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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

this day of days

Good morning to you all….well good afternoon and evening to those lovelies across the country and world from me.

I hope you all had a delicious Tuesday…mine was pretty darn good if I don’t say so myself, got to spend the day wit my bubs, which was wonderful.

Though I will admit, I have already developed my own little ritual and routines with being home in my secret lair all day.

Having him here was wonderful, but I was “off” all day.

He was darling enough to take me out of the house for a while, we went on errands and a wee bit of shopping, he was kind enough to buy me for Valentine’s Day, a lovely and perfectly casual and adorable little black dress, less Audrey and more a Marilyn getting off the plane from Mexico dress, he also let me pick out the most ridiculously adorable skirt I have ever seen.

I am unable to photograph them yet as they are a “present” and I “can’t have them” until Valentine’s Day….which means I will probably have to wait for the photos, but trust me, they are so cute.

Now…where to wear them. I am aching for spring as I type.

I actually have to go to the comic shop today to work, today is the day that all the new comics come in, and it will be the first day I have been into the shop for work since giving it up a couple weeks ago (ok, a week and a half really).

I fee strange about it, a little off about the whole thing, almost strangely nervous.

Does this make sense? Keith and I built that store, the customers are our friends, and I am so looking forward to seeing them again, yet at the same time, I feel like a girl before the first day back at school.

I am also completely aware that it is no longer the house that Jenn (and Keith) built, and though I was happier than you can imagine to have given it up, well…it feels in many ways like seeing an ex boyfriend, someone you broke up with and were happy about it…but there is still that lingering feeling of unease when you run into one another.

(one of the many reasons why I love living 800 miles away from all of my exes)

I used to think I was petrified of change, though this transition that I have just been going through has shown me that I am not scared of change, but of looking back.

I am scared of regret.

I am scared most of all of being a disappointment, of letting people down. I am afraid when I see and talk with some of the customers that are very close to us, like family…that I will see a change in their eyes, ever so slight…but a change, like I had let them down.

this is one of the reasons Keith and I kept the shop as long as we did, the fear, that aching fear of disappointment.

I just want to be able to show them and say to them all that I am happy, that we are happier now.

Wow…ridiculously long and rambling post today, so sorry my darling ones.

Oh, and because this entire post had a theme of change and moving on…I have really tried to push myself and expand my artistic horizons as of late, so I worked on a collage that was different than most of mine so far, it was a still life.

It is for sale in my etsy shop, and it is called “Study of Two

Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading this…wish me luck.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Love, Love, Love

Morning sweeties...

oh, I am off to a late start today, my darling bubs has the day off from work and the bed was just way too cozy and warm to get out of...

My little routine is totally thrown off, but somehow I think I will manage, are plans today were going to involve going into the city to some record stores as well as this charming little shop, that I have been trying and trying to get to, but is snowing again.

It has now been snowing for a week, if I were still in New Hampshire that would mean we were all buried alive, but out here in great Mid-West...we still have only about 2 inches on the ground...

I cannot wiat for Groundhog Day, is that strange? I love Groundhog Day, that way I can just give in totally and watch the eponymous movie all damn day.

Is it a bad movie...yes, but I can't help it, plus when we watch it my bubs tells me I look like Andie MacDowell, which I know is a lie...but for a minue I believe that I have this amazing hair and a smile that could melt Bill Murray's heart.

As some of you know, I have a total soft spot for Bill Murray, long before Lost in Translation made him a thinking woman's sex symbol....he starred in a bad/good movie version of the Somerset Maughm book "The Razor's Edge"...I have been crushing on him since that.

Wow, this blog is sort of all over the place...eeek.

where was I...oh yes, Groundhog Day.....(not sure why I started on that, sure sign I have not had enough caffeine, need more mocha!!!)

The other day after the incident at the Hob Lob ( sorry Recy, had to steal that) we went to Borders, the Jan to the Barne's and Noble Marsha if you will.

While there I was able to purchase (cough...Keith bought it for me...cough) a fantastic book called "20th Century Fashion".

I am so in love with every page of this book, seriously I wish I could replace my blood with it, or consume it rather than food, that is how cool it is.

I have a total obsession for fashion books and fashion history!! This one is amazing because it was done in association with Vogue, which by the my bible.

For those of you who say The Devil Wears Prada.....the part where Stanley Tucci was talking about what Runway magazine meant to him, and about fashion being art...I seriously cried during that part.

Now I am torn, I love, love, love this book, I cannot stress this enough, but I know it is only a matter of time before I cane in and start tearing out the pages to make collage with, I am already so inspired by some of the vintage imagery.

What I really want to do is somehow get the money to buy another one, that way I have one to read, savor, and enjoy, and another one to tear apart willy nilly and make lots of pretty little things, after all that is what I did with the Phaidon Fashion Book, I have owned two of those so far....though I have yet to not rip one of those up, well there is always hopes for #3 right?

In fact the art card I have shown today is actually from a page of that wonderful little Phaidon book.

It is called "My Memory Of This" and is available for sale for a mere $5 in my shop, use the Valentine07 code and it will be just $4....

SO anyway dear hearts, that is enough for now, I have to dash to finish a new piece I am working, it is a total departure from my normal subject matter and I am really loving it, hopefully it will be listed in my etsy shop later today....I am actually working on a still life.

talk to you all tomorrow keep checking my shop for goodies and love, remember each sale brings me one step closer to getting another fashion book.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Hobby Lobby Massacre

good morning darlings

(in my imagination you all say in a sing song little manner...."Good Morning Miss Jenn")

hope you all had a fun filled and pleasant weekend, mine was sort of fact the whole week was just a little off for me and my bubs, we are hoping that this week will be a bit better as we both adjust the life post owning a comic shop....

first off I was to congratulate the lovely Aimee from Jewelstreet Designs as she was my lucky #600 and is the winner of a free 8x10 collage, it seems fitting that it woulds go to her, as she is a very vocal and wonderful supporter of mine, plus...she has the patience to deal with my countless emails when I am feeling less than confident about my work...we all have those moments but she handles them with such grace, seriously...

So this weekend after we dropped off the mean cheese with her mom, Keith and I decided to go do some errands, we went to the trusty Dick Blick store so I could spend like a jillion dollars on supplies.....ouch. While there we noticed that the Hobby Lobby, or as I sometimes refer to it as "Christian Lobby" was open.

You see, we usually end up doing the jaunt for art supplies on Sundays and Hobby Lobby as many of you might already know, is closed every Sunday so their employees can worship.

