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Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Friday!!!

ok....I am feeling kind of slagged today after not being able to fall asleep last night...

I know, you are thinking that I have to lay off the frappio, but you's not the frappio, I swear. I actually blame the vitamins my mom send me in a giant "take care of yourself" package.

In this said package there was flaxseed oil, vitamin D, Vitamin B, Vitamin C serum for my face, dead sea salt scrub, dead seal salt moisturizer, two different kinds of green teas....and of course toys for the mean cheese....

how is it when you get older your toys become less fun, and more geared towards not having wrinkle and fighting off cancer...nothing says belated happy birthday like miracle cream to put all over you...

hell, I can;t afford a little botox facial, so this has got to do, right?

so in all seriousness she said in her (long winded) letter that I would have a lot of energy on this combination of pills, so at a little after 1:30am, I finally believed her.

Though I was that strange kind of tired...too tired to do anything but not tired enough to I just laid there, thankful I was not having an absurd panic attack, thinking about Heroes, and fashion, and the end of Amazons Attack #6 what that means for the DC universe (I know...LAME).

I got to thinking about the holiday season and about my time management skills (or more to the point, my lack of), and trying to figure out how I would get all things done, considering things are slow, slow, SLOW right now and I always feel like I am 2 steps somewhere around this brainstorm, I fell asleep...

wonderful sleep, when morning comes too soon and my bubs is mumbling that I need to hit the alarm as he cuddles into me for a minute before he dashes off to the restaurant bright and early...

so that's reasoning for being blah....I intended to write a wonderful and thought provoking entry about my bubs and his brilliant celebrity impersonations, but that will wait for another day...a day when perhaps I am accustomed to the new vitamin regime, a day when I don't have to package and make a trek to the post office....a day when the back of my mind is not fixated on Japanese Vogue....oh, speaking of, THANK YOU for all the tips and emails....I have some leads, and my dear buffy soul mate Jody seems to have cracked the case of the missing Nippons.

so with that I will leave you with the new ornament that's in my shop as well as a new small collage, I know it looks like Angelina, but I assure all you Angie haters out there, that it is not Angie....just a model...


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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday's Top Five

1- drinking fresh pineapple juice, with just a hint of sugar...I am seriously in love with this juice, last night I was holding onto the container and saying "I love this juice, I want it to be my maid of honor"...then my bubs gave me that look that says "are you out of your mind?"....

it was awesome.

2- getting a yorkie!!!! ok, I know we just moved into the house, and I can barely take care of myself at times, but I really want a yorkie, in fact I can hardly look at one, I almost start to weep...same thing happens when I see bunnies, though I am not allergic to the yorkies, so they win out.

I am applying to yorkie rescue to be put on the waiting list.

3- HEROES!!!!! Yup, I got season 1 on dvd yesterday and even better, my bubs watched the first episode with me...he never watched the show...but you know what, he liked it!!! I liked Mohinder, my Indian boyfriend, in the movie of my life he would play the man who runs the newsstand where I bought Zink magazine....though frankly he is too young, and too beautiful...

4- It's Fall Fashion magazine season, so frankly you should all be lucky I am even blogging, I finally made it to the post office to get my fall fashion Vogue out of my box...and you know how I feel about was only slightly dampened by Sienna Miller on the cover, look like yet another dead behind the eyes plastic doll....first Gwyendie and now this....why fall fashion mags, why have you forsaken me so????

speaking of fall fashion.....there is a quest going on, spanning from NYC to Columbus (ok really it's just in NYC and Columbus) this quest is to find the September issue of Vogue Nippon....yeah apparently it's "sold out" everywhere, but that is total BS, I need this, and my Buffy soulmate Jody needs it please, I beg of all of you, keep your eyes peeled, go into every asian market you can find!!!!!

5- last but not least....look at this ridiculous web site!!!!!!!! It's my new favorite place to go, I have this wish that my bubs would let me tape pieces of fried chicken to his face in the shape of a beard so I could send it in.

yes, I am that sad.

wow...I just realized, no photos in this post...crap, well it feels really cheap to just post a random thing from my etsy shop, or even just a photo from a fashion mag.....or a pineapple...

what to do what to do??????

ok suck it up and just do some blatant self promoting...during a case of creative block the other day, I made a decorative (and wearable) mask, based on the IO myth...enjoy.


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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dear (Insert Name Here)

**no theme this week...just show me what you've got

Dear Gwyneth Paltrow's been a long time, huh???'s this whole "mommy" thing treating you.

Congrats on getting the cover of the September issue of W, that's huge, being the biggest fashion mag month of the year and all....I will be honest and tell you I really wish it would have gone to a model, but that might just be me.

I will also say that I did let out an audible groan when I saw the cover, " goddess gwyneth"...ugh, really....goddess, I though you stopped being at "it girl" shortly after the whole Ben Affleck thing.

I also noticed, that you seem to be looking a little dead behind the eyes, and I am not talking about death around the eyes in that sexy Gia Carrangi way.....but just like dead eyes.

Like a doll...and old tired doll.

I know you always had that stone fox ice princess thing going for you, and that worked...but this...well it's creepy. Did having babies literally suck the life out of you???

Then I hear that you will be playing the love interest in the new Iron Man are no Pepper Potts....but I guess this is the thing to do, make a great super hero movie and add a lame female love interest played by a creepy robot woman....(a la Katie Holmes in Batman Begins).

