

She hosted an amazing party for my art back in the fall, and next week we are getting together because she wants to work on framing some pieces for a boutique she has talked to about me...yay.

and.....she brought me the most glorious pile of magazine's last night when she came by to pick up a painting and so Keith could give her little boy guitar lessons....

The best part of the magazine pile was a breathtaking magazine called L'Officiel, which a friend of hers picked up for me a couple weeks ago when he was in Switzerland, he is now roaming the world buying me fashion magazines at every location.

OMG!!!! How cool is that? I took a photo of the cover, please note how pretty Lindsay Lohan looks, not at all like the trashy street whore she looks like right now, also the awesome fashion photo shoots inside are breathtaking, this is why I love everything French (like me..oui).

I think it might be my new favorite magazine of the moment...besides Vogue of course, but hello...that's like my bible, so that's a given.

my shop has been bustling the past several weeks, and because of that I am proud to say (drum roll please) that for the first time in the history of me living in Columbus, that I have paid my electric bill down to zero dollars!!!!

Now that may not be huge to most people, but to me....well it's a moment to celebrate...ok celebration over....time to giddy up and go get some work done and the house tidied up before meany cheesy gets here. I am going to be on the Etsy Showcase on Monday and Tuesday so I really need to get some things done today as well as Sunday Night...

I have 4 amazing little pieces to list today that I am just love, loving!!! One is pictured above and it is called "If All Ladies Leaving Left Like Her" it will be for sale in my etsy shop at about 9:30 am EST. I love it, I used a vintage fashion image taken by Horst. P. Horst that I absolutely adore.

Oh and you should all know that the collage that Gillian is using in her corset project sold yesterday!!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I have Bon Jovi Stuck in my head

Hey Busters

OMG, so yesterday was comic day at the shop and I was there all day, I forgot how sleepy and drained it made me...

though I am glad I was there as I got to see a few of my most favorite people on the planet, one being my friend Ryan, and one being my friend Steve who is just the most wonderful man to gab about Heroes, comics, and boys with....


though, I missed my little Stiletto World yesterday, after all I was up and out of the house in the cold bright air while I am usually here, sitting and sipping a mocha and chatting it up with all of you....

which I just love, well what a few weeks it's been, everything is a big fat blur to me, I can't believe it's already Thursday and we are getting the mean cheese this weekend...oh and the Oscars are Sunday. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eep. But what to wear???????

I wanted to wear my Oscar dress...but sadly too many mochas and cakes are still preventing me from squeezing myself into it.

maybe I will do understated, very fab skirt with a plain black top and then spice it up with some jewelry.

Can I tell you, I think I am feeling that spring is in the air because I just so very badly want to go shopping, we also have our big trip to Pittsburgh in April and I love to have new cloths for that, oh that reminds me, I need to get a hotel for that weekend.

Damn, I thought we were very ahead of the schedule, but now I realize no hotel, no good.

Here is where I need to take a minute to vent, first I need to add the disclaimer of I love 95% of the wonderful people who buy from me at Etsy, I have chatted with the majority of them and they are all fabulous. That being said, I have been drowning in a sea of non paying buyers at the moment.

sigh....I feel like a thug from the Sopranos sending out invoices and "demanding my money", I am like a collage pimp and my "bitches" aren't giving me my share.

Don;t they realize that this is my job...don't they realize they are depriving me of purse money...or better yet, Shoe Money????????

I think they are most likely savages, after all who but a savage would deprive a girl of pretty little things to wear.

Oh, totally off the subject, my darling bubs might be doing a comic strip for a magazine!!!! It's a kids and teens Martial Arts magazine, they are working on the first issue now. I don;t want to say too much, but he was hard at work last night on ideas, all of which were ridiculously hilarious.

Some of you might have seen his cartoons in the back of Stiletto Heights #2 and 3, he does the little gag strip called "Petite Heights" which is based on me and my family when I was a little girl, sadly people have called it "Peanuts on crack" before they knew it was about

well, I must dash, I have blogs that I am dying to read, pictures to be taken and a bunch of stuff to be listed and packaged up.

The image shown today is one of the pieces that I will be listing a bit later today, it is called "Icon" and it features my very favorite image of Coco Chanel....I will also be listing some new collage slater that are very different and cool for me. My shop is totally depleted right now so I am hoping to get some really great stuff in there today.

keep your eyes peeled for them.

until next time...which you know, means tomorrow or later on today via the comments.


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Love Everything In You That Hurts...

Have to dash to the comic shop today, so sorry really long and beautiful blog today, may later I will surprise you all with stories.

Until then or until tomorrow, this is the latest piece in my shop, I totally snatched the line away from "Closer"...

I'm in a plain Jane Jones mood today.

it is called "I Love Everything In You That Hurts" and it is available for sale in my etsy shop.


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a little of this and a dash of that

hello strangers

how are you all today? have you all gotten your senses back from our weekend long slumber party???

I will say with all seriousness, that I had a lot of fun, as you all know since moving to Ohio a few years ago I have been all consumed with work all the time, so making friends and "having a life" has sort of been low on the priority this past weekend was a most welcome distraction, it was also fun for me to "introduce my boys" Aaron and Ben to my world of mad cap internet divas!!!

Oh, and for those of you just watching from the sidelines who didn't participate....please do next time, even if it's only a comment....

I know who some of you are.......Michelle (Manxxie), Debbie, Clemencia and on and on...don't just be silent stalkers!!!


oh, now to get back to the "real world" or as real as my world gets these days, I feel as though I am so very dreadfully behind on things, though I know I don;t have a schedule to really adhere too.

