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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Petite Heights March 30, 2008

(please click image to enlarge)
art- keith cousineau
story- keith cousineau
dialog- jennifer gordon

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Unveiling the new.....

it's here, in my shop....Mixed Emotions 4


Friday, March 28, 2008

What's new

Good Morning!

Just wanted to let you all know that Scribble appears to be feeling better, gone is the glassy eyed look of doggie drugs and pain, and the laser scaring seems to be healing really quickly. He now only needs to wear the baby outfit when he is in his crate, when he is cuddled with me he is good, he's back to being my neurotic little baby.


also....speaking of stress from yesterday, my bubs now has in his possession his divorce see he has the best lawyer in the world, and she literally saved the day, so there is less stress there too.

Now, shop update. As you see from the photos I now have one of a kind tote bags in my shop, depending on how they go I will be getting more of them, I will say this..I love them. They are perfect, just PERFECT for shopping bags or bags to go to the post office with, or thrifting, or book shopping, or in my case, to bring to the magazine I always end up with a ton of really heavy foreign magazines that tend to break through any store bag.

Think of it this way, you will look far less ghetto carrying one large fashiony tote than 97 small plastic bags from the grocery store and such.

so anyway, they are available in my shop, I hope you like them.

One more thing on the shop front...COMING SOON.....Mixed Emotions volume 4 (YAY!!) I will post here when I list it, it's done and it's amazing, AMAZING...the layout on this one is just a little different than the others and I am in love with it.

Shop talk is done, and I want to get to a little creating today and packaging and perhaps a nap, I have to gear up and rest as tomorrow night we are playing D&D (that's Dungeons and Dragons to you non-geek types).

Ciao for now.


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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Waking up at 2:00am

morning everyone

I wanted to say thank you for all the well-wishes for my little pup, he is in recovery mode after the surgery yesterday.

poor little guy.

He went in to get fixed but then the vet noticed that he still had some baby teeth that his big Boy teeth had grown in over, and they all needed to be removed. We also decided to splurge for the laser surgery in the little guy as that is less recovery time and less pain for them. Now, I know people say getting the laser surgery upgrade is just a waste of money but we really did not want to take that chance, you know....if he could hurt just a little less, well that is money well spent, right?

SO last night we brought him home after missing him all day, he was sleepy but good, not licking at the wound at all so we did not have to put that awful collar on him. Well as the night progressed and his "good meds" wore off, well lickey-lickerson went to work on himself.

Now again I have heard mixed things about this, some say that if they have the laser surgery then it is ok for them to lick themselves as there are no stitches to f with or rip out. So please, please....if any of you know ANYTHING about this could you let me know.

Since by the time he was doing this the vet was long closed, we decided to put him in the collar to keep him from keep in mind Scribble is somewhat feral, he can;t even stand being in his dog collar, so putting the big thing on him, well....he hated it.

If he was being held it was fine, the second he was put onto the floor he just went wild, it was sad.

I should be tough, I should say to myself, well...he needs to get used to it, it's for the best. He's a dog, this is what they do. But you see, he's not "a dog", he's "our dog".

So with a sad little look to my bubs I said "no bubsie, no...take it off"

and Scribble was free, and back to licking.


so my bubs was holding him because there is no licking when being held, and I was on the computer trying to find some way to justify that him licking was ok, or a way to get him to stop without the collar.

I did find a few things about people putting their dogs in pants, or t-shirts to keep them away.

Finally....justification to put Scribble in an outfit.

I tell my bubs, and think to myself that if I can only get through the night I will walk to Petsmart in the morning and get him some sort of puppy clothes, hopefully baseball themed.

But how to get through the night?

My bubs on the other hand, got right to work, he handed me le pups and went to the mean cheese's playroom and brought out her box of baby doll clothes.

Out came loads of little skirts, a plaid hat, rain boots...all adorable, but none would work. My bubs was excited about the little denim jacket, but still it was not bubs looking forlorn said "the problem is, these are all girl clothes"


but then he found in the bottom of the box, a baby "onesie" made for a real baby and then used as baby doll clothes.

This could work.