Sorry Gwyendi...I speak the truth....I think that maybe you might need the help of a little chemicals before you do another photo shoot or public might give you a little flare...perhaps a xanax and pinot griggio cocktail would work????

with that I will leave you, and hope with every ounce of my being that you don;t ruin Iron Man for me....

your friend
Jennifer Gordon

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Let Me Take You On A Tour

welcome to our home....since we are friends we have just come in through the back door...through the sun room (which you will see in a bit) into our small little kitchen...notice all the lovely wood, the other side is like that too....though no dishwasher, that is the only drawback.
There is also a door to the basement off the kitchen, but I did not take any photos of it.
This is our dining room...we opted to get a new sofa instead of a dining room table, so we had to dress up the card table with a cloth and some flowers. The room to the back is the sun room, which we have turned into a play room for the mean cheese, there is a french glass door that separates the two rooms but it is open in this shot.
here is the corner nook of the sun room, is is small and cozy for her and around the corner her puppet theater is set up (until she tears is down and demands we put it back up)
ok now we have left the dining room and are in the living room....if you were to walk in the front door you would walk into this view...the blue sofa is new and the room divider gives us the feel of two very different rooms

this is the real view form the front door near the steps that go upstairs....from here you can see into the dining room...that's my bookshelf there, all those yellow books are my 1960's and 1970's vintage Nancy Drew books.

ok those are all the pictures for now....I am leaving out the upstairs, because much like Graceland, that is our private place where we sleep...well, and I work because my studio is up there, but that is a mess and if you really want to see it you can stalk me at my flickr account.

So that is our home....I will take photos of the outside another time....then you can see the porch swing...

it's a wonderful really is, especially after being cooped up in the tiny apartment for so long and a single hotel room at the "hooker hotel" before that.

well, that's all I have for today...catch you all tomorrow for Letters to Celebs...I am wondering if I should theme it up again this week...boob twins were so much fun last time.

maybe I will give you multiple choice....we'll see.


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Falling Down and Falling Behind

morning people.

ok, so here it is, I know I promised photos of the house today to some of you, but......that will wait for tomorrow, as today will be a quick post (sort of).

You see, it's not quite 8:00am and I am behind already....I know, how is that possible....well you see, I mis-shipped a very important package to the wrong that package were little mirrors to be used as party favors for a girls birthday party....

now with the party looming and no mirrors in hand....I offered to make and send the lovely buyer a one of a kind pendant for each of the girls at the little "I'm sorry"

I know mistakes happen but I am really kicking myself because of this.

(this is why I need a shipping who does not require that I pay a livable wage...or a wage at all...once again...any takers??)

So I hope you all had a good weekend, as you know this was the first weekend with the mean cheese in the new place, she seemed to enjoy it, my bubs even managed to get her to sleep in her bed, in her room...something she REFUSED to do at our apartment, where she slept on our couch, and before that...a yoga mat in the living room.

SO anyway, all was going good until the little cheesy took a tumble down our concrete stairs in the back yard and busted open her lip.

(for the record, I blame the silly orange foam shoe/clogs she wears that are silly, have no traction, and are one size too big, she is also in the phase where she just drags her feet everywhere instead of lifing them to walk.

So then there was a lot of screaming, and a lot of tears, and a lot of blood....followed by my bubs and I in near panic....

you see with the cheese being non verbal she can;t tell us, "Don't worry you losers, I'm fine", or "You know, you should bring me to the hospital something feels broken). There is also the fact that part of her condition gives her blod that does not clot.

Oh when I say a lot of blood, there was a lot of blood.

Well, after ice and medicine the bleeding did stop, our hearts went back to a normal....and I was able to run an ice cube on the busted lip, all her teeth were fine, no cuts anywhere else, and it appeared more that she bit into her lip as she tumbled.

on the plus side, when her lips swelled she looked like the secret love child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.....Shiloh who??????

So that was Saturday, then Sunday we mainly chilled at the house, all of us pretty sleepy as said swollen lipped little girl woke up at 5:00am on Sunday.

We did go on a magazine quest see I needed to get the latest issue of Zink Magazine, and it was sold out at the Barnes and Noble, and the doofus in the magazine section was rude and useless to me, as I required him to do his job and to stop gawking at the beautiful girl in the tube top and big hoop earrings looking through various "Hair Styling Magazines" and the occasional "Bride Nightmare" magazines.

I finally ended up at a small newsstand on the borders of Little Somalia and Little India (that's North East Columbus) and there it was....It was all worth it because I got to hera some wonderful crazy rantings.

here's the scene...I enter, at the counter is this wonderful Indian man who owns the joint, he smiles at me thinking and knowing I will probably spend no less that $20 on magazines, but most likely more....

at the counter is an insane black man, who is screaming about Greed, Bill Gates, and George the Devil is working through George Bush and Bill Gates to take down the power of God, and he is shocked that Jesus Christ, has allowed this to go on as long as he had.

This is when crazy man demands of the little Indian to hear his opinion of said Jesus vs greedy devil situation....wondering (no lie) what he thinks Jesus should do about it.

Indian man: "I do not believe in your Jesus Christ

Crazy Man- but the devil, you gotta know that shiz is true

Indian Man- I do not

Crazy Man- but what about greed, do you believe in greed.

Indian Man- yes, greed is a fact.

That is when the crazy man (thankfully) gets a cell phone call and starts screaming that he barely has left the house and he knew "that bitch" would sneak off as soon as he left but he needed a lottery ticket.