My shop on etsy had very few items in it at the moment, far fewer than I have had since before Christmas, but I am not stressed about that at all, I have some wonderful small pieces that I will be listing today.....I am so excited about them!!!

Oh, and yesterday I got to my 700th item sold mark...crazy......

ok so yesterday my bubs and I were able to gout for a brief bit and grab a bite to eat, again there was just an overwhelming attack on my senses by just being out of my little cocoon of a work space and house...

I was just flabbergasted and left wondering...what is wrong with people????

don't they have mirrors??? I know, I know....I always go on and on about the same thing, why are people wearing their jammies outside, why are they all disheveled....why, why why?????

Well yesterday I see this young mom, with her babies daddy and she was wearing these giant rubber galoshes / boots and they were bright pink, with like ducks and stuff on them, and they matched her baby bag perfectly....

they were like the boots your moomy forces you to wear when you are just small and can't fight back.

well she was wearing these things and carrying the baby bag and I noticed...she had no purse with her, assuming then that she held all her personal things in the baby bag, so lip gloss, cell phone, wallet, powder...all in the same bag with the baby butt pants.

now, I am not a mom (full time) so I do not claim in the very slightest to understand how how hard it is (and I KNOW it's hard, we have the mean cheese for 3 days and I fall into a coma of exhaustion when she is gone)....but is this what happens...when you have children, you just stop carrying a purse all together and start wearing galoshes???

I'm sorry but you never see Angelina Jolie wearing galoshes...what about Sarah Jessica Parker...galoshes and no purse...nope.

oh and you have to understand, that there was no reason to be wearing bad shoes yesterday, I was wearing 4 inch heels on knee high black boots...and it was fine.

ok, sorry...I had to get that out....I guess I am just so into having cute purses and shoes that I can't imagine forsaking them like that, I mean, purses and shoes have always been there for me...

ok, moving on.

So did you all see the collage I featured on yesterdays hot boys blog??? I believe that will be the collage that the beautiful Gillian will be using in the "corset project" for the upcoming "Ooh La La Burlesque" exhibit.

I am ridiculously excited that she asked to use on of my pieces in her corset, she will be printing the collage onto leather and making a corset out of it....

Oh my god...see to me, this is a dream come true, fashion and art....oh, and England and a lovely costume designer.....

I wish I could fly there for the my mind I am jet set enough to do that, and by jet set, all I mean is I would have enough money to do it.

So thinking of costumes and everything got me thinking about when I was doing a ton of theater in New Hampshire, and it got me in my head reminiscing about my past...and you know what is strange? Besides a few people in particular the only things I really miss about "back then" are all strangely material, or they are places.

Like I miss the Thai place down the street from the Palace Theater, and I miss going to classes at the NHIA, and the Currier Museum, and I miss the old mill buildings...but I also miss some of the stuff I used to own, 98% of which was left behind in my mad dash away from the ex, one thing in particular that I miss was the beautiful gold velvet ornate chair that I git at a thrift store when I moved into my first apartment in 1995....I got the chair for a mere $5.

I have no photos of it, but when looking through a stack of old torn out images I found one that was similar so I did this piece with it...very different than usual, but I think it still tells a story.

It is called Diary Of This Room, and I have it listed in my etsy shop.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Swoon...and a thank you

this is how I spent the rest of my weekend....watched Justin on SNL, watched Inventing the Abbots, listened to some Chris Isaak...and of course, painted a little....and made a bunch of stuff to re-stock my etsy shop.

(check out how hot Joaquin is in that picture...)

Tomorrow (monday) there will be no blog from me, as my bubs has the day off, and do I.

thanks to everyone for making this slumber party weekend a total blast....we will do it again!

love you all, lots and lots.


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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pointless quiz time from the Snow Bunny

1st here's the business....

tonight I am running a Saturday Night Sale on Etsy, my specials are......

30% off all items in my SALE section

20% off all paintings

10% off all pendants

Just write SNS in the message to seller section and wait for an invoice....

ok, done with that. I am so excited for Saturday Night Live tonight, it's not even funny!!!!!! I have posted a quiz, thanks to lovely Karin Beth for sending it to me, this is only half of it...yes, it's ridiculous and maybe a bit vapid, but.....we're having a slumber party for F's sake...

please answer questions in your comments on this blog.

1. How do you take your steak?

2. When was the last time you took a nap?
2 weeks ago

3.Whats your favorite soda?
low carb monster (does that count?)

4. What was the most exciting thing to happen to you in the last month?
Sold my comic shop and started to do art full time

5. Who was the last person to call you?
The woman who runs the Pittsburgh Comic Convention

6. To text you?
I don't text...

7. To send you a Myspace message?

8. Do you still talk to your ex?
No...he's still pissed about me divorcing him

9. Last person you rode in a car with?

10. Ever kiss anyone in your top friends?
yes, like a jillion years ago, and only once.

11. What kind of underpants do you wear?

12. Do you have cingular?

13. What's your favorite thing to do?
kissing the boys and making them cry...actually just kissing my bf

14. How old will you be on your next birthday?

15. Have you ever eaten dog food?

16. Do you paint your toenails?

17. Do you like to ski?
Me and winter don't get a long so good

18. Ever meet anyone famous?
the guy who payed Parker Lewis hit on me once, I have met Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters, Margot Kidder, the guy who played Darth Maul, the big goon from Ocean's 11, the girl who played Glory on Buffy, Noel Neil- the original Lois Lane, The Soup Nazi from, joyce Dewitt from Three's Company...