Now...ok, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against religion and church and all that....but come on, closed on a weekend, I thought Sundays had shorter hours for that reason...well whatever, I think Hobby Lobby is actually owned by some Amish guy who just has a total scrap booking fetish....but that's just me.

Anyway, we decide to go into Hobby Lobby so I could get some cheap foam bushes that I can use to attach polymer and other such yuck to my work. So upon entering....I am totally overwhelmed by everything there, it was like a virtual attack on the senses, the bright and unatractive flourescent lighting, and the loads and loads of people, there are children everywhere running and grabbing and throwing things, screaming....this is when my bubs who had an oatmeal pie in his pocket took it out and just started eating in the store....

he said he was going to wait until we got back to the car before he snacked but it was in such disarray in there he did not feel like it was rude to be snacking while shopping.

Anyway, I am at this point getting all cranky, frankly I think it was the overwhelming scent of disappointment, scented candles, and spray glitter that was just causing people to loose their minds...

we head to the registers where there is just this ridiculously long line, like Disney World lines, I pick the second register, as it seems like the shortest line....

I am telling you, I cursed us....we were there forever as the person at the head of the line had a cart FULL of glitter and ready made purse handles...he also had a stack of coupons so everything had to be rung up in separate transactions....and you know how he paid???????


who uses checks anymore???? So at this point we had been waiting forever, and I try and switch lines, but bubs won't let me because the woman in the next line over smelled like "a dead Freach whore"....this is a quote from him, not me....for the record I cold not smell the woman, but then when I saw she was taking out her check book to pay.....


That is when I said, probably a little too loud "I am going to start murdering people", the cashier at the station next to me looked all nervous, which I hate to say this...totally egged me on to be even worse...."I can see the headlines now, Massacre in the Hobby Lobby House of Worship"...

sure, it didn;t help the now nervous cashier ring up the million bottles of glitter with coupons any faster, but it sort of helped pass the time, you know?

So my long and rambling point is...I think this will only get worse for me, as I am home more and more enjoying my little world filled with painting and mochas and my dear computer friends....will I eventually forget how to deal with the outside

I think I would have a nervous breakdown if I had to go to Wal-Mart anytime...eeek.

The rest of the weekend passed without incident, I got to spend yesterday working on some commission pieces while the snow fell outside, I have noticed that my work in the past few weeks has become a bit softer, maybe this is a sign of me beginning to relax some...

This piece is one I worked on for a couple days it's a small original collage and it is called "Wearing This Dress" and it is available for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Don't forget to use the Valentine07 discount code in the message to buyer section and wait to pay in order to receive the 20% off.

oh, and one more thing..........The Virtual Slumber Party will be happening, I am planning it for the weekend of February 16th, this idea is totally inspired by the lovely Risa's virtual tea party she had a while ago....

I will fill you all in on details soon, but, save the date and spread the word!!!!

love you all


Saturday, January 27, 2007

The mean cheese

since there was a great response to the mean cheese post on Friday I just wanted to let you all know.....

that we had to bring the little one home early due to her being awful sick, she was being stubborn and refusing to drink anything, and since her kidney's only work at 20% we have to be really careful that she doesn't get dehydrated, as last time she was sick she ended up in the hospital. I am on a free Saturday night, my bubs had to go out tonight for a bit so I am here all alone except for my darling computer people, who I love so much I wish I could have a slumber party and invite you all....

we could gab about boys, and listen to Justin Timberlake...then eat way too many sweets and tell each other we still looked thin, then we would do face masks and deep hair conditioning treatments...oh it would be the bomb.

Gosh, I just sounded so totally square when I said that...eeek.

Oh and I had a little question, last night the mean cheese was drown to our DVD's (as per usual) the only one that seemed to have any interest in was the movie Closer**.

have you all seen it? It is amazing, but I think they use the C-word like a billion times in it....of course, I could have watched it with the mean cheese, she is deaf and would have no idea what they were saying, is that bad? Don't worry though, I didn't watch it....but the reason why I didn't watch it was because the mean cheese kept pointing to Julia Roberts and signing pretty....

I think I was jealous, or upset, after all Julia Roberts has a mustache.

ok, that's all for now loves, the above photo is the meany and cheesy herself, note the princess outfit.

and before I go, I just want to announce that I am going to be giving away a free 8x10 collage to whoever buys my 600th item in my Etsy Shop, I am at 596 now....who will it be, who will it be?

**Closer, brought to you by Clemencia....who let me borrow it.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I am a little hermit girl

Good Morning Far Away (and some not so far away) Friends....

so I am settling into to life asa domestic goddess/ artist in residence here at the Chateau...I didn't leave the house at all yesterday, and really I am fine with that, I got the chance to relax and enjoy making some pretty things, and the best part about it....when my darling bubs got home, we fell asleep on the couch together.

we have not been that relaxed in what seems like fact it has been years.

When I first moved here almost 3 years ago....we were both under a ton of stress but we were so blinded by love and the happiness of us finally being together, that none of that mattered, mattered, but we didn't let it get to us.

Though like anything, aver time, stress and money woes take a toll. Luckily they have not hurt our relationship, but I feel in a small way that it has hurt me, and most likely him too.

We are on our way back though, to where we need to be.

He is at work, and I am here in my "jammies" and enjoying my mocha...I am almost done it but am going to really try to stick to my plan of only one mocha a day, I don't need to be that hopped up on sweet succulent caffeine and chocolate goodness.

I do need to be able to hold a paint brush and somehow manage to actually hook up my DSL later.

Right now I am having a mad passionate affair with silence....I know by the time the afternoon roles around that I will have to clean up my mess that I have made in the house and get things situated for the "Mean Cheese" this weekend.

Mean Cheese.... in other words Keith's little one will be here tonight. As some of you know but most do not, we refer to little Sarah as "The Mean Cheese", as we used to called her the Munchkin as she is very tiny in stature due to her disease, but it was not until a fiend of ours mother (Who is Greek still with a VERY thick accent) said Munchkin, but it sounded like "Mean Cheese" that we began calling her that instead.

Frankly the name suits her better, as she is obsessed with cheese and all things dairy related, but is unable to eat any of it because her kidney's can't process it.

Sometimes she will sneak into the refrigerator for cheese and when I snatch it away from her she lets about a bit of a howl....sort of like Golem in Lord Of The Rings....She is non verbal due to deafness and mild autism, so that giant howl is like her telling me to f-off.