I told my bubs to cut off the sleeves and feet, and with that, we made a little jumper for Scribs. Now, the jumper is pale pink flowers but does look remarkably like a hospital gown, well a gown for a woman, but still.

it worked, he fussed for a minute but them immediately fell asleep, I think he likes being in it, like he is being cuddled.

so there you have it.

He slept though the night, I wish I could say the same for myself, I woke a little after 2:00am after falling asleep around midnight, my mind is racing with wedding preparations and puppy recovery and the anxiety of my bubs now not being able to find his divorce papers....

it never ends.

I think I may need to nap, soon....but still I am worried about the puppy. He was taken out of the outfit this morning and after a little while went back to licking so he is back in the frock.

how long will it be like this? Seriously anyone with any experience with laser neutering please let me know.

ok, enough babble....I will try later to snap a picture of him in the onesie, it is both sad and cute.

**the photo right now is two new pieces in my shop, I think they might be my favorites ever...I am really proud, they are in my etsy shop now, but if they are not sold in a couple weeks they are going to be shipped off to a gallery. (more on this later) now taken of Scribble in his "get well soon outfit"

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BEFORE haircut

After haircut

sorry to bore you with this but I just needed to show all of you how cute Scribble is, both before and after his first "real" hair cut at the groomers this weekend.

what's funny is I thought he was getting fat but now that his hair is gone I realize he is skinny and so cute, he has also been freezing since the hair cut too, poor little guy.

so apologies for the no blog yesterday, I spent most of the morning searching "everywhere" for my divorce papers which I need to bring with me to get our marriage license, so I search, I sear...I cry, I panic....I search some more.

I go on the internet and do frantic searches for public records, I find and order my divorce papers to be rushed to me for a hefty fee...

I feel better, sort of, I mean it was money I should not have been spending but it's my fault for not finding my papers or even remembering the exact date of my divorce.

So with that bit of stress beginning to ease I think to myself, "I wonder if my divorce papers are in the top drawer of my dresser"

so I go look.

and there they are.

plain as day.


so I make a bunch of frantic phone calls to public records to see if they can cancel my order and I can get my money back, as I had just placed the order 10 minutes before.

so that was my yesterday....tomorrow we have an early morning vet appointment with Scribble as he is going to be "fixed" so I doubt I will be blogging, but that is probably for the best as it's celebrity letter day and now that Dancing With the Stars is back on, it's all I can think about, and I fear that you will all quickly grow bored with week after week of me writing about it.

though seriously I have words I need to say to Kristi Yamaguchi, so a letter may NEED to be written at some point.

alright dear ones, must get to work and do some creating, it's been a while and after the weekend with a sick mean cheese I feel like I need to get some creating done before I come down with the plague that she has no doubt infected the house with.

(by plague I mean horrible cold, but it's close)

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Petite Heights Sunday March 23 2008

(please click image to enlarge)
art- keith cousineau
story - jennifer gordon and keith cousineau

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

What's new??

Saturday Night Specials!

original art, coffee table books, reproduction prints, aceos, collage blocks, and more!

I’m getting married in approx 2 weeks…so this sale is HUGE tonight as I am getting ready with the last of the wedding things.

25% off all items, free Reproduction Print with all purchases over $30, just write SNS in the message to seller (along with print choice) and wait for a new invoice.



new original 8x10new original 8x8
Gift tags

gift tags!!

new button set!

New in my shop.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

starting to freak...

Happy Friday!

ok wedding/life/shop update...

my dress is finally at tailor getting alterations, it will be done in time for the wedding (thank god)

I got plane tickets for my mom, they are bought and paid for (this was touch and go for a while but it is done)

my wedding bands are in the process of being made, they are not done but they will be, I have no doubt, I won;t start panicking until next week.

we got an appointment to get Scribble groomed for this Saturday morning, my bubs will be bringing him before work, and able to get him when he is done, sadly I am a little sad about this, as it will be the first time that Scribble is gone from me for so long, I fear the house will seem a little empty with out the "click" click" of his claws on the hardwood floors.

