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Monday, June 30, 2008

Are You There's me, Margaret?

Hello all....

so anyone know what my blog title is a reference to, or am I showing my age in a really horrible way.

anyway, I know I have been missing in action but I swear to you all....I've been working on something that was taking a chunk of time.

It has long been a dream of mine to self publish a small book of selected poems and art to accompany it....the problem being....I am petrified to show my poetry to anyone.

it was a conundrum

now, I know....I know when I am scared of something that means it is something I really need to do.

so, as of right now, my first small collection of Poetry is available in my shop, it is called "Words & Pictures" and I hope you like it very much.

phew...ok, it's scary even blogging about it.

anyway...I have more exciting news that I will be posting about tomorrow and the new Petite Heights strip will be posted later today as well.


(pictures are some of the pages from the book)

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Petite Heights? part II

good morning/day to you all!

Petite Heights will be posted sometime later on Monday...yes, we know that this is 2 weeks in a row that our Sunday comic strip is late, and I, Keith, the artist apologize profusely.

As with last weeks family visit, life got in the way. Due to the summer's increased scheduling dilemmas, I am announcing the official "summer vacation" for Petite Heights, as I adjust to a new work schedule while juggling a boat load of time consuming endeavors, I have found that there is just not enough time in the day to do all that needs to get done and still somehow find time to sleep.

July 22nd 2007 was our first Petite Heights web comic, for total so far of 49 strips. I could cheat and say that the "best of" classic Petite Heights counted as three strips...but I won't.

We swore to ourselves that we would do this for a year, so come July 27th...Petite Heights will be on a Hiatus until the last weekend of September or first week of October.

This will give me time to re-energize the strip and get ahead of schedule, allowing me to not rush my work. To be honest I am not happy with what I have done, the jokes are funny, but I feel like I have been rushing the art side of things and it shows.

So...we will march towards the end of our first full year and come fall get ready for Petite Heights Season II.

thanks so much for all your kind words and encouragement.

(aka Jenn's Bubs)

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Friday, June 27, 2008


new aceos are {finally} coming to my shop....the first of them will be posted sometime today....


Thursday, June 26, 2008

(the long awaited) Petite Heights June 26 2008

(click on image to enlarge)
art -keith cousineau
story- jennifer gordon and keith cousineau

sorry for the lateness in got in the way

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Petite Heights??

Petite Heights will be posted either late today or sometime tomorrow....we have a surprise house guest arriving in a couple's my bubs' father, in town on business, that being said, we are spending the day with him.

Also....I have extended my sale to last for the whole weekend, so check it out.


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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Saturday Night Specials!


Write SNS in the message to seller and WAIT for a new invoice

original art, coffee table books, postcards, blank note card sets, reproduction prints, tote bags, buttons and more!


more in a few days, there has been a puppy emergency (under control now after another vet visit and tons of medicine) and a surprise house guest this weekend, I swear I will be back next week with lots of excitement....until then, check out my sale!!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

where am I??

I am the guest blogger at the esteemed Funky Carter site today!!

a "celebration" of my 15 years since graduation anniversary.

wowsers I feel old.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I know I have been a no show lately, but with good reason...

I did do a little shop update today, tons and tons of new black note cards, they are more fabulous than I could have hoped.

here is a set, the rest are in my shop.


PS-miss you all.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Petite Heights Sunday June 15, 2008

(please click on image to enlarge)
art- keith cousineau
story-keith cousineau & jennifer gordon

**please excuse my photo of Keith's wonderful artwork, the angle makes the lines look uneven...which they ARE NOT....sorry- Jenn

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Book Love


ok update on Scribble, he is doing much better, he's a trooper so I knew he would be fine, it's just going through the cycle.

For those who expressed concern and asked why the poor puppy was always sick, well the answer is IBS, yup...just like a nervous little person might get. We just have to be very careful, as he is small and things can go from bad to worse, awful quick. We do the best we can to make sure it does not happen, he never gets new food, no people food ever, and the only treats are special "easy on the stomach" treats.

But, nevertheless, he's a dog and he will lick the ground and eat dirt occasionally, so bad things happen. Also if he gets very upset, like the other day on a walk he came face to face with his first "mean dog" in this case it was a giant barking thing, chained up outside the neighbors house. You see we share a big looping driveway and we were walking up the path and the dog darted out from behind the house and "came after" Scribble.

My little puppy love was safe, but PETRIFIED. I had never seem him like that.

It was both funny and sad to see him bolt back down the path the way we came, pulling me on the leash behind him.

So...that's the story on Scribble, he's good...but neurotic. Sort of like me.

Now on to my latest treasure...As you know I am a bookish sort of girl, and I have to say if I was only allowed to buy one type of thing for the rest of my life (besides art supplies) it would have to be books....yup, they even beat out fashion.

Crazy, I know.