Though on the bright side, she does not sign my name as Jenn or even mommy, but instead she calls me "Pretty Girl"...which is seriously just too cute, even when she is being a little terror.

Unfortunately Keith has to work all weekend, so it will be just me and the mean cheese, so if I am holding onto my alone moments so tightly right now, but even so, I feel them slipping away.

(please note the excessive use of ,,,,,,, in that last paragraph, but what can you expect I'm working on one mocha here instead of my normal 3)

Spent last night working on my piece for this weeks Etsy Creative Challenge that my beautiful friend Aimee runs every week, she is a doll and makes the most fantastic copper and stainless steel jewelry, I need to snap a photo of me in some of it, I swear it makes me look younger and thinner, just by having it

So this weeks theme was to make something inspired by your favorite place in your town, I decided to do a piece based on German Village, it is a small neighborhood in the middle of downtown Columbus, but it feels like a different world, just 2 blocks away from it are hip hops clubs and shootings and bus stations and too much traffic...but in German Village you are in a different world.

Cobblestone streets, beautiful homes with little gas lanterns on the outside of the homes, it is the best part of the past and the future. It is close to the theater district as well as the Short North which is filled with little galleries and shops.

The piece will be listed in my Etsy Shop Later Today, but I am posting it here first, yesterday there was quite a little demand for the card I posted (Congrats To Gillian for getting it), and though I am not expecting the same reaction today about this never know.

So it is here first, it measures 10x14 inches and it is called "Meant To Live In The Past", if anyone who sees this wants me to hold it for them, just send me an email or leave it in the comments.

The Valentine07 20% off sale does apply to this as well.

thanks for spending my morning with me, you have no idea how much I am growing to love this time.

see you all on Monday, or perhaps earlier for a surprise blog entry this weekend.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Am I a Desperate Housewife?

good morning beautiful people!

yes it is early morning here at "chateau stiletto", I had a pleasant surprise this morning, my darling bubs was sent home from work right away this morning, there is a snow situation going on and the restaurant had no reservations for some reason all Columbus Schools were closed due to some sort of drama with the bus drivers, so the parents of the children are now trapped at home instead on enjoying the fine fancy dining at McCormicks...I think the bus drama might have something to do with the crack pipe that was was found with one of the school bus drivers just the other day...

did you see that, I just solved a mystery, I'm like Nancy Drew and Keith is totally one of the Hardy Boys, I think he would like to be the Shawn Cassidy one, but he will always be the far dreamier Parker Stevenson to me.

forgive the is early, I have had one mocha, not two...I am trying to be good, ok, not good so much as better.

Yesterday ended up being a good day back online, I got the commission pieces taken care of and my super super mailing out of the way, which has brought in some extra sales (Remember VALENTINE07 is the code in the message to seller section, just wait to pay and you will get 20% off anything in my shop).

I even got to talk to my mom last night, it has been a while, I always get tense about it, though to be honest though she drives me crazy in that way that moms do....our relationship has finally become something I adore...maybe that just comes with time, or the fact that she is finally on her meds and her bipolar disorder is under control for the first time in my life. She will always be the "crazy lady" to me, but now it is said with more love.

I finally told her that Keith and I gave up the shop, I did not want her to worry so I wanted it all said and done before I said anything. She does not seem to understand when I say that I will be doing art full time as my job....I think she thinks that is just my way of not doing anything, but then again that is what she thinks women should do, she is old fashion in a way that is earily similar to Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire....

She also doesn't grasp that keith and I don;t watch much is roughly our conversation last night...

mommy- Do you watch Gray's Anatomy

me- no....I watch House

mommy- oh you should watch it, it's good, you would like it.

me- maybe, but I don't have time

mommy- keith looks like that guy on that show, the doctor

me- I thought they were all doctors

mommy- you know who I mean, the one

me- the dreamy guy

mommy- yes him...I thought you said you didn;t watch it?

me- I don't...but people say that.

(silence...I can hear her changing the tv stations over the phone)

mommy- Do you watch Desperate Housewives?

me- no.....I watch House

mommy- I watch it every week, it makes me think of you

me- What? Whay would you say that...

mommy- you know what I mean

me- not really

mommy- well they're all pretty and sort of funny...that's all.

me- oh....well ok.

mommy- Do you watch the Apprentice?

me- No.......I watch House

mommy- what about Survivor?

me- I watch House mom, that's all....just House.

mommy- I don't watch that show.

I could go on from there, but frankly I will just to the chase and tell you all that the riveting conversation ended when she had to get off the phone because Deal or No Deal was on.

The sad thing that conversation made me miss her more than she will ever know, but I didn't have the courage to tell her, I knew she would cry...and I couldn't do that to her....well, that's not true, I couldn't do that to myself.

So, because she was on my mind I made this ACEO as it reminded me so much of who she is, the colors are delicate and feminine...also it reminded me of sneaking into her closet when I was little and going through her clothes and living a million brief lifetimes while trying on her shoes and clothes.

The card is called "Pieces of the Costume" and it is available for sale in my etsy shop.

thank you all for reading the long ramble....

oh and for an update, Keith burst in a few minutes ago with a bus/drug update...and I was right, apparently they needed to "crack down" (please note the pun) on the junkies that were shuttling the kids back and forth to school.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

And So it Is


did you all miss me.

You have no idea how much I have really missed all of you.

So I know I was supposed to have internet on Monday...but of course, things never go according to plan, and if you think about it, when I called 911 two weeks ago and they never showed up....well that should have told me something. Of course the phone company won't follow through.

Though here it is Wednesday morning, I finally have a phone line , but no high speed I am still rockin the old school dial up.

Yes...I am a as cool as you always thought.

In all seriousness, I really felt oddly disconnected from the outside world during my days with no internet, my connection with the outside world was gone, I felt very isolated and lonely...though on the plus side....I made a lot of new stuff, which is the point of being home and doing art.

I am almost caught up on commissions and have only one more to finish. I also plan to send out the mailing today offering my Valentine's Specials!!!

I even feel like I have broken though a barrier built for myself in my head, I worked on a piece all days yesterday, and it really has a feel unlike any other I have done, it is a bit whimsical, and has an almost storybook quality to it.

It is hard to explain, but I am showing a photo of it today, I will be listing in on my etsy store later on today. It is called "Becoming Imaginary"

I guess that is how I was beginning to feel. Is that strange? I felt like I was not real for a little while, that I was becoming a ghost, not in the sense that I was dead, or really that I was invisible, but that I was for a brief moment inhabiting a life that was not mine....