19. What instant messaging service do you use?
none...but I used to AIM

20. Have you ever been out of the country?

21. Who is your 5th contact in your cell's phone book?
No idea...

22. What is your favorite number?

23. Most hated food?
meats and strawberries both give me hives

24. How many animals did you pet today?

25. Who was your favorite teacher when you were a freshman?
no idea...

26. What are you worried about?
the mean cheese

27. Have you ever had a panic attack?

28. Do you like anyone?
I like a lot of people but I "like" like my bubs

29. What color is your hair? brown, with too much grey

30. What do you smell like right now?
wet wool sweater, please see picture (I snuckmout to put the shovel up against my neighbors place, hoping to trick them into shoveling)

later loves...

oh, and stalk the following people.

evil kate
karin beth
jungle dream pagoda
Kandeedo Bandeedo the artist formerly known as Cinderella's Revenge

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Morning sunshines

You will not believe is SNOWING again, damn it....

luckily I have all of you to keep me company....

speaking of that...we have more blogs that are feeling the party...including...the BOYS....

Aaron and Ben have jazzed up the blogs...with photos, and let me tell you, they both brought alcohol, just what kind of girls do they think we are?????

Also, lovely miss Vanessa has also joined in the fun.

also, make sure to catch up on the rest of the blogs too, Gillian, Aimee, The Artist (formerly known as Cindarella's Revenge, and Karin Beth are all slumbertastic too.

here's the complete list, I will be back later, perhaps with photos of me in the snow...

evil kate
karin beth
jungle dream pagoda
Kandeedo Bandeedo the artist formerly known as Cinderella's Revenge


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Friday, February 16, 2007

Sleepy Sleeperson or Truth or Dare

Please make sure to visit the following lovelies...JungleDreamPagoda, Gilfling, ZazaZu, Jewelstreet, and Kandeedo as they are all rocking the slumber party with pics and stories and the whole kit and kaboodle...

here are our guests so far, please feel free to prank comment their blogs at random...

evil kate
karin beth
jungle dream pagoda
Kandeedo Bandeedo the artist formerly known as Cinderella's Revenge

I had a question...does anyone remember how to play truth or dare???

Do you ask a question and if the person doesn't want to answer it they have to take the dare? Or do you just choose??????

I'm totally up for that, no matter the rules...I am devilishly honest... so if you're game...I am.

this will be going all weekend long, on and off whenever real life does not get in the way...

I included a photo of my most precious Michael Kors shoe...I can't at the moment find the other...hmmm???

also...pic of my kitty cuddler, me and a bobble head of Harvey Pekar, and me with my glasses oh....I am old and sad is that???

I am having a gray hair catastrophe too, so I might need to dye my hair this weekend if the weather allows me to escape from chateau stiletto long enough.

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And So it Begins.....

here are just a few of the goodies I have, please note the cheap red wine and wonderful movie choice...Girls Just Want To Have Fun.....starring miss Sarah Jessica Parker!!!!

Oh and you ALL Have to go to jungle dream pagoda's is fantastic!!!!!!! Go, go now!!!!!

I will post more pictures later!!

guests so far

evil kate
karin beth
jungle dream pagoda
Kandeedo Bandeedo the artist formerly known as Cinderella's Revenge


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The Most wonderful Day of the Year

morning loves

ok, first the is the beginning of the slumber party weekend, yay!!! I am posting the people coming to the party so far, please feel free to visit them, many of them will be blogging about their slumber party related activities, also....please feel free to use the comment section almost like an interactive forum, talk to each other, I guarantee you will all adore each other.

I know there are a ton of you on my space who comment there too...don't worry, I will spread the love around.

I will be blogging again tonight with more slumber party news etc, as right now it is 8:15 in the morning and I have normal "stiletto" business to take care of.

ok, the guest list as I know it.

evil kate
karin beth
jungle dream pagoda
Kandeedo Bandeedo the artist formerly known as Cinderella's Revenge

that's it for now....I think.

ok, so yesterday while reading Ben's blog I noticed that he "tagged" now it is my turn to tell you all three things about me that you probably don't know.

1- when I was little I slept with a little stuffed animal of a cat on a heart shaped pillow, in fact I slept with it until I was 28 years old, and its name was Kitty Cuddler. Not too original I know....people would tease me relentlessly about it and call it bad names like "kitty c#*t licker...I hated that and it made me very mad...I slept with that stuffed cat through my entire first marriage, in fact I cuddled that, and not my ex.

I have not slept with it since moving to Ohio and being with my bubs, all of a sudden I didn't need it any more.

2- I am incredibly self aware at all times, I cannot pass a mirror without looking into it, some think I am very vain and maybe to some degree I am, the difference being is that instead of vanity it is almost crippling low self esteem. This being the case, I am sometimes very hard ti be around, and probably even harder to love. I put so much energy into worrying about how I look it is exhausting at times., and also not good for me, in fact I can say with certainty that I would rather look good than feel good, which is why I will only wear high heels even though I have had knee surgery and am in pain most of the time. Wearing heels makes me feel thinner, because I look taller.

3- when I was in second grade someone tossed a very sharp pencil and it jabbed me in the eye, my eye bled and everything, I fainted and when my teacher, Sister Asunta, picked me up I threw up all down her back. It was mortifying.....that being the case, I now have a total obsession with eyes, I hate them, in fact if someone even rubs their eyes around me I feel like I am almost about to faint. Watching someone take their contacts out actually did make me faint once.

ok that's it for three things, I know some of you might have known these...but now you all do. So now it is my turn to tag three of, who to choose....