Anyway, I end up buying my magazine...along with the latest issue of I-D....which was all wrapped up like porn.

We leave and hit the PO Box where I see I have received a package and in it are Fashion Magazines from Malaysia (thank you Conrad....they are beautiful)

oh and while leaving the post office I saw a rather "large" woman bend over, she was wearing a skirt, and I saw her...area.....yeah, it was nasty.

One more reason to be glad I do not live in that part of town anymore.

ok, I said this would be short and it's not....I am a liar. SO......please enjoy the photo today, it is of a new piece, and one I am insanely proud of, seriously there is a certain breakthrough happening and this us part of it. It's hard to describe or put my finger on, but the larger and pricier pieces I have been doing lately are really tapping into something.

I love my new house.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Petite Heights, Sunday August 26, 2007

please click image to enlarge

art - keith cousineau
story- jennifer gordon

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Night Special

hi all!!!

Just popping in very quick to announce my Saturday Night Special....

20% off everything and freebies with all purchases!!!

It's been a hell of a weekend so far, will fill you all in on Monday when I promise I will show some sneak peaks of the house so far.


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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Mean Cheese Cometh

Happy Friday beautiful people! I sit in my little sundress I do a lot of paining in and I am in the studio, it's oddly hot and I am thinking of the to do list I have today...

you see it's Friday and we are going to get the little mean cheese today, and normally I would be freaking out, thinking about how I have to clean up my giant mess of artsy stuff, less the cheese will consume some paint....but now...I have no fears, finally the freedom and ease of having my own studio space...I can just close the door, and the mess is contained.

Though that being said, that does not release me from getting done the large amount of work today....

got to get Petite Heights lettered for Sunday, must package things, must photo a new piece I finished late last night....must try to get some creative time in here somewhere, right???

ok enough shop talk.

I had this wonderful dream last night that Keith and I were going to the house of our friends Steve and Ed, in the dream they had adopted a little boy, he looked like Mica from Heroes and was so adorable...I remember very clearly in the dream that as I walked to the door the little boy saw me and screamed out "Hi Buddy".

No I want them to adopt a baby....I know they have no plans f0r this, but that's neither here nor there. may have noticed one of the pics today happens to be an icon of sorts, you see the wonderful Stephanie has nominated me for the Rockin Girl Blogger Award...

hot damn, it's about time I get recognized as the hot blogger I am, right people???

(don't mind the insanity, it's the's always the Frappio)

So I know I am supposed to nominate people, and I know most of you out there have been nominated already, these awards tend to go around like the flu.

So, forgive me if you have already been nominated ...

first, Jody....because I so rudely snubbed her for the "Thinking Bloggers Award" a while back...she knows I think she is a sexy and hilarious rock star of a girl, and for that I love her.

Next I would like to nominate Miss Christmas Christmas Tree (aka Noelle Tannenbaum) because though I am new to her blog, I dig it....and she makes me laugh, and I am painfully jealous of her Christmas Tree farm living situation.

And last but not least...Alex, just for being Alex....also her blog is pink, and not to sound like Paris Hilton, but that's hot.

ok all, I'm out.


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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Frappio and Cashews make me crazy

Morning everyone!!

Hope you are all well....first I would like to say a (huge) thank you for everyone for boob twin letters yesterday, really wonderful!!! I think I should theme it up every week. I am sitting here drinking my Frappio (I feel like it's making me thinner) and eating a bowl of cashews (remember that thinner part, strike that), and I am enjoying my morning after I had a restless night's sleep.

You see, I dreamed that I had to go to my high school reunion, and I went with, Carmen Electra (I know, this is what I get), I think in the dream we were on a date, and I remember feeling uncomfortable because we were "like sisters".

So anyway, moving on......

You know how painfully insecure I am right? If you don't know, I am...painfully insecure that is. I can put on a good show at times, but inside I am usually crawling with self doubt.

that being the case, Becoming a full time artist has been a dream come true for me, yet at other times I feel like I am too many eyes and ears and thoughts working there way into my little world. I am getting better though, I really am.

So when I listed this piece last night, it was huge for me....first because it's very different from my "normal" work...second because making it was a struggle, I was trying in my own humble way to create the feel of a stain glass window, well my version of one.

Anyway, long story short, I take the swan dive and list it, and now.......I find that the view counters on etsy are stuck at 1...which makes it look like no one has viewed the piece, I know that's not true as I got a couple emails about it, but still....why this piece, which was scary to list in the first place.

le sigh (shout out to Karen Beth)

So yesterday was a particularly wonderful mail day...I had not been to the PO in a while so much to my surprise it was filled with love, delight and awe...In no particular order I would like to thank...

Jody- you know what fuels my soul, you also know what a horrible fashion addict I am, for that I both thank you and curse you, but most of all thank you, you're a rock star!!

Sarah- amazing woman, when I opened the box and out came all the Griffen and Sabine books, I cried, real tears like I was seeing an old friend for the first time in many years, I literally sat on the floor in the kitchen and started to go through them, but then realized I was in the way, and skuttled up the stairs to stare at them....

Tara- love you, love the "pearls", love that you remember when I tell you things, love the perfume, the nail polish...and you, mainly you for always just being Tara, which is just about as perfect as it can be. I wish we could have our own TV show, like Perfect Strangers, I would even let you be the "Balki" if you wanted to.

so that's that, must get some work done, as yesterday not much was accomplished as I took a day off, got to spend sometime with a wonderful friend in real life, Steve, and enjoy a day with my bubs.