We got Scribble's appointment for his "surgery" for Wednesday morning....still trying to get the money together for this one but it will happen, I am only 40% strike that 30% worried seems better.

my taxes are still not done but they are "almost done", meaning I have my crap together and added up and I just need to sit down with the forms and do them, only a couple more hours of work and they should be good to go, I WILL have them sent out before the end of the month.

We don't have our wedding license or any pf that yet...but maybe next week or the week right before the wedding. (eep)

In my Shop....I have loads of new Reproduction Prints, including the set that is shown above, I also will be listing 2 new button sets today (YAY) and new gift tags and new vintage keys that are so strange and spectacular! I am still having my sale, so if you are in the mood to treat yourself to a little something, it won't break the bank.


Wow, sorry that was all sort of jumbled and not very flowing but I needed to get a lot of info out and not a lot of time to do it, you see it is Friday before we get the mean cheese day, and I have A LOT of stuff that needs to get done today, including working on the new Petite Heights for Sunday (which is the beginning of my favorite story arc so far), and some crappy Ebay work, my bubs and I are selling everything that is not nailed down.

So with that I bid you a very fond farewell, hope you all (that celebrate) have a wonderful Easter, that includes all of you who celebrate it as "Zombie Jesus" would be wrong to leave you out (so I guess this is just a shout out to Aaron).


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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dear (Insert Name Here)

Dear Priscilla Presley

hey girl, what's up?

I saw you on Dancing With the Stars last night and you were amazing, can dance, it was beautiful. You are in so many ways a living testament to what it means to be in your 60's...or I guess what it should mean.

Notice I said in some honey...what's up with your face???

You look like you a part Barbie doll, and part reject from a wax museum. You talked about how you wanted to dance to show the world that you can still do things when you are in your 60's...and blah blah...well how about aging gracefully? Perhaps dare I say...naturally?

Now, you are my mom's age, but sweetie, your face has less lines on it than mine. It's not normal, it's just not.

In fact looking at you made me sort of feel sad and uncomfortable. Now, I am a huge (HUGE) Elvis fan and fan of yours, and yes...even in many ways a fan of your trashy and crazy daughter but this torrid love affair you have going with Botox, well, it has to stop.

Now I know you have had an f-ed up life, Elvis warped your sense of reality by sheltering you for so many years but here's a little tip from me to you. In the "real world" people age, their foreheads get wrinkles and when they feel emotion it shows on their face.

Last night at one point I think you were crying, and it was touching, or I should say it would have been touching had I not been transfixed by the fact that your face did not change.

All this being said, you were still fierce and I did vote for you (well for a few of my votes).

I hope you stay on the show, I hope you stop with the Botox so you can look a little more "life like", and I hope your crazy daughter shows up a lot...all fat, pregnant, miserable, and nuts.

Jennifer Gordon

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

tag...I'm what?

so, you all know how much I love beings tagged and random surveys so when Blue Boy Gifts tagged me...well, you know I just had to jump at it.

this tag is to name 7 random, odd, or strange facts about myself.

now, yes...I am an open book so finding new and random things to tell you is getting a little hard but here goes.

1- books....I used to own thousands and thousands of them, I had a room in my old house in NH that was all books, floor to ceiling. I love reading, I love words....they were my friends when I was lonely, lovers on nights when I needed them, and soul mates before I found mine. SO when I did find my soul mate and was moving 800 miles to a land unknown and had no "home" or money, well the books had to go. I ended up selling them to a book dealer for about .10 each, it was awful and a little heartbreaking to see them carted off like that. It was not until I realized I did not need "things" to fill up my life that I started to feel better about it.

2- my puppy loves me unconditionally, he is completely devoted and I love him to bits, but he is my first "real pet" the first one that is all mine (and my bubs) now that I am a grown up. So I am new to the experience. I keep analyzing everything, like I keep asking my bubs silly questions like "he loves me right?", and "why does he love me so much?". I guess I am new to this pet devotion, I love it, but it's odd especially for someone as neurotic and dysfunctional as I was raised to be.

3- I am fragile like a tea cup

4- I am obsessive about how much I love cheese, I need to have it on almost everything. I can honestly say I do not remember a hot meal I have had in recent months that did not involve cheese in some way. (besides pancakes....pancakes have no cheese, obviously).