I think I am going to go with Gillian, Tara, and Karin Beth. That seems like a diverse group.

So I have been incredibly busy the past few days in my shop, which has been wonderful, and a bit overwhelming, I am so excited for this weekend "slumber party festivities" and popping onto the the computer will be a fun little escape for me.

also...who can forget JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night....really it can't get much better that that...can it?

and before I bid you all a fond farewell (for a little while, I'll be back later tonight) the piece I have featured today is called "When No One Was Around" and it is available in my shop, I have no good reason to tie it into todays all the pieces I was thinking about using have sold....

I will be with any hopes listing at least one more Marilyn piece soon, as well as more art cards....finally.

till later strangers.


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Thursday, February 15, 2007

the day after and the day before

good morning darling darlings

off to a late start again today, I blame cursed beast of a poodle that the Lord and Lady Ghetto have....though wait, I take that back, I swore to myself that I was not going to think bad thoughts about them, as yesterday morning my poor bubs was stuck in the ice/snow and could not move he was stuck half in the street and half out, Lord Ghetto in his fur coat and snazzy zippy work out pants came to the rescue and pushed him back safely into the driveway.

so, trying very hard for no mean thoughts.

On the other hand the hillbilly's on the other side entertained me with their quarrels yesterday....sometimes I feel like we are in the eye of a storm, or that we are just the kindly neighbors of the people that they always show on "Cops"...and yes I watch Cops, but only because when we have the mean cheese on the weekend and she demands that the TV is on all the time....

plus, I think she likes it, as the people on Cops look like her Mom and her mom's boyfriend...oh, so very mean of me.

So, did everyone have a nice Valentine's Day???? Comments were few and far between on my blogs yesterday so that leads me to believe that you were all having wonders...or you were all falling into depression, to that I say...snap out of it (like Cher in Moonstruck).

This weekend is slumber party weekend!!!!! Menaing tomorrow morning I will post getting ready for it, if you can make a little mention in your blogs about it.

so far the guest list includes...

karin beth
Evil Kate

I know there are more....but my brain is not working correctly, I am hoping the lovely risa will pop in too, as well as many many others.

ok, so yesterday was nice, though lonely for most of it because the bubs was at work, but once he got home...well there was niceness, just the us time that we both crave, sometimes I feel like we will never catch up on being together, that the 12 years apart will always make us miss each other all the time...even when we are just apart for a couple hours.

Other than that Iw as super busy yesterday in my etsy shop, I believe it was a record breaking day for me (special big thanks to those people who might very well be lurking).

I also hit a scary milestone, I got to 666 sales and 666 hearts (people that mark me as a favorite) and it happened within a few minute time window....creepy huh? (see Aaron, you were right Valentine's Day is a scary holiday).

I guess maybe my grandma was right about me all the time, I must be a "deviled girl"...she used to say this as she handed me platter of deviled eggs with red sprinkles on them (red sprinkles...I think it's paprika...not sure) she would say "deviled eggs for a deviled girl"....sounds sort of mean yes, but I knew that the red sprinkles on top meant she loved me.

And you want to know something my bubs puts the sprinkles on my food too...sure I had to ask at first, but now he does it and says "see, I added sprinkles....

so cute...

Oh, the piece I have featured today (The Simplest of Moments) was the piece I did for this weeks creative challenge, the theme this week was to create something Valentine instead of thinking of romantic love, I decided to do the love I have for all of you out there in cyberland, and those of you who are very far away and I miss so very much, so this is inspired by that...I hope you like it. It is available for sale in my etsy shop.

I fancy myself the one in the passenger seat, as I would be singing, and as many of you know me and driving, well that's just a really bad combo.

I think truthfully I am meant to live in another time period, when there were no cars...though in my fantasy land, that time period might not have cars but it does have electricity, running water, makeup, fantastic shoes...and stolen black market handbags that I could buy at the Foreign run mall....though they would of course be less expensive...

I will leave you with that...don't forget to let me know if you will be popping in over the weekend for the big party...I will update the list.


(ps, one of the pieces I featured yesterday "Becoming Imaginary, has now sold....Becoming Alice is still available though...)

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

valentine's day

well...I am cheating, it is not yet midnight and I am writing my blog for the morning, you see I will have to dash to the comic shop tomorrow and was not sure how much time I would have to be thoughtful in the morning...

so with that I are all you doing today, my dear sweet valentine darlings???

we have been blasted by ice and snow the past two days so I am feeling anxious, somewhere between The Shining and Doctor Zhivago....

at the current time of writing this 11:47pm on the 13th, our ghetto neighbors are playing some "music" very loudly...

that must be the sounds of seduction they are trying to hide....ewwww.


my bubs and I had a mini Valentine ceremony during the day, between shoveling breaks for him, he gave me a wonderful card and he melted chocolate onto a plate and put little heart shape sweet cakes on a little dish and presented it to me while I was online "working"....sure they were sweet cakes of the Little Debbie variety...but it was so beautiful, I gobbled them up so quick and then the plate was just a mess, I should have had some bit of self control and taken a photo of it, as it was beautiful.

he says he is not romantic, but he is, that proved it, as if carrying my photo around with him for 12 years didn't prove he still has my was like I was Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain).

I will not go on and on about my bubs, though I could...and someday I will, I will tell our story, though some of you know it because you read my comic and some of you know it because you lived through it (especially you Aaron).

but that will be a tale for another time...

oh, seeing as today is Valentine's Day that means that this is the last "official" day for you to use the Valentine07 code to get 20% off in my etsy shop.