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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dear (Insert Name Here)

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Carmen Electra

**we're doing a theme today, write to your "Boob Twin", find your boob twin here.

Dear Carmen Electra

first I am going to wholeheartedly say I'm sorry for all the times I called you "Slutty McBig Boobs, and said all sorts of mean things about you when you are all whored up in the Taco Bell Commercials....

That being said, us being boob twins came as a bit of a shock to me....I mean, when I see you I see a woman who has these giant crazy and slutty boobs, how can we be the same.

I expressed my dismay to my bubs, asking if my boobs were in fact this slutty and crazy, then he got sort of a dreamy look on his face, and mumbled something about slutty boobs.

I take that as a yes.

So here we are, soul sisters if you will....perhaps in an alternate universe we are totally bff's, going bra shopping together and well...that's all I can think of.

But, then I remember Miss Boob...we do have things in common!!!!

You had a short lived comic book series "Embrace", I believe you were a whore/vampire in it, am I close??? Well, I too had (have) a comic book based on me, Stiletto Heights (also Petite Heights) see, we would have stuff to gab about. were married to Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro, those odd balls liked to wear makeup and women's clothes....they also had a very (un) healthy obsession with porn....well that no good hippie of an ex husband of mine I believe had the same cross dressing urges I believe. (yeah, I's one of the MANY reasons he is my EX).

So Carmen, it appears that we go more than just boob deep (wait...did I just say "boob deep").

Also....I hear you're a big lesbian now, I gotta say if you're going to go gay, Joan Jett really is the way to go so that's pretty cool. I'm not currently a lesbian so we don't have that in common but I do think Angelina Jolie is white hot, so that counts.

So there you have it boob twin, I here by declare us new Bffs.

Your Boob Twin,
Jennifer Gordon

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things that happened yesterday in list form

  • woke up and had cake (yes, I know you all know this), noticed my bubs had gotten me a new/old Nancy Drew mystery about a stage coach
  • did the whole bloggy computer thing, while consuming the "nectar of the gods", by nectar of the gods I mean...Frappio, at the moment it rules my whole existence
  • sat on my porch for a few minutes where I saw a sleek white, beautiful little creature, at first I thought it was a bunny, but was an albino squirrel, I hope I see it again today
  • painted things and packaged things
  • cried when I read the outpouring of birthday wishes on my blog
  • cried when I read my friend Aaron's blog and his lil' birthday tribute
  • watched a HUGE scary ass lighting storm, part of the sky was green, the other part was black.
  • got a special delivery of a dozen roses sent to me from my friend (and self proclaimed "biggest fan" Diana
  • ate more cake, after eating pizza and french fries (it's my birthday damn it, calories don;t count on your birthday
  • talked to my mom on the phone, who though did not send me a birthday gift swears she is putting something in the mail for me....some sort of miracle dead sea salt face stuff that will help me be beautiful....she swears this to be true, the sending and the beautiful part, and like always, I believe her...

so that was my day, in a boring un birthday celebratory as I type this the air is cool and the skies are dark, it looks like night but it is 8:00am, and I want to go back to sleep, but the Frappio has my heart and head going, so instead of sleep, I type, and then I will paint and I will not emerge from my studio until I am done.

you see I'm swimming with ideas, my bubs gave me some bulletin boards and I have one hanging between my art tables and I am using one as my inspiration board....and you see, it's working, I am inspired and have sketched out another very large painting.

now, first I must finish the things I started yesterday, which incluse a couple small pieces and some ornaments.

Photos today are of one of the ornaments in my shop as well as a new small collage, oh and I did post the large 18x24 piece as well....

one last thing before I go.....I promised you faithful ones that I had something special up my sleeve for this weeks celeb letters, I am giving you all a heads up as this letter will be themed.

you see (sorry boys) Michelle sent me a wonderful link a while back to find out who your "Celebrity Boob Twin" is.....well, here's the challenge, find your boob twin and write to her.

Boy readers, you can make one up or just revel in the boob inspiration, your choice.


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Monday, August 20, 2007

we all have our rituals....

good morning loves...

ok without further adieu or fanfare....I have to get something out in the open. my birthday, I know many of you were confused as it appears that my bubs and I were celebrating last week.

You see once a girl reaches a certain age (we'll just call this the third anniversary of my 29th birthday) the birthday celebrations tend to come with a whole lot of me saying "Do I look old", "Should I dye my hair", "Am I as pretty now as I was when I was 16"

So, bubs and I usually celebrate and unbirthday of sorts, where I get presents, then I get a present a day leading up to the actual date...they are small presents but presents nonetheless....the celebratory week ends with the giving of the birthday card....then, we're done.

Even when I was little I celebrated my birthday for a week (pleasure of being an only child) My father would take vacation that week every year and we would go on little day trips, to Canobie Lake Park, Benson's Animal Farm (yes....of Petite Heights Fame), The beach, and my most favorite thing ever, we would take a bpat out to the Isles of Shoales of the coast of NH.

(some of you may know the Shoales from living there, others because they were made famous in the mediocre movie "The Weight of Water", which was based on the AMAZING book by Anita Shreve.

This year we were low key, as we are STILL unpacking and adjusting, also the new house has come with a ton more expenses, so we have been laying low.

I did wake up and eat a piece of cake and some ice cream for breakfast...I know, I'm a big fattie, but let's face facts, a girl does not celebrate the 3rd anniversary of her 29th birthday every day now, right???

so with that I will bid you adieu.