Shortly after moving to our house and out of the ghetto, my bubs and I were wandering the new town when we stumbled upon what could possibly be, the bookstore of my dreams, the kind I always pretended I owned when I was little and would spend hours playing "bookstore". The shop, quite simply called "The Little Bookstore" is up a cobblestone street and resides in an old house, with a beautiful slate roof. Run by and elderly man, the place is filled with books and other vintage posters and whatnot.

I could spend hours there.

A couple months ago when going through the children's books I found the most beautiful book I had seen in ages, "The Royal Book Of Ballet", printed in Italy the book is basically a fairy tale book, telling the stories of the great ballets, Swan Lake, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty.

The illustrations were like peaking into dreams I wish I could have.

just stunning.

But, being a very starving artist, buy the book was just not really an option. It has been in my head ever since. So the other day was the 2 month anniversary of our wedding, and my bubs and I ventured into town for ice cream and books, and my dear bubs bought it for me.

It's mine now, and I could just die. Isn't it dreamy??

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And Finally...

the heat wave here is over, or at least it seems to be. Woke up to a crazy and stormy morning, and I can already feel the difference in the air.

Things have been ok here, my poor baby Scribble is sick once again, he seems in good spirits but slightly "off", I have been really wrapped up in him and making sure he is ok, so that made up a huge chunk of the weekend.

So think good thought for my little puppy love.

The other parts were filled with me seeing Sex and the City (again), yup, I had to see it again because the first time I could not pay enough attention to the fashion, and I have to say, I am glad I saw it again.

(still fabby...Jennifer Hudson...still sucks...clothes...AMAZING)

Anyway, I also bought the movie The Company, directed by Robert Altman. Now this is a wonderful and lyrical piece of eye candy, but I only would suggest watching the movie if you are a fan of ballet or dance in general, as it truly seems more like a documentary than a fictional film.

Other than that, life has been normal, been creating new pieces for a gallery in the Cleveland area and trying my best to keep busy.

I have a bunch of new things in my brain that I would like to get out onto canvas or we will see where that takes me.

Sorry this is short, but I have to dash of the computer as another impending storm is thundering over my head,

Photo today is of a new piece on 10x10 artist hard board (fabulous to work with), it is ready to hang and does not need framing.

It is called "Keeping Your Flowers Pressed In a Book"

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Petite Heights Sunday June 8, 2008

(please click on image to enlarge)
art- keith cousineau
story-keith cousineau & jennifer gordon-cousineau

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Survey Says...

1) Do you think you’re a serious person?
yes, like a heart attack

2) Have you kissed somebody in the last 5 weeks?
duh...of course I have

3) Who was the last persons house you went to besides your own?
not sure (that's sad) in my defense I havce horrible animal allergies and cannot go to many people's homes

4) Miss someone?

5) Whats on your mind?
work to do, doctor to find, 5 more miles on the bike to ride later

6) Next vacation?
hopefully Paris next year.

7) Do you like someone right now?

8 ) Listening to music?
Damien Rice

9) What are you doing tomorrow?
etsy, packaging orders, riding the bike, walking the dog, eating ice cream, fighting the 90 degree heat

10) Favorite movie?
Picnic at Hanging Rock

From my childhood? Eddie and the Cruisers or Romeo and Juliet

For crying? The Notebook....I cry so much during this I almost throw up. I love it.

12) Favorite color?
red, black, and purple...but not together, I'm not a member of the Red Hat Society.

13) What did you do last night?
watched part of So You Think You Can Dance...drank a little tequilla

15) Have you ever bought anything from a sex shop?
in case my mom ever sees this, I will say no comment

16) What’s the color of you’re shirt you are wearing?

17) What did you do Sunday?
Sex and The City!!!! Nothing else matters

18 ) Do you have any bruises?
yup, on my arm from where the mean cheese pinched me and giggled....I did not giggle, I screamed "ow"

19) What were you doing at noon yesterday?
taking my birth control pill or as I call it "No Republican Babies" you know, just in case my bubs has Republican DNA

20) How long does it take you to get ready?
like an hour, but I am leisurely

21) Have you been outside today?
not yet

22) The last text you received on your cell was from?
what is this text you speak of??? I actually don't have a cell phone

23) What did it say?

24) Last movie you watched?
Flashdance (at home) Indiana Jones (theater)

25) Who do you miss?
mommy, and daddy

26) Are you wearing any jewelry?
wedding band and engagement ring

27) Last person you hugged?
my bubs, and before that Scribble, and yes, I consider him a person

28 ) The last place you went to?
book store

29) Who/What made you upset today?
my skin being all splotchy and itchy made me upset...I hate the heat

30) Do you sing in the shower?
yes, in my shower I am a Broadway Baby

32) Have you ever been in love?