I have been filling my shop with lots of things, a new mini journal is in, as well as the second painting in my "Through The Looking Glass" series.

It is titled "Becoming Alice" and it is a companion piece for my Becoming Imaginary piece. They work as single pieces very beautifully and together they are wonderful. I have been re-imagining the Alice in Wonderland myth, thinking of who I would be if I were her...if that makes any sense.

I tried to capture a living breathing storybook.

oh, speaking of dreams.....I finally was able to get a Treasury list on Etsy...I have never been able to get one before, but I finally did. I got to pick beautiful items and put them all together to tell a story.

like a collage, anyway...I titled the list Day Dream and I attached a screen shot of it too (sorry this is just for blogger and typepad those on my myspace blog know....I can't do the picture thing, so you will just have to click on the links...

well that's it for now I hit publish it will be 12:00am and it will be Valentine's Day.

love you all!!!!!!

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Blanket Of Snow a Blanket of Woe**

(** the title of today's post comes from an episode of Fraggle Rock)

Good morning snow bunnies!

We are getting clobbered by snow as I type this, and I have to say I am just so in love with the fact that I do not have to out to go to work...I have everything I need right here, tons of art supplies, a cool new French Magazine called Numero that I got during my emergency magazine run at the Barnes and Noble...yes it WAS an emergency, we're having a snow storm for pete's, I love Numero, the images are so evocative....

plus, every time I "read" a French magazine I al always reminded of the movie Flashdance, because at one point Jennifer Beals was reading French Vogue, and when I was little and saw that, well, I just fell in love.

What's that you say....when I was little I watched Flashdance...yes, yes I did, but it was on tv and heavily edited, but I blame that movie as well as Saved by the Bell for my love of the movie Showgirls.

Ok before I go to far I just want to thank the ever lovely Gilfling for buying one of my pieces to help the Moxie Fund.

Well, what to do today, what to bubs is home and playing the guitar in the next room, and I am click clacking away, soon to go forth into the big room to work on some pieces.

Oh, the one horrible thing about today is that more poor bubs will have to go out and see our neighbors on either side of us will do nothing to help in the snow, the Lord of Ghetto on one side is useless and the Mister Hillbilly on the other side as see neither of them have jobs, so it is hard for me to understand how their schedule can be so jammed that they can't work a little "dig the driveway out from a pile of snow" time.

But who am I to judge.

Speaking of judging, I am terribly afraid that I have somehow gotten a little snobby...not really sure how it happened, but I fear that I am morphing into the little princess I always tried not to be....

I notice this every time I go to the grocery store....and the people there....with their huge cartloads of meats and bad beer, their screaming children and the fact that they are all still wearing their jammies and house slippers...NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF DAY!!!!!!

I just want to scream...would it kill them to through on a little lip gloss, and maybe I don't

ok, done rant, sorry. I know I see a lot of this because of the section of the city I live in, very fringe white trash with encroaching wall of crime.

The problem is the parts of the city we want to live, well they are just to expensive...after all, I am a little pauper.

ok, yesterday during my post I was wondering what you were all doing on Valentine's Day....I got a variety of responses on my different blogs and through email...some even wanted some ideas of what to do...

so here they are in no particular order....

1- write a love letter, a real love letter, not email, not a note but a letter. This is especially good for people who have a love who is 9000 miles away ( I am looking at you Recy), this is also good for people who might have feelings for someone that they are keeping all hidden. Keep in mind that you don;t ever have to mail the letter...

2- have a date night, with yourself. Do the things you love to do, that everyone else sort of groans at, like reading French magazines while listening to Damien Rice over and over again...

3- if you are a hopeless romantic, go looking on ebay for old love letters...and then buy them, and send them to me, as I collect them.

4 - just treat the day like any other, no bah humbugs, just a day...Don't let Valentine's Day be the boss of you.

ok, that's enough self help nonsense from me...keep in mind you don't have to listen to any of it, I am no expert, just a girl in love...

ok, and in honor of the reason for the and romance, I am showcasing one piece a day that is just dreamy and romantic, today I am showing "You are Only This Moment" a small collage on paper, it is encased in an acrylic case so you do not need to frame it.

it is available for sale in my shop.

until tomorrow...which might be cut short because I will have to go to the shop....but tomorrow nonetheless.

lots of kisses and lots of hugs.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

morning morning

hi strangers

Very Happy Monday morning to all of you....I have been awake for about a half hour, drinking my mocha and trying oh so desperately to wake myself before I try the whole typing thing...

alas, this is about as good as it's going to get...sorry darlings.

How was your weekend? We had the little mean cheese so needless to say, I am still tired from that, in all of her precocious adorableness she really can take a lot out of you.

Plus she spent most of the weekend dressed like Bette Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, but a bit cuter but even more dangerous.

So that was my weekend, bubs and I just manned the home front, and I got to work a littl last nigt on some things, I am actually making a companion piece to my painting "Becoming Imaginary" I am thinking of these paintings (of which I might do one more of) as my "bottom of the rabbit hole" series, with just a hint and feeling of Alice in Wonderland.

Oh and while I think of it....I have a couple items in my shop that are on special right now, with some of the proceeds going to the "Moxie Fund", the moxie fund was started this weekend as one of the Etsy Sellers (moxierings) husband was killed this weekend in a car accident, leaving her and her children in dire straits, so there is a fund started in her name, if you don't like my stuff but want to help out somehow, you can search on etsy for "moxie fund" and all items from different sellers will come up.

things are quiet right now here at chateau neighbors have been screaming at each other for days now....apparently lady ghetto is very upset with lord ghetto for "screwing my friends"....there has been an awful lot of screaming and yelling over this very touchy matter...though they recently when out and bought a large scary ass dog, so maybe this mean looking beast will be the glue that holds their beautiful relationship together.