Oh and in honor of my birthday any order today will get a bonus gift!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Photos today are of my (already messy) work table with a large piece I have been working on for days and days...It may make its appearance in my shop later today!!


PS- don't forget to check out Petite Heights!!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Petite Heights August 19th, 2007

please click image to enlarge

art - keith cousineau
story- jennifer gordon

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Night.....

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday....

I am enjoying my new studio (no....we are not unpacked yet, but a girl's got to work, right?)

we also had a quiet little un-birthday celebration for me last night, a couple days early, but that's what un-birthdays are for right?

I gorged on brownie cake, and ice cream and other assorted desserts, it was heaven.

so in honor of my birthday, my new house, and the fact that I am really close to hitting my 1300th sale (I'm at 1299) I am going to have a big sale tonight...

25% off everything in shop!!!

Happy Shopping, and I'll see you all back here for Petite Heights on Sunday.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

A proper post...

well I am going to try for a proper post, you see my brain is still pretty mushy since the move, I guess I am getting old and set in my ways as a moving has really thrown me for a loop.

First, thank you to everyone for welcoming me back after my one day hiatus....I hatw being without the internet and what not it really does make me a little crazy.

So...we are still totally living out of boxes, in fact last night I could not find the can opener to save my life in fact my bubs (rather than let us eat just peanut butter and jelly) somehow managed to chisel into the can with a hammer and big knife.

If it had been just me I would have just eaten cheese all night.

Other than quirks like that and a few other "oddities" to the house, it is going wonderfully. (I will post pics next wee once we are "fully" set up.

So Wednesday after a full day a moving, my bubs and I collapsed into bed at about midnight....I was woken up at 4:00am to banging, banging, and more banging...doors were opening and closing and the shade in the bathroom was flying all over the first thoughts...

1- where the f#*k am I???
2- This place is haunted

By the time I got my wits about me I realized I had left the window in the bathroom open and we were having quite possibly the worst thunderstorm I have ever seen. I get up to close the window, then my bubs wakes up as he thinks we are being burgled...only to notice the storm...we watching from our upstairs widows as the street below filled with water and the trees were going crazy, thank god we are on a small hill.

that's when I turned to my bubs and in my best/worst Boston accent said to him "It would be...the Perfect Storm"'s funny to right now, I'm laughing and I know none of you care or think it's funny.

So in the moring I get to my studio and notice....shit, it's wet...then I look up and realize that the windows in that room were left open during the storm as well, but there are no shades so the water just came right in...all over the place, all over a ton of my ephemera...and all the cool images and paper I had taken out to work with during my first day at work in the studio...

well...of course things don't always go smoothly, right???

So I puttered and painted, actually made this piece that is shown here first piece completed in my new house, part of me wanted to keep it, but more than anything I knew it would go to the write person....I feel like this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and this is a wonderful bookend of sorts.

So I painted and leafed through the wet papers...until after 8:00am yesterday...this is when my OCD kicked in and I checked to see if the internet was hooked up....and surprise, it was!!!!

I check my email and notice I have a ton of messages, a TON...more than usual for a 1 day break...

many of them are etsy convos, so rather than read them in my email I head to etsy where I notice that one of my items is on the front page, explaining many of the convos...I start to read them and yes there were a lot of convos that started out with "congrats" but then while of them said "Congrats on being one of the poster winners" (in fact many of them said that...

the poster contest!!!! Some of you may remember me talking about and showing you my poster entry for the etsy contest, if not you can read about it here, well it turns out that my poster was chosen as one of the winners...can you believe it??? The front page and a winning poster, yesterday morning was a good day to be me.

so last night was more unpacking, and getting our new couch, it's funny how big the living room looked before, it is quickly getting filled up...becoming cozy.

ok, now I am off to do a little painting while the air is still cool in my studio, I will be cathcing up on all your blogs sometime today too.

until then, xoxoxo

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm back I was sans internet for a day...only a day.

miss me????

I am keeping this short but sweet, just wanted to say a quick hello to all of you, I will post again tomorrow when I am feeling less scattered.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

T minus 24 hours

first....I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog and leaving comments and to all the people who have taken the time to e mail me regarding the move...

Thank you.

I got a lot of wonderful emails about the "room divider" situation of yesterday....and you will all be happy to know that I actually found one at Target.Com, that was well within my price range even with tax and shipping I will save $80 off the one I was going to buy.

The best part...the screen will be delivered Thursday or Friday, so I won't even have to wait a million years to get it, which satisfies my obsessive nature.

So last night we moved a ton more stuff to the house including our entertainment center which always seemed so big in our apartment, it now seems rather small.

So this is it....the final day and hours in the apartment. You may be wondering about my mindset at the moment....

well, I'm anxious, like Christmas Eve anxious mixed with a little bit of "back to school", so that's good.

I keep having the beginnings of panic attacks but they have so far staved off, I don't do well with chaos and it has been chaotic...also, I have not gone this long without creating anything in a long time, in fact the last time I help a paint brush was Thursday, I think that is what id leading to the anxiety...I have no release for it.

But....I keep focusing on the new place and the new studio which I will be able to set up tomorrow.

So I did get to list a new collage in the shop yesterday, which I think has a different feel than most of my pieces, it's called "Between Symbol and Myth"

ok darling ones....I'm off, due to the move there will be no celebrity letters tomorrow but fear not, next Wednesday Celeb letters will be the best as we are going to theme it up (you know how I love themes).