I think this is what unabashed solitude will do to you.

SO you may be wondering how I am enjoying being home, I will be honest, it is a bit strange. Such a huge transition, my Keith and I were both a little "off" the past few days...we have made up for it by going to our favorite restaurant twice in the past several days, as our little way of holding on to something that has not drastically changed in the past few days...our big fear is that the place will close down, and we will lose it altogether....

oh so sad...

I feel so far behind on everything, but I keep having to remind myself that I am not on a set schedule anymore, that this is my life right now, I am in my pj's and click clacking away on the computer, I am drinking a mocha and I can hear Keith playing his guitar quietly in the other room.

this is such a beautiful makes me forget everything else for a few minutes.

until tomorrow my dear readers


Friday, January 19, 2007

A bunch of stuff I am...and am not

Hi dear ones!

Well Friday is here, which means this is my last "official day" at the comic shop full time, as of Monday I will be moving the Stiletto Heights one woman empire to Chateau Stiletto....

I will become a little hermit girl, painting away the hours while listening to Damien Rice on a continual loop.

It was a very bittersweet walk to the Shop today, knowing that at this very moment I am standing at the very beginning and the very end of something. I have been engrossed in this shop everyday since I first moved to Ohio, and though I am happier than anything about being able to do art all the time, I am a little frightened...I am wondering how Keith will be when all is said and done, last night we talked about it, and I know it has not really sink in yet for him. Then again, he has been so swamped at the restaurant so he has been there more than here.

we'll get through it, we always do...

I may or may not get a chance to blog on Monday as I will be home waiting for the phone company to come and attach the internet and phone, they gave me an all day window...ugh.

The other day I was having a hair catastrophe...the fuzz-flat had taken over and I will feeling all around yuck about the whole thing.

So last night in a sort of manic attempt to tame the mess, I went out looking for new hair product...I ended getting a Got2Be curling mousse, which I never use as hair mousse has that 1980's connotation to it...

anyway, to my surprise, I LOVE the hair mousse, and the best part of it, is that it is called "Kinky"...and frankly I would use it just for the name, and as you can see by the photo of me, it worked marvels on my my darling Bubs would say...I have "Dancer Hair" today.

and please know, when I say "Dancer Hair" I don't mean ballerina hair...more like stripper hair. But I know he means it as a compliment, so I take it.

So as you can see from the photo, I am definitely not the little gamine and graceful girl with the delicate features that I always wanted to be, which is why I am also showing this art card that is available in my etsy shop, it features a lovely little image of Lillian Gish, isn't she just so beautiful you could just die.

The card is called " This Is Who I Am Today" and it is for sale on etsy.

So there you have it, something I am...and something I am not.

The title of this post has officially been justified...(note the Justin Timberlake reference).

Oh, and some more nonsense......I have decided I want to move, I was watching the news last night, and by "news" I mean Access Hollywood, and they were talking about how the ever lovely Brad and Angelina have moved into a mansion in New Orleans, complete with a two story guest that is where I want to live, in the guest cottage of my favorite uber-couple of all time, the Pitt-Jolie's.

ok, enough nonsense for now, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, think of me as I am tryuing to organize the house a bit, and finish up some commissions.

Until Monday my darlings.....


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Finally Getting Somewhere...

Hello loves

Thanks for all wishing me a fun night out on a date with my bubs....also for not making me feel like such a shut in or uni-bomber for not seeing Borat yet...

the truth is....we didn't go out last night instead opting for a "stay at home date", which frankly allowed us to just cut to the chase....I know, naughty naughty.

Truthfully by the time yesterday was over neither of us felt like doing anything, we dubbed yesterday "Fat Wednesday"...not to be confused with "Fat Tuesday" or Mardi, Fat Wednesday is when we just throw caution to the wind and just gorge like we are going to be executed....

The day started with pumpkin bread left over from when Keith's parents came in to town, when we got to the shop Rob and Laura brought us donuts...and though I know full well that the main ingredient in donuts is cellulite...I ate three of them anyway.

Then a bit later we had pizza...

um, yeah, so if I wasn't feeling a bit oafish before that, I most certainly was then...

but it was fine, I have long long given up on being adorably gamine like Audrey Hepburn, and I know body type I am more like a Marilyn Monroe...well, Marilyn in later years, and I have the personality of Kate Hepburn...with a little of the crankiness of Bette Davis and the temper of Joan Crawford, oh and the need for alone time the way Garbo did.

wow, why am I babbling about this, oh yeah....because of how I feel about myself.

Growing up and even now, I have been totally obsessed with old movie stars and beauty in general....I always wanted to be that...that beautiful thing.

If I could go back in time and be someone like Gene Tierney...well, that would be ideal.

But as it stands that is not me...nor can it be me.

And I am trying my hardest to get past all my "issues" about how I look...I go through times when I feel like I really "own" myself, when I walk I have that certain umpf...I am not in one of those places right now...but I am getting there.

so watch out world, here comes trouble.


The image I am showing today is of a small art card I have listed in my etsy shop. When I imagine myself in my head, this is how I imagine I look...silly I know, but everyone has that "version" of themselves they always wish they were.

The card is called "The Story Of You"

So here is a peak at mine.

until next time darlings


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

crazy crazy craziness

hello all

today is nutsy crazy...we have Laura & Rob here for Comic Book Day at the Shop, they are learning the ropes , Keith is here too so it is all sorts of chaos here today.

I will be in and out though-out the day as Keith and I have a ton of errands to run, but I did want to pop is and say a million little hellos!!!

I am just LOVING all my new readers and all the people who have been reading and are commenting now and then...I love it.

Oh here's a little update...I am getting my high-speed internet hooked up at HOME on I will be up and raring to go working from home.

Laura will be here at the shop watching things so I will have one less thing to do.

Oh and for all of those hair is better today, it really made me feel great to have all the hair comments yesterday, here and via e mail for those of you who might have been leery to post your hair woes here.

This week The Wonderful Michelle over at Sushigirl has featured me on her blog, so head on over and check it out, I will be giving her cute crochet a feature here later on this week...I will just say, that I am in love, love, love with her little hats.

seriously, they make me swoon.

Speaking of swooning......Keith and I are going out on a date tonight, how cool is that????? Someone, quick knock on wood, I hope I have not jinxed it by saying it.

We are supposed to be going to the believe it or not we still have not seen Borat, I know we are probably the last two people on the planet, but hey....we usually love like Amish people, now we're stepping into the 21st century.