Oh yeah and this large beast makes their little poodle bark even more than it already did.

I know, I know.....I live in the best place.

and speaking of all things ghetto, I tried to watch part of the Grammys last night (hello, Justin Timberlake was on) and I think I had it on for over 45 minutes when I realized I had not seen them give out ANY awards....what the heck is up with that.

The whole thing was like a really strange variety show capped by one lucky but seemingly tone deaf girl winning the chance to go on stage and sing with MY Justin....

it was I turned it off, not getting my fix of my longing for awards shows...I will have to wait for the Oscars I guess.

Do any of you have romantic plans for Valentine's Day?????? My bubs is going to have to work as his restaurant had like a jillion reservations, and I will be at the comic shop....we planned to have a pre-Valentine's Day, day on Tuesday, but of course we're supposed to get a snowstorm, like 10 inches.

And unlike in NH where I grew up, it is illegal to drive during "Snow Emergencies" here and Ohio, so we will be trapped at home, plans to go to the Columbus Museum of Art have gone out the window...though a stay at home date will be even more fun I think.

ok here are some updates.....

Don't forget we have 3 days left on the Valentine07 20% discount special in my shop, this is good through Valentine's Day.

Also, we are 5 days away from Slumber Party Weekend, which will be the most fun you can have at a virtual slumber party....

what you need to know is this.....the party will last Friday and Saturday Night into Sunday...thus giving you lovelies in far away and different time zones a chance to enjoy the fun.

I will update the guest list as the weekend progresses...

How will I know you're here? Easy, just leave me a comment telling me you have arrived and what you have brought etc, and if you have a blog or something, it would be fantastic if you could blog about it too. I will link all of your blogs/shops in the Slumber party people can visit you.

Which Stiletto Heights Blog is the party on? The answer to that one my loves, is all of my blogs, so people who don't want to travel to my blogger blog from myspace don't have to....

So this is where we'll be, getting our slumber and most of all our party on.

I for one am really excited.

Oh and....because this is Valentine's week I am going to feature every day, a romantic piece of art, not necessarily love...but just pieces that have rich and soft romantic and dreamy feel to them.

Today's piece is called "A Degas Dream" and it is a small 4x5 collage on paper, and it is encased in a 4x6 acrylic case, so it is ready to display...I am doing a small series of this size piece, and I am loving it.

they are all available in my shop.

ok, that's all for now loves, talk to you more tomorrow.


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Friday, February 09, 2007


morning sunshines

wow, so yesterday was.....I have no idea what yesterday was. equal parts terrible and beautiful and all the lovely little moments in between.

I was going to blog today about Fashion Week in NY, but now I'm not.....yesterday was hectic and crazy, I worked here in the morning, and then at the comic shop during the day, by the time I got home I had a zillion emails to go through and frankly I just wanted to relax and watch "The Office", not think about how a huge part of my day today is going to be spent packaging up orders and cleaning up before we get the mean cheese this weekend...when all I really want to do is paint...

so anyway, I was wading through emails late in the afternoon when my bubs came in and told me that Anna Nicole Smith died...

at first I though he was pulling a mean prank, but you all know.He wasn't.

I was upset, I'm still upset. you see, I honestly loved that strange? I just did.

In all of her glory and no glory at all, she always made me smile and cry a little inside.

You have to understand that truthfully I am one part fashion obsessed pop culture and celebrity junkie, and one part whimsical little creature who drinks too much chocolate milk and is still madly in love with the first boy who ever broke her heart....

To me, Anna she looked, how she sounded, all of it reminded me so very much of my mother's sister Sylvia, it was not even funny.

My beautiful Aunt much like most of the women in my family was an equal mix of beauty, sex appeal,m and and odd child like quality that made you just love them, no matter what.

She lived with us off and on when I was growing up, as she was a very "troubled" woman. It is because of her I love Marilyn Monroe, butterflies, and bikinis....

My aunt died when she was 39....just when seemingly her life finally began to take shape, suddenly it was gone.

So last night when I heard about Anna, all of that came back to me....and all at once I was a poor little 10 year old....

and it was all just so beautiful and so incredibly sad all at once.

Anna Nicole to me, was like the Crocodile Hunter was to a lot of people...just a smile.

I know, I know...such a downer for a Friday morning...

there was some really wonderful points to yesterday, after hearing the sad anna news....a but later in the evening I noticed that I was featured on the home page of Etsy....

which was so very cool, I need to thank the lovely Heatherly for sending me a screen shot of I can never figure out hoe to do it. My piece was on the bottom row on the left. I also want to thank moxiedoll for making the list...oh and I also want to thank the Academy and the cast and crew of....wait, sorry I lapsed into my Oscar Speech that I have been preparing since I was small.

ok....onto other news....

Next Friday is the beginning of the Slumber Party Weekend, and you are all invited. Just please make sure that at some point over the weekend starting on Friday, you swing by my blog and leave a comment that you are attending and exactly what you will be bringing to the party and what we will all be doing. I will update my blog periodically with links to all of this should be fun.

please keep in mind that since I am an awfully liberated girl, that the following items would be fine to bring to a sleepover bottles of alcohol, boys, music that would be a bad influence on us.