5- I love the Lord of the Rings movies, I have seen them all countless times, probably over 50 each as I used to just watch them non stop in the background while working or taking care of the mean cheese. When people ask me if I have read the books I usually say yes, just so I don't have to hear them go on and on about how I NEED to read them....truthfully I tried to read the first one and I was actually bored. In this rare case, I prefer the movies.

6- I cry when I see elderly people in love, like if I see an old man and woman holding hands in the bookstore I start to cry, it's not something that can be stopped, it just happens.

7- I have been hit on by a former teen heart throb, some of you know who I am talking about but I will not mention it here again as he currently is on a tv was silly and ridiculous and he was desperate and smarmy, when I introduced him to my bubs he quickly just walked away mid conversation, and by conversation I mean him staring at my boobs...I later heard he spent the rest of the weekend (we were all at a show) trying to score pot from other local people.

so there you have it, my list, now I am not going to "tag" anyone as I know some people fold under the pressure and hate it, but there are a few people I would LOVE to see do this, and they are Tara, Sarah, Marissa, and Aaron

Also, for those interested I was able to get my mom her travel arrangements to come out here, actually flying out of the airport she wanted and having her changeover in another airport that I know very well so I could tell her exactly where she will need to go.

There was some last minute travel drama because of a sudden change of plans, but all is taken care of....everything is fine...well expect my bank account, which had to spend the extra $$ for the "right flights", but seriously, such a small price to pay to be able to see my mom for the first time in YEARS...just years.

oh, and I am still having a sale in my shop, so check it out!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

My Bubs-aversary + 1

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all...though not being Irish it's not a HUGE day for me....I am more focused on yesterday as that was my four year bubs-aversary (that is anniversary in Jenn-speak).

yup 4 years to the day since I got off the plane the first time in this fair (fat) city....and my bubs and I made our relationship more "official" as opposed to the emotional gray area it existed in in the months before that.

SO there you have it, now we are 4 years later and so close to him making an honest woman out of more "milk for free" of you will.

(I hate that saying, why does the woman have to be the cow?)

So now that we are in crunch time for the wedding I felt I should give you all a little update as to where I, I have not gotten my dress altered, but I will this week, I talked to a wonderful seamstress a block from me and her turnaround time is quick, so I am not worried.

I got my corset to wear under the dress and it is fiercely sexy and does the job of keeping my stomach in and my boobs up.

I got my this was a nightmare as all the "bride" shoes were just so dreadful, I swear any kind of dye-able shoe was just ugly and instead I went out on my own sans bridal shop urgings and bought a pair of hot shoes that cannot be dyed BUT, they do match my gloves, so it will be fine.

My wedding bands are ordered and in the process of being made (yay).

Now the only hurdle (major) is getting my mom out here, as plans changed unexpectedly late last night and now my mom needs to get a plane ticket once I can call her I will buy her ticket, so with any luck I will have her ticket purchase today.


now we have some other major puppy things that need to be done before the wedding too, like getting the little bugger groomed and then...fixed. Yup, that was me whisper typing "fixed" so he does not hear me, or know his fate. We want to get it done before the wedding and everyone visits and also done with enough time for him to heal between mean cheese visits as she won;t understand that he is sore and needs to not be poked, pulled, or screamed at.

SO that's that....oh, and I need to finish my taxes.


this is why I am up at night crying and having's all coming up so fast and truthfully I am not sure how it can all be done, on any level. Financially it's a lot....and we are having a teeny tiny little wedding, I am amazed every day that people can afford larger weddings at all and still manage to pay their bills, how do they do it? They must have super powers or something.

ok...babble, babble, babble...

with that I have to announce I am having a special sale in my shop to help ease the cost of the wedding and the puppy "procedure"

20% off everything in my shop and a free "reproduction print" with all purchases over $30, you just have to write "sale" and which print you would like in the message to seller and wait for me to send you a new invoice.