The piece I have featured today is a little piece I did last night, I love the fresh and almost whimsical feel to this piece, it still have the same "feel" as my work, but I am really starting to explore some other themes with the work.

The piece is called "The Waking Dream" and it is available in my Etsy Shop.

remember dear heart blog readers 20% off everything in my shop now through Valentine's Day if you use this code (VALENTINE07) in the message to buyer section and wait for a new invoice before paying.

I will be sending out a mailing at the beginning of next week to coincide with my dates on the Etsy Showcase. SO be the first, and the coolest by getting your orders in now.

sorry this post is rambling and not all sorts of interesting, chaos and me....well, we just don't do too well together.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One of those days

I am having one of those days that no matter how much hair gunk I put in my hair it doesn't feel or look like I have anything in it...and then I keep adding more...and then all of a sudden it looks like my hair is all gross...

I hate that, for those of you who don't know what I look like, I have long wavy/curly hair...all depending on the weather. Sometimes my hair is quite beautiful, other times it is this bad combination of fuzzy and flat...AT THE SAME TIME....

come on, how bad can it today it is a fuzz flat day, that god it is a sort of bum day when nothing is going on, or else I would be mortified.

I know, I know....I'm vain and this is only interesting to see I could literally blog about my hair everyday...much in the same way that I used to blog about the geese that followed me around.

That sucked.

ok so last night was "The Globes" it was spectacular (for me) I love, love, love award shows, I go crazy for them in the same way that my spectacular bubs (keith) goes nuts over old Lone Ranger episodes and anything in the Charlie Brown/Peanuts family.

Oh, speaking of Keith....I forgot to mention this yesterday....another reason why he is the coolest of the cool...he got me a special present as a Congrats on being a Stay At Home Artist...he bought me The Complete New Yorker on DVD-Rom


so cool, I can honestly say that just having it in my apartment has really classed up the joint.

So, last night I watched the "globes" while giving an ongoing DVD style commentary to poor Keith who was sitting on the couch trying to read some comics, I blathered on and on about Jack Nicholson being drunk when it started, to Tom Hanks being strangely bloated, to Brad and Angelina and how I wish they could adopt me and I could be Jennifer Gordon-Jolie-Pitt. I talked about the clothes and how Helen Mirren has remarkable breasts for a woman her age...I then went on and on about Justin Timberlake and Cameron the time I started to make mention of his "Movie Bubs" (Reese Witherspoon) he had enough...and went to sleep.

I watched the entire thing while painting, I did a wonderful collage that was inspired by an Anne Sexton Poem, which was called "I Mend What Another Will Break", I listed it today in my shop, and it sold almost immediately, which was a wonderful surprise. I also have an art card on reserve for the same person.....she also bought some other pieces so she will be receiving the free collage!!

Don't worry though, I will be giving away another collage with my 600th item sold, this is still a little way off....

The images I have shown today are of the collage that sold right away....because I so badly wanted to show it off again....

I am also showing another collage I posted last night, it is very dreamy and romantic I think and it is called "Queen of the Summer Hotel".

Remember....use the code VALENTINE07 and you will get 20% and quite possibly be the lucky person who gets the free collage!

Until tomorrow loves.


Monday, January 15, 2007

A Whole Bunch Of Stuff and Some Shop Info

Hello Stranger

(please not that I am saying that in the same sexy way that Natalie Portman did in Closer)

did you all miss me?

We I had a somewhat eventful and uneventful you well know we had the the bf's little one this weekend so there was oodles of Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock...Friday night passed without event Keith was at work so the "mean cheese" (little sarah, will explain nickname at a later date...ooooo such mystery) and I chilled at home content with fashion magazines and bad tv.

Saturday Keith and I decided to get her out of the house, because the weather was awful and we could not bring her to the park we decided to go to a giant McDonalds with one of those disgusting indoor play areas which is really just a giant petri dish of yuck.....but I digress.

While there we were overwhelmed by the most horrible attack on ALL of our senses...first, we're in a McDonalds and that is bad enough, but the entire place smelled like feet, and it was SO loud, there was a princess birthday party so there were a ton of little girls screaming, then there was a boy in the corner just jamming his hand on his butt...but when we saw a little girl "pleasuring herself" against a giant French Fry sculpture....well that was when we HAD to leave...

THIS is why I am not cut out for full time parenting....I just couldn't handle it.

Because of the giant fun she had the "mean cheese" feel asleep early, and we are about to sleep as well when a VERY loud gunshot was heard, immediately followed by two more shots...

Now I hate to say this but my first thought was that our depressed alcoholic neighbor had shot his wife and child and then himself, but then we hard a ton of voices and there were people right outside our door, Keith was all brave and trying to look out the window to get info, but we could barely see anything, I called 911, but the cops took forever to get there...and by then, all was quiet, people scattered into the park and drove away.

Though the cops were there again this morning looking through the grass...

Oh the drama....figures, right when I am about to become a Stay At Home Artist....things go to complete and total hell.

We need to move, seriously...

The rest of the weekend passed without further incident, highlights include, a inpromptu dance party sure it was just me and the little one, but I donned a princess skirt and feather boa and we strutted supermodel style through the apartment to Justin Timberlake....

I am pretty positive that I brought sexy back in my little get up.

Then last night I stayed up late to work, on some stuff. I am planning my Valentine's Strategy as I type this, so you darling ones are the first to know.

As some of you may realize during the Christmas Holiday I sent out a special discount mailing to all my buyers offering them a special discount, well I am planning on doing the same thing for V-Day...Yay!!!

I am announcing it here first, even before the mailing goes out, I am also planning on GIVING AWAY 2 pieces of artwork in the coming weeks.

I will be giving away a free 8x8 original piece to my 575th item sold, I am at 572 get it while you can...just 3 items, no matter what they are you will get the free collage.

I will announce the other freebie later in the week.

So blog is your chance, the special V-Day discount code is Valentines07 just write that in the message to buyer section and wait for a new invoice before you pay.

You will get 20% off everything in my shop with that special code, now through February 14th.

This sale could also be considered the "help me raise money to move to a safer neighborhood" sale...

The piece featured today is called "Reach Into Your Page, And Breath It Back" and it is for sale in My Etsy Shop

oooooh also, tonight are the Golden Globes, and I am a total awards show I can't wait, I will be dressed up an raring to go!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Finally Friday

so today is yet another step closer to all art all the time....

as I have been mentioning in a few posts I have been training laura to take over the comic shop for us, she and her husband Rob (yes, Rob and Laura ...just so delightfully Dick Van Dyke) will be the new owners of Midgard Comics, there is still paper work and nonsense to go through but over all things seem to be going smoothly.