33) Favorite band?
E Street Band, or the Tennessee Two

Right now? Flogging Molly (but not the current CD which sucks)

I can listen to all of the time? Damien Rice, Johnny Cash

34) If you could fix things with anyone who would it be and why?
hello can of worms, would you like to be opened??? No, not today.

35) Last book you read?

Amsterdam- James McEwan

36) Do you go to school?
School of Hard Knocks

37) What color are your bedroom walls?
cream with chocolate trip. I rent, so they will stay this way

38 ) What should you be doing right now?
making stuff and or selling or packaging stuff.

39) Do you get along with your parents?
most of the time my mommy and I get a long, but we drive each other crazy

40) Whats the car of your dreams?
one that's driven by someone else.

41) Ever wanted to be a teacher?

42) Ever been stuck in an elevator?

43) What do your friends call you?

44) First thing you notice in the opposite sex?
Whether they are fat or not, then clothes

45) Favorite physical feature on yourself?

my eyes, or my boobs

46) Has anyone ever told you they like you more than a friend?
yeah I think my husband may have said something like that in our wedding vows

47) What did you last eat?

grilled cheese and spagetti o's (yes, I am an 8 yeal old)

48 ) What are you looking forward to?

walking the dog

49) Happy Now?


Wednesday, June 04, 2008


things I am currently really inspired by.

1- People that are lost...specifically people lost at sea, or at war, I am drawn to the women left behind (I know someone else who loves this too)

2- Cold Climate Islands, specifically in the Northern Atlantic, or off the coast of Finland

3- Lighthouses

4 -French Wallpaper

5 -photos that are out of focus, or over exposed

6 - flowers and scientific botanical illustrations

7- The Victorian Spiritualist movement

8- Carnival Rides

9- Fishing villages and fishing boats

10- Victorian Water Gardens, and Victorian Fairy Gardens

(just throwing all this out there...not sure why)


Monday, June 02, 2008


When I went to see Sex and The City on Friday....I went to the theater a few blocks from me, I showed up with contraband junior mints in my Burberry purse, and set to sit in a dark theater for 2+ hours and just enjoy my "girl time" before the mean cheese arrived for the weekend.

So, you can imagine my dismay...when I go to buy my ticket and the owner of the theater is not back yet with the actual film....he's late, and the first showing is moved to this is a small theater, not a corporate run monster, so I understand things happen, but with MY movie.

seriously, I almost burst into tears.

So my Bubs who was nice enough to walk me into the theater just looked at me with that "I am so sorry" look and we left.

Now you have to understand, all day I was planning, I was waiting.

Total let down. So I made a plan then, I would see the movie Sunday at 4:00 and would have to remain Spoiler free until then.

It would be rough, especially with my addiction to Spoilers and celeb gossip.

So with a broken heart, my bubs and I decide to run errands before we get the mean cheese. We decide to head into the ghetto to our old post office so I can check the PO box as I had heard from a little birdy that I had a present in there waiting for me (Thank you Tara, it rocked).

So we get to the post office and out front is a rather large man who apparently in his street lingo is trying to sell us drugs. He asks my bubs and I if we need any "jobs" (and when he said "jobs" you could hear the italics in his voice), we were silent, he went on to tell us that if we had any friends that needed "jobs" that he had all different kinds, jobs for everyone.

um, no thanks.

we enter the PO and notice that there is a long line that stretches to the door almost. As we were fighting our way to our post office box, were were laughing and loudly making fun of the man who tried to very lamely sell us these "jobs"

I notice a large woman giving me the stink eye, I'm not phased, after all I am laughing and having a good time and holding a great purse and have my great guy. Getting mean looks tends to happen.

We check the po box and head back to the door....this is when I see the large mean woman kissing the "job selling" dude from out front. As we walk buy them, she purposely steps into me and as hard as she can....elbows me in the middle of my back on my spine.


now they were huge, her job seller and her, so we bit our tongues and left, laughing at them, all the while I am kind of saying ow at the same time.

So....that was my day, my story of the time I tried to see Sex and The City on opening day.

oh, and in case you are wondering I did see it on Sunday and it was amazing, yes there are faults, but overall amazing. I laughed, I cried, I swore under my breath that a woman brought a baby who happened to start crying at a pivotal scene that happens to take place outside the New York Library (for those of you who saw the movie, you know what I mean).

Yeah...the woman finally brought her baby out, but I was still really upset...who brings a baby to see Sex and The City????? It's not like it's a Yorkie in a's a damn baby.

anyway...if you are a fan of the show, see the movie, see it twice actually because the first time you will be so wrapped up in the movie that you will forget all about what they are wearing.

I know I need to see it again, just for that.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Petite Heights, June 1 2008

(please click on image to enlarge)
art- keith cousineau
story-keith cousineau & jennifer gordon

**please excuse my photo of Keith's wonderful artwork, the angle makes the lines look uneven...which they ARE NOT....sorry- Jenn

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