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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Petite Heights Sunday March 16, 2008

(please click on image to enlarge)
art- keith cousineau
story - keith cousineau & jennifer gordon

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Taking Nyquil during the Day

sorry for the no post yesterday....I'm sick, and groggy in the head and achy in the body.

I went back to "sleep" for most of the morning, and by sleep I mean covered up in every blanket in the house, space heater on full blast, and non stop shivering.

you see my problem was I took DayQuil and tried to then a little later in the afternoon when I wanted to sleep again, well I took a NyQuil (just one) and was able to have one of those fabby coma naps.

anyway, that was how I spent yesterday. Asleep.

a giant part of me wants to go back to bed now as well....but then I remember that I need to make things in order to make money in order to do the fun things in life, like pay my bills, and eat.

so I am up, though admittedly I am not sure how long it will last, hopefully all day, there is lots to do.

Oh and before I forget, you loyal commenters will notice that I have finally moved to comment moderation, something I really did not want to do as I know when I comment on blogs I like to see it pop up right away (I'm like a child), anyway....I have moved to moderation of the comments for a couple reasons, one being I keep getting strange spy ware/virus links left as comments on my blog and I don;t want any of you to click on something by accident. My second reason is that I received yet another negative Anonymous comment on my blog....something I am sick to death of, seriously if you hate me or you think I am not funny, or if you have serious problems and cannot take an f-ing joke...then please I beg of you, stay the f away from my blog OR have the courage to say what you want with your real name and website....don't just be a coward.

ok...moving on. The other day I mentioned that I had book #3 out of the Mixed Emotions Series, the image today shows the cover!!

enough babble, sorry if it made no sense, I blame the fever, or the medicine, or something.


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Monday, March 10, 2008

passing the time while digging out from the storm

***we got over 20" of snow this weekend, which for some reason has gotten me a little introspective and nostalgic.

I stole this from Sarah...


1. WHAT TIME DID YOU GET UP THIS MORNING? 6:45am, slept in a little until the puppy barked


3. WHAT WAS THE LAST FILM YOU SAW AT THE CINEMA? Cloverfield, though I would not call it a "film"

4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? currently, Heroes or Dancing With The Stars (don;t judge me), of all time....Sex and The City


6. WHAT IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME? Anne with an E (like Anne Of green Gables)


8. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CD? Johnny Cash box set


10. FAVORITE SANDWICH? grilled cheese

11. WHAT CHARACTERISTIC DO YOU DESPISE? ignorance, sexism, and racism...I cannot choose which of these is the worst

12. FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING? right now it's my wedding dress


15. FAVORITE BRAND OF CLOTHING? realistically it's Max my fantasy life it's Balencia

16. WHERE WOULD YOU RETIRE TO? NYC, or a New England Coastal town

17. WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY? the one that stands out the most was when I turned 10 and I got a lime green "boom box" and Madonna's True Blue on tape


19. FURTHEST PLACE YOU ARE SENDING THIS TO: my blog is global baby


22. FAVORITE SAYING? "Quick Batman, our outfits" (I say this anytime my bubs and I have to get on our jackets at the same time)


24. YOU A MORNING OR NIGHT PERSON? night, I guess...though I am a day person, night and morning I am sleepy


26. PETS? best puppy in the world, Scribble

27. ANY NEW AND EXCITING NEWS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH US? my 3rd art book is available in my shop


29. HOW ARE YOU TODAY? sleepy and stuffed up (my nose)

30. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CANDY? no candy, but I will gladly take cake

31. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER? tulips or any kind of orchid


33. WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME? Jennifer Anne Gordon Parker Gordon (soon to be -Cousineau), like a soap opera lady


35. LAST THING YOU ATE? frozen pizza

36. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? when I can see them through the smog

37. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? cerulean (is that a crayon color?)