A bit of a load of my weary mind today, as I take a moment, sit in silence and relax before a crazy weekend with the peanut as our lives get turned upside down until Sunday Night, luckily little Sarah has been easily amused by my old issues of Vogue no worries or panic attacks.

I am a bit worrisome about being a stay at home artist, is something I want to do more than anything, but a teeny tiny part of me is scared by all the alone time, I don;t want to turn into a crazy agoraphobic who has to put black tape over the windows and throws cats at the neighbors.

well...I don't really have to worry about the cat thing, I am allergic after all.

Though the thought of what my days can be filled with are just astounding....I fancy the fact that I can get up and exercise I can ride the stationary bike and blare my Justin Timberlake CD without fear of being caught or given "that look" by my darling bf, maybe I will even start belly dancing again that always made me feel so worldly and exotic.

After that, I will make some coffee pop in my Damien Rice cd and boot up the computer to read all the blogs I now obsess over, then pop over to etsy to answer emails and maybe add something to my shop, then I will paint for a while, list some more to my shop and then shower and look all pretty and fresh as a daisy for when Keith gets home from work. I can also walk on over to the nice PO and maybe stroll through the park next door...before it is invaded with those creepy stalking geese or children.

That doesn't sound too bad of a life now, does it.

No more walks to work in the rain, like today...leaving my hair both fuzzy and horrible.

oh....before I forget, I am planning a special promotion for my shop for valentines day, and I know many of you have bought things from me in the past, so you will already be included, but if you are interested in being on the mailing list send me an e mail at and I will include you.

Special discounts are coming as are free gifts such as comics, art cards, and the sweet taste of chocolate goodies....

As I am a total sucker for all things romance and heartache.....Valentine's Day is my time...

It just may be my second favorite holiday after Halloween...

ok, that is plenty of babble for a gloomy Friday. I will be here alive, well, and blogging on Monday.

I am sure you will all be missing me terribly.

The photo today is a small art card, I just listed it in my Etsy Shop, it is a bit bolder and more whimsical then my usual pieces, it is titled "Harlequin"

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Little OCD

so yesterday was comic book day, which thanks to Laura being here was really nice.

Though becasue things have been hectic and I have been a bit lazy I had not been painting, so last night though I was exhausted I stayed up until 2:00 to paint...

this is one of the reasons that I am really looking forward to being able to do art at normal hours of the day, fancy that...I will be able to sleep at night, that is when insomnia does not get the better of me.

SO during my spree of creativity last night I was able to finish a pendant I had started as well as make 2 art cards and two small collages I had started before.

I was feeling really pretty good about it all, trying to focus on the positive results that painting was bringing as opposed to concentrating on being tired. I really wanted to be able to have that creative time.

On the other hand I really wanted to have that time asleep next to Keith as well, but all that will come in time.

I made a lovely little emerald green collage called "Beautiful Frightening and Silent" and it amazingly sold soon after I listed it. It made the late night and early morning all worth while, as I knew I must have made someone feel a connection with my work.

When I finally dragged myself to bed last night I was totally spent, I realized that Keith was sound asleep and our covers were just "all wrong".

Please understand that I can be very free spirited at times, and at others I have an almost crippling case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...the way I sleep is one of those things that I am all sorts of OCD about.

I need noise, not crazy noise, but the beautiful white noise of an air purifier, or a humidifier...I cannot sleep if there is music, tv, or especially...hillbillie neighbors doing anything it is that they do.....oh and I cannot sleep through the yapping of a teeny tiny small dog.

I cannot sleep if the alarm clock has not been set...BY ME, even on days off I still need the clock set, for fear that I would in turn, sleep forever.

Bed conditions must also be met, I must have more than one, no more than three pillows, they cannot be feathers...they cannot be too soft, nor too hard. I am like a non goldy goldilocks.

I also need ot have the blankets "right" meaning...I need equal amounts of sheets and need to have the comforter set so the light blue side is touching me, and the dark blue side it facing up, I also need to make sure that the tag is at the bottom...there can be no chance that the tag would touch me during the night, which would frighten me, and make me possibly think a spider was crawling on me.

I then need to have our Spiderman fleece blanket and then....Keith's grandma's special blanket.

Is that too much to ask? Possibly.

So needless to say, last night when I was so tired I went to sleep to find that the "puff" (that's the comforter to all those unaware of JennSpeak) was light blue side up, with the dark blue side down, where it could touch my skin.

Please understand, neither side feels any different at all, and I KNOW that any craziness about this is all in my head...but, it did not stop me from trying to pry the blaket up and off from Keith while he sweetly slept.

I did not want to wake him so it was very difficult as he had "papoosed" himself all in the puff, half way through the pulling and prying...I just gave up there was no way I could do it with out waking him up.

I did not fall asleep until much later, but at least I was able to set and reset the alarm a few times...that made me feel a little better.

The piece shown is one of the art cards I was able to do last night, it goes right along with the theme of "Obsession", as it was made with another image from Helmut Newton, which is my fashion photographer obsession of the moment, it also has Gia in it, and she is my dead supermodel obsession of the moment.

The card is called The Gia Kiss and it is available for sale in my etsy shop

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Kennedy's are Like the Kennedy's To Me

hello darling readers

today has been an eventful comic book day here at the shop, I am in the process of training a close friend (Laura) to take the helms here at the Ye Olde Midgard Shoppe.

Yes, you heard the right, Keith and I will be giving up the shop, I will still be here for quite some time during the transition period, but I will finally be able to have more time to devote to my art.

I am astounded, and it is a deal we have been working on for a while and now it is finally coming to fruition.

I was feeling a bit strange about it for a while as I have worked so hard here to make the shop work for me, but there are just not enough hours in the day for me to be able to do everything I need to get done.

In all honesty I am really hoping that this will help lead me out of the depression I am in, as it will give me some of the added time I need to work, and even more importantly work out what is in my head.

Today was a good day here I got to see some of my very favorite of people...Steve, who I always adore, and Ryan and of course Nick and his beautiful girl Evie...

when Nick and Evie we re here we someone got onto the topic of murder (I morbid) more importantly we were talking about people getting away with murder, which made them start to joke about the Kennedy's specifically Ted Kennedy....

to which I burst out with "Don't talk about Uncle Teddy like that"

Uncle Teddy...yes I said it, the strange little nickname I gave Senator Kennedy when I was a little girl, and it stuck.