Oh, and to top it all off......I believe they are re-playing the Justin Timberlake Saturday Night Live Episode next Saturday...I missed it the first time as we had the "mean cheese"....

The piece I posted today is available in my Etsy shop, it should be posted later on today, I did it in conjunction with the Creative Challenge on etsy, hosted by jewelstreet. The theme was to do something inspired by a slumber party....I created this piece titled "When It Seemed This Was All There Was"

hope you all have a beautiful day....


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Thursday, February 08, 2007

And here’s the damn monkey wrench

(the painting of the beautiful not mine)

Ok so you all know how much I loathe when things don’t go according to plan (and by plan…I mean MY plan).

Yesterday was “comic book day” my day to be at the shop…but, of course, the books never show up some sort of “winter storm emergency” or other nonsense….kept them from being put on the correct truck.

So I wait around all day (at home) for “the call” saying that the books are in, I of course don’t want to get too involved with anything, so in turn….I do nothing,

Yeah, you heard me, nothing.

Well, strike that, I did go with the bubs to the grocery store and kinkos and other such blah, blah….and we watched Superman Returns, but I did nothing “work” related.

So now…I have to go to the shop today…and I am all hyper about not getting stuff done, and we’ll have the mean cheese this weekend and….


Wow, that actually helped a little bit, I was afraid I was going to go all “Dog Day Afternoon” for a second, but, no…I’m good now.

Some of this might have something to do with the fact that since working at home I have totally given up on low carb monster and any other crazed energy drink, but today I had a sugar free Red Bull…


Sure my heart is going like a trillion miles an hour but if you think about it my heart would be going that fast is I got the chance to exercise, right?

Wow….this is all over the place, must regain control of my sanity, after all today I have to deal with the public.

Oh, I am totally obsessing over the artist Glenn Barr recently. I got his Hearts Aflame postcard set ages ago and periodically I have taken them out just to fawn over, I am really in that kind of mood I guess.

His work has this wonderful mix of a fantasy and retro world that I just want to fall into, sport some big hair and a mod dress and get a scooter and just drive baby…drive.

I think that is why I am in a huge vintage illustration kick right now, like the image I showed yesterday…or the Mata Hari pendant I have in my shop too, I just love it, so sexy and fun all rolled up into one.

Sort of like me…….kidding of course, I am as you know the hugest goof of goofs in the planet.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be a little more together with the whole blogging thing…

I am torn with topics for tomorrow….perhaps a little compare and contrast me and my family with the Movie Little Miss Sunshine….OR maybe a little “Fashion Friday” theme.

Who knows.

Until next time darling, darlings.

Big x and a big o

(images shown today are...Cynthia by Glenn Barr, and Mata Hari me of course)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Once Upon A Fat and Snowy Wednesday

so our deep freeze has now turned into a blanket of snow as well.

Do you all remember the Shining movie....well it's like that, except probably colder....

here I go, bitching about the weather again...silly me, I forgot to say good morning beauties (and the rare ever elusive handsome male readers Aaron and Ben).

Today is Wednesday so that means it is my day to go into the shop to help out with the new comics, I am not dreading it like I was last week...I am dreading having to get out of the warm and cozy space and go to the shop....

So what does that mean for all of you? Well for starts it means this blog post will not be long or entertaining...sorry, it will just be a little blurb and then I am off, dashing out.

It also means that I will not be doing much of a shop update today....maybe a couple items late in the day, but that is about it....never fear though as I listed this last night....and I am totally in love with it, I was in a vintage mood, and I was thinking about my guy an awful lot yesterday too, so this piece is titled "(I Have Loved You) Since I Was Sixteen" it is available for sale on etsy.

considering I am 31 now....well, that's saying something, and considering we were apart for about 12 years in there somewhere, well, that's saying even more.

So, bubs and I will be able to hang out together, between customers and digging out form the snow, and gorging on "devil dogs" that his parents mailed to us because we cannot get them in the Midwest.

Today will be pockets of beauty intermingled with this dreaded real world.

fear not I will be back tomorrow morning with lots of wonderful stories to tell.

lots of kisses and lots of hugs.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


it is 0 degrees outside, there has been no school for days because of the cold and there is ice on the insides of my windows.


I know, I very trite of me to go into a spiel about the weather before I have even said good morning to all my lovely ones. Is this what our relationship has become, endless bitching about the weather????

In all honesty I was going to start writing about some thing completely different but when I sat at my computer I felt an actual breeze through my window, and when I got up to look...there was the damn ice.

You know, I almost prefer the Global Warming that we were suffering through last month to this...though I should not complain as I no longer have to walk to work anymore....though I do need to somehow get to the post office to mail out some packages....but that is a walk that is far too long to take in this weather....eeek.

Hopefully my bubs will get home from work early enough that we can both go....

oh, speaking of my bubs.....

here is a little funny (and adorable) thing...he has recently (3 days ago) discovered the internet...yes, my guy had never been online before, as up until recently our computer was at our shop, and during the tenure of his first marriage his ex refused to let him touch the computer...(psycho).

In his newness to the internet he has found the brilliant pleasure of "googling", he has googled himself, his comic, all of his favorite bands and so on.

What he found last night was w that Chris Issak will play a concert at a private party for fifty thousand dollars....


ok, so yes, we don't have fifty grand, and if we did we would need it to pay off bills and what not...but in our fantasy land, (ok, my fantasy land) we somehow get a ton of money, and Chris Isaak plays at our wedding.

So knowing that, please email me if you want my paypal account to make donations to the Chris Isaak Wedding Gig fund.

now onto to news of the mouserson.....there is no news.