38. HOW IS THE WEATHER RIGHT NOW? cloudy, cold, flurries

39. FAVORITE SOFT DRINK? sugar free red bull


41. SIBLINGS? no, but I was supposed to be a twin...


43. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TOY AS A CHILD? barbies and all my books


46. COFFEE OR TEA? coffee




50. WHAT IS UNDER YOUR BED? some socks


53. FAVORITE SMELL? that first time you smell that fall is coming

54. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? 1) not being able to breath 2) Spiders 3) sickness

55. SALTY OR SWEET? sweet


57. HOW MANY YEARS AT YOUR CURRENT JOB? um, a little over 1




Sunday, March 09, 2008

Petite Heights Sunday March 9, 2008 (a very "etsy" petite heights)

(please click image to enlarge)
art- keith cousineau
story- keith cousineau and jennifer gordon

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

another day


sorry for the lack of blog yesterday, I really intended on a celeb letter yesterday but then got caught uo with packaging and then most of the day was filled yet again with little doggy drama.

Scribble had to go in for shots yesterday so he was a mess when he came home, groggy and clingly...later in the day my bubs and I decided we should cut his nails while he was still out of it...yes he hates it but we figured we should do all the bad stuff in one day and get it over with.

Well while cutting his nails he freaked, lots of scared whimpering. It was hard to watch and my poor bubs who was cutting his nails was dealing with that and wrestling him into place. To keep him calm I gave him a special training treat that he likes to he was nervously licking and licking when all of a sudden....another tooth fell out.

The poor beast is falling apart.

so once all that was said and done he just wanted to cuddle and frankly so did I, I will be honest.

Oh and for the blog will not just become "cute things my dog does" stories, well...sometimes it will but not always, I do have some self control so will try my hardest not to add funny text to my pictures of le pup.

photos today are some of my newer pieces listed yesterday in my etsy shop, today I will once again be working on some more art cards, you see I had them stocked up but seeing as people get an art card with every purchase of my book, they dwindled fast.

ok....and on book news, book #2 has already sold half it's print run, so that means there will only be 10 more printed of this volume, so those of you who might want it, let me know to hold one or snag it now. Book 3 is already put together and will be coming out soon too, I am stifling the urge to release it right away, I am always so excited about them that I can hardly keep it all in.

ok, now to work, to work.

hope you are all having a god day, it's going to be almost 45 here today...I can feel spring aching it's way back into my life.


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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How To Raise a Neurotic Dog I could not decide what I wanted to title today's post, it was a toss up between the above title or "I need meds". Either one works so I figured just choose one and move on.

**please note that I have never owned a the "dog thing" is still very new to me

ok so last night while having the dog out of his crate everything was going fine, play, play....pat the dog, play with the know the usual.

My bubs was on the phone with his mom and little Scribble jumped up on sofa next to me cuddled in close and seemed to be eating something or playing with something. My first reaction is always the same, get whatever he has away from him in case it's poison or sharp, or something that belongs to me.

So when I reach to down to get it I's a tooth, a dog tooth and there is blood on it.


I scoop Scribble up in my arms and hustle to Keith were I am mouthing and panicking the words "get of the phone" and "Scribble's hurt"...I believe I even said "we need to take him to the hospital".

My bubs is calm....he is saying things like "he seems fine" and "dogs loose their baby teeth I think"

it was the "I think" that had me nervous, I had not read anything about this.

Now when this happened it was about 9:30 and too late to call our in panic I say to my bubs, call Steve (a friend who was a vet tech), now I am not thinking right and normally I know his number by heart but when my bubs asks I cannot remember, I think it's 555-4565 (made up number), nope not it, well try 555-4525, nope, how about 554-5425, still no....


At this point it has only been a couple minutes but in dog time which is similar to Jenn's Panic feels like forever, and I am still pacing in circles with my dog clutching him to me.

So I give Scribble to my bubs and say "take care of him"

I bolt upstairs to the internet to 1- Send Steve an emergency email, 2- look up a phone number for an emergency vet, and 3- find out if dogs loose their baby teeth

so with a million windows open on the computer I find first that yes....dogs do lose their baby teeth most when they are 4-6 months old (Scribble is 5 months)

This calms me down and I head back downstairs to tell my bubs that yes, Scribble is alright.

I get the words out and then immediately burst into tears and start bubs is kind and understanding to my meltdown, he nows how rarely I get attached to living creatures and this is why....he gives me back Scribble so I can hold him and sob (poor dog) and Scribble right now is shaking a little and nuzzling into my neck, I think trying to make me feel better.