You see, I LOVE the Kennedy's, perhaps it is s side effect from being raised Catholic and in New England, maybe it is also tied with my Marilyn Monroe obsession, either way. I just love them.

Not in a conspiracy theory, government obsessed kind of way, but more just in a love of all things fashiony and stylish...I mean seriously...who doesn't love Jackie O...right? This was the argument I was giving when...

Evie burst out in mocking tones of me with "The Kennedy's are like the Kennedy's to me"...she was saying this much in the same vain that I usually say that Brad and Angelina are like Royalty to me...

oh, I am sure this is only making sense to me, but sometimes that is all it has to make sense too.

I am feeling very good right now, as I feel like I have taken one step closer to more artistic freedom and time...

I did not do too much with Etsy today, I did get a chance to list a new paining, which would be a hot little companion to a painting I posted several days ago...

This painting is called "Volcano II"'s all sorts of makes me feel good, even on the days that I am not feeling sexy at all.

the painting is 8x10 and it is available for sale in my etsy shop.

I have also been working and working on the pendants which I love, so check out my pendant section in my shop, it grows a little more every day.

until next time loves.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Me and The Power Drill

Hello Darling Readers

I just wanted to start off by saying how wonderful it had been to have new readers to my blog (in all of it's various locations) and I am loving the comments, this is wonderful.

Last night was practically a holiday out here in the wilds of Ohio, the college football team was playing in the National Championship...though I do not care about this at all, it seems to have affected the plague of "Ohio Buckeye" fans and driven them to the point of near hysteria...

this being the case, it was a quiet night at Chateau Stiletto...with most of the neighbors out drinking beer and football frolicking, I was free to enjoy the silence and play my Johnny Cash without guilt.

Keith was up late working and I was working on a beautiful Valentine's Commission for Dawn which then led me to make a new pendant for the Etsy Creative Challenge.

The theme this week was to use a singer or musician as inspiration, and since I was deep in a Johhny Cash place, I chose him. Specifically his later recording of the song Rose of My Heart, when I hear it, I just ache all over.

I want to walk down the aisle to this when I get married, though Keith is still thinking Cocaine Blues by Johnnie Cash is still the better song, I can't seem to make him understand that my mother will drop dead on the spot if she hears the words "Shot that Bad Bitch Down"...


I am getting way off track, where was I...oh right, I decided to make a pendant, which I will be honest with you, I love making them because I just love, love, love using the power drill.

As many of you know or can at least gather from reading my blogs, I am a girlie girl. try as I might I was never a tom boy, or really any good at doing ANYTHING in a mechanical way at all.

So I will be honest when I say that the first few times I used the drill I was totally petrified, but now that I have gotten the hang of it, I feel like every little whole I drill is a major accomplishment.

Even Keith mentioned that I have a look of pride on my face evertime I take the drill out.

And yes, I realize I am drilling a small hole in a small piece of wood in order to make a necklace, but still...every time I do it I feel as though it is one step closer to me being able to build a house, or a car or a spaceship or something.

it's the little things, really that make me smile, and it's the smiles that seem so hard sometimes, so I just have to hang on to them.

The now infamous pendant is up for sale in my Etsy Shop

Oh and the lyrics to the Johnny Cash song are

Rose of My Heart

We're the best partners this world's ever seen,
Together as close as can be.
Sometimes it's hard to find time in between,
To tell you what you are to me.

You are the rose of my heart,
You are the love of my life.
A flower not fading nor falling apart,
If you're tired, rest your head on my arm.
Rose of my heart.

When sorrow holds you in her arms of clay,
It's rain drops that fall from your eyes.
Your smile's like the sun come to earth for a day,
You brighten my blackest of skies.

You are the rose of my heart,
You are the love of my life.
A flower not fading nor falling apart,
If you're cold, let my love make you warm.
Rose of my heart.

So hard times or easy times, what do I care,
There's nothing I'd change if I could.
The tears and the laughter are things that we share,
Your hand in mine makes all times good.

You are the rose of my heart,
You are the love of my life.
A flower not fading nor falling apart,
You're my harbor in life's restless storm.Rose of my heart.

Rose of my heart.

Monday, January 08, 2007

My Latest Little Obsession

first I just want to thank everyone who has been reading my blog and commenting and sending me messages, you have no idea how wonderful that has been, to not feel quite so alienated has been amazing.

Saturday I had the day off, Keith was at the restaurant until late so I had the entire day to myself to work which was nice, though I did find myself completely overwhelmed by panic towards the end of the day, he had to work late and then went to the shop, my neurosis set in and I thought something dreadful had happened. It was sort of pathetic on my part, but my mind does get to wandering at times. I was almost in full blown hysteria when.....

He arrived home safe and sound complete with dessert from McCormicks a decadent chocolate bag filled with passion fruit mousse, I have yet to eat it, but have found my mind wandering to it often.

Sunday I took the WHOLE day off I did no work whatsoever, we slept in and ate junky foods and he made cinnamon roles in the morning. All in all the day was something I needed, and I can't remember a time in recent months that we had both been so relaxed. I am hoping that I can somehow channel all of the good feelings into the rest of the week with out too much inner turmoil.

I finally finished the book I was reading last night, it was called Thing of Beauty and it was the biography of was incredible and has gotten me totally obsessed with fashion photography from the 1970's...hence why the piece I am showing today has a really cool Helmut Newton photo from 1975. I titled the art card Paris 1975

That is my obsession of the moment, that and peanut butter Hershey Kisses which are so good, I have eaten about 10 of them in a row, I feel a bit sick now but if I had to do it again...well, I probably would.

If you are interested in seeing more of the card shown or any of my other work, please visit My Etsy Shop

Friday, January 05, 2007


Hello Loves

I just wanted to say thank you to all my readers who commented on my blog (in all of it's various locations). It made me feel really nice that people took a few seconds to say a little something to me, it means a hell of a lot.

my mood is still down today but I am fighting against it 100%, I am in one of those moods where I am obsessing about something, in my head I have turned something simple into a big deal, and now it is all I can think and worry about. I hate it when I get like that, when I was little I would obsess over every little thing...I guess I never grew out of it.

Last night after the solo comic book day, Keith and I went to get a bite to eat, he surprised me with a little present he got for me, which was The Complete Works of Anne Sexton, I was so touched, he was going to save it for Valentine's Day, but when I told him I had a bad day he decided to give it to me, though even he had to giggle at the irony that he gave me a book by one of the "suicide poets" to make me feel better.