So, hopefully I will be back to blogging on Thursday...cross your fingers that the internet and phone get hooked up without a hitch.

***EDIT - just got off the phone with ATT and looks like my dsl order was "not placed" so I will be sans internet connection until late Thursday at the earliest.....pray for me in these dark days


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Monday, August 13, 2007

A Quick note to say...

Happy Monday darling ones.

ok, so it is officially 2 days until we move, well until we "really move" meaning when the bed and the computer will be there, along with my hair care products.

We had the mean cheese this weekend so most moving was put to a halt, we did a couple trips yesterday so are still making progress...slow progress, but like the polar ice caps we are moving, you just can;t see the results with a naked eye.

I have found myself during trips around town with bubs, looking at all the houses in the "bad"part of town and just thinking look at all these poor people don't have porch swings, or even porches for that matter.

Can you tell I am becoming spoiled and I don;t even live there yet?

Last night after packing up the kitchen stuff and setting it up in the new place we actually sat on our new porch in the swing and enjoyed a cocktail, it was divine.

We also went looking for a few much needed pieces of furniture....I NEED a folding screen (or partition, or room divider...they are all the same), It will be mandatory to separate the dining room and the living room, we also have decided we need a new couch, as the whole "dorm furniture/college kids" thing we have right now will just look so trashy, we also need book cases and a dnew dining room table....eeek, that's a lot....and a lot more than we can afford right now as the house is so expensive...

so I think it will be a room divider and a new couch and book cases and the dining room table will have to wait.

also if anyone knows where I can find a wonderful divider that is less than $200 please let me know...and don't say ikea as they do not have them for delivery and I don't want wicker.

so....I am going to brace you all, My etsy shop will be sorely lacking in new original pieces this week...maybe a couple art cards and a left over collage...but that's it...I will be updating with my wonderful new mirrors, please feel free to buy them.

Tuesday will be my last day with computer access...well technically all should be "fine" in the new place by Wednesday....but I am not reassured, "fine" (their words not mine) seems awfully, if I go missing that is why....also I might be trapped under a mountain of comic boxes, books, and art supplies...OR I might be sitting drunk and happy on my new porch swing.

either way.

OK, I am off, to read a few more blogs then package up orders to be mailed out and then to pack more house stuff.

thanks for putting up with long and boring post that is all about me and has no pictures...

oh, if you are hankering for something...make sure you read petite heights which was posted yesterday


ps- yesterday I went to check my po box and it was the official start of my favorite season, when all the fall fashion mags start coming in....this time it was Elle, the hillbilly sister to had Lindsay Lohan on the cover and I threw up in my mouth a little.


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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Petite Heights - Sunday August 12, 2007

please click on image to see full view

art - Keith Cousineu
written by - Keith Cousineau & Jennifer Gordon
characters created by Jennifer Gordon

to read the rest of the Petite Heights Sunday strips
please click here

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Night Specials

♦♦ Please write SNS in the message to seller section and wait for a new invoice, sale lasts until 6:00am EDT

20% off everything in shop, free gift with all purchases

Happy Shopping ♦♦

pictures shown are of new pieces in shop.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Time is a funny thing

I have no idea how it is almost Friday, I also have no idea how it is that we have been moving things all week and our apartment is still full.
I don't know how it is that we will be living in a house, in less than a week...

seriously, that is a mind blower.

When I came to Columbus 3+ years ago, I arrived with two suitcases filled with clothes and that's about it, later I made a trip to NH for art supplies and my computer but that pretty much sums it up.

My bubs and I were pretty much homeless, I had no job and had yet to sell my house, so we scrounged up money and lived in a seedy no tell hotel for 6 months...we lived in one little room together, with a tiny kitchenette...looking back on it I have to say those memories are very fond, the beginning of our relationship, though frought with lots of turmoil, is still something that makes me smile.

After the hooker hotel we moved into the apartment we are in now, I remember being so happy ot seemed so big, and so fancy...this little place served us well, and it was filled with memories of our first Christmas together and watching the Red Sox win the World Series...but like any place, it saw far too many bad times to count...

it will be great to move on, into a place that is really going to be a home for us.

I almost cry when I think about it.

please forgive the rambling of this post, you see we are out of coffee at the Chateau today, and am feeling awful brain dead and foggy.

It has been an odd few days, on all fronts, you see we found out a couple days ago that the wonderful man who run the Pittsburgh Comic Convention with his wife, was arrested for murdering his first wife 17 years ago...that has left me feeling slightly off, as I always believed him to be a good man, doing a lot for charity...and I know, innocent until proven guilty and all that, but there just seems to be a giant shadow hanging over the comic book world right now.

odd, very odd...and sorry to be so depressing for all of you on this fine what do you all have planned for the weekend?? We have the mean cheese, so we will be on cheese duty and we will try to sneak a few more loads to the new house, that is if she will let us, lol.

SO last night I went to the post office new button sets and mirrors came in, and I am so excited!!! The buttons are 1.25 inches, the others I got were only 1 inch so these are a little bit bigger...I have shown two photos of the sets of buttons, as for the mirrors they are amazing, amazing...all my mirror images have been uploaded to my flickr account if you want to see them all, and if there are any that you want specifically just let me know and I will list it for you.

The buttons will be listed in my shop shortly, if you go there and they are not there just convo me and I will list a set for you.

ok, I expected this to be a lot more entertaining than it's the lack of coffee....I am crippled without it.