He seems to have gone missing, I have not heard or seen the little beast since the attack, we have humane traps all over the place with peanut butter, which is supposed to be for mice what cute new shoes and purses are to me....


I am overcome with this mini mystery, where did he go, is he dead, if he and where did he come from in the first place?

I am afraid he is dead behind my bubs book case, which was the last place I saw the scurrying.a

On the other hand I am afraid he is not dead, only waiting it out, to once again show the pinchy face when I am least expecting it.

Mousey mouserson will then be called pouncy pouncerson.

You will all also be happy to know that I did end up exercising for a bit yesterday, though the resistance was stuck very high on the bike and I could only do 5 miles and I wanted to do at least when I could make it no further I decided to just have an impromptu dance party, I was doing my thing when I suddenly realized I was a grown up version of the little girl in Little Miss Sunshine....

for those of you that have not seen this movie, I urge you to do so....though I will be honest it is not as funny as everyone tells you it is,in fact it is rather depressing at times, but still wonderful.

Other than that, there is nothing new in the world of Stilettoville, I will be once again working at the comic shop tomorrow so I will have to break out of my little routine.

I made some really lovely things yesterday, one of which sold almost immediately (thanks manxxie!), I have one collage left that was listed yesterday, it is a collage using the Waterhouse Lady of Shalott piece, which I just love.

It is called Suddenly Time Stopped and it is for sale in my etsy shop....

ok, well I am off to read some blogs and then workout for a bit...I am going to treat myself to reading some Tennyson poems when I am done, as a little thank you to myself for not being a lazy bones.

until tomorrow bright eyes.


ps- don't forget there is still time to use the Valentine07 discount code in my shop to receive 20% off your entire purchase!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Is It Even Possible

Bon Jour

ok, today is off to a rocky start was supposed to be the first day in a long series of days that will bring about "the new me"....

get up early, exercise, blog, read some internet lovelies and then get to far all I have accomplishes is...

wake up late, drink coffee, and as you can tell, I have started to blog. Not exactly as I had planned, after all I set the alarm for 7:00am and here it is 8:10, and I just dragged myself out of bed.

gosh, I am so not a morning person.

You see, Aimee from Jewelstreet and I vowed that we would begin an exercise routine this week...nothing too over the top, just 3 days as week at first. I even vowed that I would write about it in my blog, thus facing public humiliation if I fail...jeesh, and here I am already falling short of said goal.

Though, please note darling ones that once I get off the computer this morning I am heading over to the stationary bike and I am going to peddle my butt off for a half hour while listening to Justin Timberlake.

You see, I don't want to get all crazy and skinny, I just want to be a better version of me, perhaps one that can still fit into my favorite dress of all time. You see, I bought this dress 3 years ago one of the times I was coming out to Columbus to visit my bubs, I wore it when we went to the Cabaret the time, it looked as though it were made for me and my, well, I can't really zip the thing.

I know I would probably never wear the dress again, as it is a bit sexy and well there is the cleavage factor, I don't want to look like some "Slutty McBigBoobs" or something...I just want to be able to zip it.

ok, another topic as this one is boring...even to me.

I would like you all to know as well that this morning marks my 100th blog post, I know some of you reading this are over at myspace or typepad and it is not my 100th there, but it is here at blogger....

I honestly can't believe I have made it to 100, I have to say I used to hate blogging, now I love it, and it is such a part of my day, I feel a little cranky withou it during the weekends, but the days off are good for me, hell...that is how you all ger to read the high quality wit that provide for each morning.

How was everyone's weekends? As you know, Friday Night my bubs and I were heading to a "New Metal" (as in music, not jewelry) show, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

no, not really with the music, as it is not my thing, but with the location. We were at a place called CBR's in the Brewery District of downtown Columbus, OH.

As we were walking down the street to the club we saw in the distance what appeared to be a 30 foot replica of the Eiffel Tower, as we got closer....we were right, there it was.

I have no idea why it was there, and I am just kicking myself for not having my camera with me for the fantastic photo opportunity, but we will go back and I will bring the will be brilliant.

Once inside the club I was pleased that it had met my criteria for being a fantastic palce...those being.

1- dim lights
2 - a bartender that knows how to make a good drink
3- kick ass chandeliers

YES, chandeliers....what more do you really need?

The night was fun, and then Saturday we just chilled at the house after my guy got out of work before we had to head out in the cold to get the "mean cheese"....

who by the way...I believe to be an old man trapped in a little meany cheesy all makes sense, the signs are all there, I plan to a "study" on this next weekend when we have her...stay tuned.

Hmmmm, let me see, I thought there was a lot more to tell you, I know I am forgetting a ton of stuff....

oh, I am looking for a new artist to illustrate my comic book "Stiletto Heights", I am willing to pay (not a lot as you know....I am poor), so please if anyone knows or thinks they know someone who might be interested please let me know.

I would love it if they met the following criteria

1- not insane
2- not involved in a religious cult
3- did not have a history of abusing women
4- could draw
5- did not have "issues" with working with a woman.

ok that is out of the way...oh, I also wanted to talk about how I finally saw "Little Miss Sunshine"...but that will take an entire post, as I want to do a little compare and contrast with my family and the movie (this is all for you Vanessa, I know how much you enjoy hearing about my family).

I did get to work a littl this weekend too, in between metal shows, naps, and the mean cheese, I made this art card called "A Little Bit of Your Words in My Head" and I made it while totally obsessing over Damien Rice....sigh.....

it is available for sale in my etsy shop.