I tried to put into words how I was feeling last night to him but it didn't come out right and I think I ended up just seeming a needy basket case who was having an absurd breakdown as the poor guy was trying to go to bed.

This is when I realize that so many of the stereotypes of the needy crazy woman are actually true. I hate myself for

I was finally able to struggle though and finish my piece for the Creative Challenge on Etsy. This week the theme was to create something inspired by our hopes for the year 2007. My hope is to be able to grasp onto the happiness and passion in my life which often seems just out of reach. I am determined to find that again this year, I know it's there, I just have to push things aside and hold onto it.

The piece is called "We Were Two On Fire" and it is available for sale in my Etsy Shop.

till next time


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yet another day in the glorious life of me

I have been in a mood lately, so down and cranky. Maybe it is the post holiday blues...not sure.

I hate to be a mopey drag...but it has been increasingly hard for me to put on a game face and go through the motions. I find myself just fighting to keep things together, and I feel like I am doing nothing except letting people down.

I'm not perfect and I know it is impossible to be perfect, but I just feel as though lately I am nothing but a let down. I am trying so hard to do everything I can, and I am just coming up short.

Things at the comic shop are not going well for me, and I am here so much that it is all consuming when what I really want to be doing is art. I get home and I am just so tired, I don't have the energy to paint, nor do I feel inspired. That is scary.

I can't and probably shouldn't complain, Keith works his butt off at the restaurant, crazy hours and a ton of stress, and he is doing great there, and he is making people proud. His parents were so pleased when they saw the restaurant, I just wish I felt like I was making someone proud.

This sucks I am feeling so pathetic and needy...these are parts of my personality that I try so hard to keep in check and buried. No one needs to hear my complaining, no one needs another sob story about some neurotic artist type.

ok, I should finish I fear I have bored what few readers I have an made them go away. Come back tomorrow, I promise I will be more lovely and entertaining.

I need a big hug today..but I am afraid that if someone actually hugged me I would start crying and never stop.

The photo I chose today is a new art card and it is called "Shattered" and it sort of sums up how I am feeling this moment.

it is available for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Things That Can Be Accomplished WHen Keith Is Cleaning

the title just says it all huh?

What is it possible for me to accomplish while Keith was cleaning up after the New Year visit. You would think that I could do almost anything....but alas, last night while my guy took down the Christmas Tree, put away the decorations, organize the kitchen, compile a bag of excess sweets, I was only able to accomplish 2 things.

I made 2 new pendants for my etsy shop, now I know, I know that doesn't seem like much. But in my defense....pendants take me a million years anyway as I am very particular about them, but things go even slower when you buy the wrong art supplies.

I am totally addicted to fluid matte medium, I love it, I use it as glue and I mix it in ALL of my paints, if it were not for matte medium, well...I don't even think I would be an artist.

SO anyway, back to my point. The last time I was at Dick Blick I was astounded because I noticed they had a generic version of matte medium, and it was only $4 as opposed to the $16 for the stuff I ALWAYS get.

I was so excited that with the extra money I bought the biography of the model Gia...


I finally got a chance to use the new stuff and I realize it is not a liquid at all, but a thick doesn't mix with paint at all, everything is just getting all f-ed up.

I know it is just me needing to get used to it, because once I got the hang of it I was able to work, but I just felt like rain man, all crazy and fixated that it was NOT the right kind...

grr, I feel crazy, I think it is too much chocolate.

speaking of chocolate, I will be giving away free sweets with every purchase from my etsy shop (if there is room in the box) This means free kisses (Hershey, not French), so Christmas bells and other such assorted nonsense.

so, buy the sweets, it makes me feel less fat if you eat them too.

Oh, and if you get the chance head on over to Funky Carter Today as I wrote a delightful blog over there in which I discussed the relationship of Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street.


The photo shown is one of the pendants that I was able to fight the gel medium to get finished. The pendant is for sale in my shop.

remember, free sweets with any purchase.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Future is Now

Happy 2007 loyal lovely readers...

how f-ing strange is it that it is 2007, seriously...when I was a kid I thought I would be dead by the year 2000, being obsessed with that bad HBO Nostradamus "documentary" at the age of 9 surely didn't help matters I am sure.

So...down to business, I have been taking a bit of a breather since Christmas, but as of now I am back and raring to go.

Keith's parents came into town this weekend, bringing a touch of New Hampshire love to our humble home...and just so you know, when I say love...I mean sweets.

as you well know I have a notorious love for cakes, you also know that I have major body issues, and the combination of the two...well let's just say it has led me to a guilt ridden chocolate overdose migraine.

Our house is now FILLED with 1 chocolate cake, 2 containers of cookies (reason for the headache and guilt), 2 boxes of petit fours, 1 box choco cherries, 1 Box of Devil Dogs, tons of chocolate candies, boxes of them, bags of them, m&m's, snowman peeps, 2 vegetarian lasagnas, 2 jars of beets (who the hell brings beets?), cinnamon roles, 1 case of regular coke, 1 case of regular pepsi, and a leftover piece of Carrot Cake from dinner out last night.

if food is love then Keith and I are the most beloved King and Queen of Sweet-Ville.

I will be diabetic and fat by Thursday.

All that being said it was a crazy weekend, it was lovely to see them and we did have the little monster this weekend too, so there was no fun frolicking New Year's Eve celebrations...just sleeping next to my bubs...which is really more than any girl could ever hope for.

I finally got a few hours this morning to myself and I was able to paint a little, it was nice relaxing into the day, paint brush in hand and coffee being brewed.

The only thing that sucked is that I got sucked into watching the funeral of Gerald Ford...please picture me painting in my pj's and crying like a lunatic....don't ask why...I really don't know.

I will be kicking it into high gear again, trying hard to get new stock for my etsy shop, as well as working on some larger gallery pieces.

The piece that I am showing today is called "New York Muse" it is available for sale in my shop.

Oh, and my one of a kind pendants have been selling pretty well, they take a while to make so I never have too many at a time, but I am really proud of them, a perfect combination of my obsessive love for fashion and collage.

oh, and before I forget, I will be guest blogging on the Funky Carter tomorrow, I have been honored with Admin Status all week along with my dear friend Tara....if I am not careful the power will go to my head.

I also suck in a small blog there today as well, so head on over there know you want to, everyone's doing it.

until next time.