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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Moving, Moving Moving

ok due to laziness, the heat, and the fact that I am trying (I really can't stress trying enough) to get a few things done...

I am going to be a lazy blogger and just post some pictures of new things in my shop.

here is an update on the move....yesterday my bubs moved 90% of his comics ane we moved the useless things from inside our closets and under the bed...

trying very hard to get as much "stuff" over to the new house before we get the mean cheese and before the "official" move in next Wednesday.

Tonight we will do a few more loads, books and stuff that is not necessary to be here.

The new place is slowly getting filled with stuff, as we don't really have a game plan as to where most things will go, our goal is just to get it in there, and then figure it out.

the only room with a plan is the studio, which will be one of the last things we move and the first things we set up next week.

We are very eager to get into the house, as the drunken hillbilly neighbor came over to the door last night, crazed and drunk demanding I tell him why we were moving and how "insulted" he is that we are leaving because of him, I was cold but calm towards him as I had already seen his badly bruised wife earlier that day, after closing and locking the door I could hear him trashing his apartment next door, kicking and banging against the walls....

it is no longer safe here.

I promise I will be a good and faithful blogger tomorrow...until then, enjoy the pretty...


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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dear Insert Name Here

(disclaimer, I know none of you will know who I am talking about as she is not really a celebrity, but trust me...look at her pictures and you will get the drift).

Dear Brittany Allen (back up singer, crazy hick whore for George Jones)

um...........I have no clever opening remark for you other than, hi.

I recently attended the George Jones concert in Columbus, and was a little under whelmed but the whole "Jones" aspect of the show...though I will admit one of the highlights of the evening was when you came in the stage....your outfit was terrible, black off the shoulder sequins and lace mixed with unflattering "mom pants" and a ton of crazy makeup.

You looked like a drag queen, or worse yet...a man on Saturday Night live dressed up like a crazy woman on religious tv stations. you are wondering why then was it my favorite part when you came onto the stage??? well, it was because the hillbilly men in the audience went crazy, they hooted and hollered like you were the first woman they had seen in ages, it was sort of brilliant, touching, and most of all sad.

Now....I understand the gig, you're a country girl doing your thing, loving the baby Jesus, and the troops, and The U S of A.

But I should embrace all that even more...go full out, have giant feathered hair and short bolero jackets that are all "bedazzeled" and glimmering in the state fair lights.

I want you to wear giant multi layer skirts, and I want the inside to look like the short you need to embrace the crazy and let the crazy embrace you!!

You need to see a stylist and you just say to them that you want to look like Barbara Mandrel in the early 1980's!!

Now when you were sining at the show, you were clapping....and no you were not clapping like a normal person, you were clapping in this odd way, letting your hands slide off each other, almost as if you were washing the sins away...

I will be truthful, I did not notice this, but my bubs has been talking about it ever since, and you know....if you are going to do a crazy country clap, you should do the "June Carter" when she would clap it looked like she was banging two pieces of wood together, or erasers....equally ridiculous looking, but more endearing than yours.

so with that a bid you adieu (that's fancy French talk for goodbye)

Jennifer Gordon

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

And the rest of the weekend went somehting like this...

Thanks for all the great comments yesterday!!! It was almost as fun as going to the fair again...:)

So, on Sunday my bubs and I got......the key to the new house so we could go in and take measurements and what not. On our trip inside....I was once again in aw of the space...lots and lots of wood, and lots and lots of windows...

The kitchen is small but adorable and the new floors have this rustic old stone feel. The living and dining rooms are big and have hardwood floors, there is a French Glass door off the dining room which leads to the sun room, which is tiny and we will be using it as the play room for the mean cheese. The front porch is done and the porch swing is up...upstairs I have commandeered the large master bedroom as my studio, as most of my waking hours will be in it, and figured we could have one of the smaller back bedrooms for us...

Oh my new studio is divine with more than enough room for my computer, my art desk, a 4 foot table with the light box etc, my bubs' drawing table, a book case....and even my exercise bike. The closet in the studio is a huge walk in, so I have also claimed that closet as mine as well.

I felt like an old timey explorer, "finding" things and claiming them in the name of my country.

So we got measurements of the windows because there are so many of them...and then proceeded to go looking for 27" blinds....well let's just say that Target, Meijer, and Big Lots have all been wiped out of 27" blinds...and we still don't have enough.

We went back to the house and my dear bubs started to hand the blinds....well, blind...singular, as the windows are so tall and the ceilings are so high it was a near impossible task considering he and I am the two most un mechanical type people in the world, we are like the opposite of being handy.

So after a long time, and a lot of swearing and banging about...we decided to call it a night at the new place, our goal is to do one or two loads of stuff every day, we will work there most of tomorrow and then next Wednesday is the "official" move day....I say official because that will be the day I move my studio and work stuff, and that is the day that (cross your fingers) that the phone line and most importantly my DSL will be hooked up at the new Chateau Stiletto.

So after as weekend filled, just filled to brim with bubs and I decided to sit down and watch a movie...Capote, which he bought me as a special treat.

ok, now bear in mind that my bubs is not really a fan of 90% of "my" movies, the ones that are overly intellectualized and filled with long camera shots and tons of silence....where the characters are just torn to shreds emotionally in every scene...

SO anyway, we settle in with some (well deserved) ice cream and put in the I will not spoil Capote for anyone who has not seen it, but I will describe the opening.....lots of black screens, coupled with long still shots of the Kansas landscape.....haunting music is playing...more darkness...more landscape, it is beautiful, serene and somewhat this moment in time, I am already madly in love with the movie.

I look to my bubs who lets out an audible sigh of disgust, I give him "the look" and he settles down.

Scene change....New York, it's a party and (the brilliant) Phillip Seymore Hoffman is portraying TRuman the most dead one version of him I could even imagine. Now please keep in mind that Capote had a very hight pitched voice, and a lisp, he seemed to me, always to be part of one of the eccentric characters he had created.

anyway.....he starts to talk, and my bubs has this look on his face...and I can tell he's not pleased, not at all.

bubs- I'm not sure about this...what is this about

me:'s about Truman Capote and when he wrote In Cold Blood

bubs: Kaputznick...(he is making fun of the name Capote now), I thoughhe was Russian

Me: ssshhhhh!!

bubs- I don't think I want to watch it, it's not my type of movie

me - Oh My God!!! I watched a 3 1/2 hour movie about TEXAS with you...TEXAS (I have nothing against Texas, besides that our President is from there...oh and the movie I am referring to is "The Alamo" with John Wayne)

me- If I watched that you can watch a movie about a gay writer who goes to Kansas to write about a double murder, you can do that for me!!!

bubs- fine

2 hours later, we had finished the movie and my darling bubs liked it, a lot....I knew he would.

so, that was the rest of the weekend....

oh and before I forget and get sidetracked with other tasks, I NEED to thank two wonderful people...I received in the mail yesterday some wonderful things....I should have photographed them, but I did now...

anyway, a wonderful woman from Portugal named Adelia sent me, some antique postcards with beautiful handwriting , she also sent a long some of her was amazing, the type of treasures that when you open them the rest of the world seems to get very quiet and fuzzy.

THANK YOU are an amazing muse!!!

The second thank you goes out to TARA!!!!! I received two boxes from her yesterday, one was filled with yeah....Tara is the best, who does not love getting clothes!!!! ad in the second box was a pair of shoes that she had never really worn because the heel was too high, and you know me and high was great.

So, Tara...thank you so much, it was like Christmas!!!

OK now I seriously must get some work done, the image today is of a new piece just listed in my shop last night it's called "You and Me Sipping Vodka and Soda"


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Monday, August 06, 2007

A Night at the Fair

Howdy partners....please excuse my bubs, I took about 216547132657 pictures of us, and he made a silly face (in protest) every time, I chose this one because I looked the best in it, wven though I am wearing no please forgive me.

The fair and concert were wonderful, Merle Haggard was amazing, it actually brought a tear to my eye when he got on stage, George Jones, though still legendary was a little (a lot) less amazing. In truth he sort of flailed around and mumbled a lot of the songs and pimped the new sausage he sells on his website.

Overall he was a sad former version of himself...but then I remember that hell, the old chestnut is 75, and has spent the majority of his life drunk, and then franly I am thankful he is standing upright.

He did play a ton of good songs accompanied by a power point picture show of him and all the old time country stars...I will admit to you that I was audibly sobbing when he had pictures of Johnny Cash and June...

It was a very odd experience to say the least...I have not been around that many crazy country folks in all my life...seriously a lot of these people actually looked like the Cletus charcater on the Simpsons!!

They sang a song about Jesus and the crowd went crazy...he had this sort of slutty looking 700 Club diva on stage with him, wearing a bad lace top and some tight black "mom pants", you know the ones, pulled up way high over her hips and had a 13 inch zipper...they just made her butt look huge!!!

So there was a Jesus song and a song about "the troops"...(this is all from George, as Merle just sang songs about being poor and drinking whiskey).

It was a great and hilarious time, and the best part was seeing all the old, old people there on dates, all dressed proper....oh and GOLD JEWELRY!!! I have not seen so much gold jewelry in all my life these ladies and there men were all decked out.

then any trip to the fair would not have been complete without a visit to the petting zoo....the animals may seem fat and lifeless but please remember they are not only fat Ohio fair animals but it was also 10:45 at night, and these poor beasts have been poked, patted and fed all day.

My favorite were the Alpacas (above) as I love, love, love their little white puffy leg warmers, and wrist warmers it looks like they're wearing.

I did pat a lot of the beasts but since I had no money to get them food I just sort of waved my hands and was screaming "Hey Alpacas...I have crackers for you...crackers!!!

they did not care.
My bubs favorite...the goats, he loves these dirty little beasts...though he hates sheep...he made that very clear.
This water buffalo let me lift up his head and stare right at him, but by the time I got the camera focused he had already moved his lazy head down again

OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH...the ferris is my favorite, so we splurged and spent $4 to ride the thing, but I had to, I love it that much.

More ferris wheel pictures...
this is the view from the ferris it me or does it seem to be going awfully fast??? My bubs and I were hoping to be able to "make out" on the ride, but the morons put a dad and little boy in the same buggy as us, so we had no kissing.

yeah....the ferris wheel was going too fast....just like the rest of the weekend....we barely got to explore the fair at's that huge!!!

(for all you NH natives, the Ohio State Fair is bigger than Benson's Animal Park was, and a little smaller than Canobie Lake Park)

that's all for today loves....I have lots more to report as we are slowly moving into the house, we got the key yesterday and spent the rest of the day buying blinds as the house has a ton of windows...we went to 3 stores and bought all the 27 inch blinds in all of them, and we still don;t have enough for all the windows...

le sigh....this will be a long moving process.

oh....did you all read "Petite Heights" yesterday????


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