I sob for about 10 minutes and then me, my bubs and the puppy are all fine, I stress eat some ice-cream and then we go to bed.

yup, so that was my night, how was yours??

ok, got to go take a shower and do some work and then head off in the pouring rain to go vote.


Monday, March 03, 2008

weekend adventure

morning y'all (in my head I sound like Miley Cyrus when I say that...and for the record I am counting the minutes until she has an epic Disney Girl breakdown like La Lohan or Brit Brit)

how were your weekends??

Ours started sometime around 3:45am on Friday morning when we woke from a sound sleep to a crashing scrapping peeling sound, it was odd, and we could not place it, like something had been destroyed, not since the mean cheese broke our first tv by tearing it off the stand had I heard such a commotion.

My first thought of course was....what the hell did Scribble do? and How did he get out of his crate?

after the loud noise we heard nothing, no do bark, nothing.

so I got out of bed and headed downstairs to investigate, my poor bubs had to work in a few hours and I knew if he got out of bed he would just make coffee and stay up the rest of the night that is just how he is, so with that I headed downstairs.

about halfway down the stairs I think to myself....I hope no one is breaking into the house...see you would think that the dog would bark if something like that happens, but no, not with Scribble.

UPS can bang at the door, and not a peep out of him, our landlord comes over to fix something and not a single bark or whimper. Yet, when I tiptoe by his covered crate with so much as a single thin mint Girl Scout Cookie, the dog will bark until next Tuesday.

Anyway I digress....I go downstairs and inventigate, check on the dog who is awake but shaking still safely in his bed.

Nothing seems amiss, I tend to calming the puppy and head back to bed, where my bubs is fully awake and saying he is going to get up.


so we decide to read, each our own books until we are sleepy enough for bed.

the night goes on without incident.

My bubs leaves for work also without incident. Later in the day when he is home we decide to go to SPACE (small press and alternative comics expo) so I can have Dave Sim sign my preview copy of Glamorpuss (best book ever), as we are leaving we decide tor eally investigate outside, to see what the commotion was the night before.

Well, lo and behold we notice that a ton of our siding under our awnings was ripped off in the wind the night before, some of it is clear off the house, and then there is "the dangle" of the remaining pieces.

um, what the the front of our house looks all ghetto with missing siding and a dangle.

thank baby jesus we rent this old hopefully this will be fixed soon, before bats, birds, and other creatures make their home in the gutted awning.

The rest of the weekend was spent going to SPACE again on Sunday as well as some trips to another small comic convention here in town, it was a geektacular weekend.

Most importantly I tried my hardest not to obsess over etsy this weekend and just enjoy our time, and it worked.

though, I am way behind in all I have to do today (as usual) so this will be it for a while. I may not be blogging tomorrow it really depends on the day, I need to get out and vote tomorrow (yay...I have had voters envy since the New Hampshire Primary)


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Petite Heights Sunday March 2, 2008

(please click image to enlarge)
art- keith cousineau
story - keith cousineau and jennifer gordon

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Does this mean winter is over??

Happy March 1st!!

Thank god February is over, though this month in many ways has been amazing for me, it's also been very, very stressful and cold, and icy. So, seeing March finally be upon us, well....I could not be happier.

March is a big month...we now have only about 6 weeks until the wedding which means I NEED to get my dress altered ASAP, it also means I need to start working out again no matter what. You see having this puppy has f-ed with my whole schedule, puppy time takes up the time I would have been blogging or working out...and my workload has been so high that working out when I should be working, well....could not happen.

Now, I have been running with the dog and dancing while playing with the dog so I have not been overly sluggish so I am not feeling too guilty.

This month also brings about the mean cheese's birthday AND one of my bubs and I's many anniversaries....yup it will be 4 years since the "official" beginning of our relationship, not really counting the months of grey area before that or the 12 years of on again off again pain and suffering.

Also this month I must (MUST) finish my taxes...ugh

so with all of this in front of me (minus the taxes) I am hoping that things will seem a touch brighter, you see this awful weather and almost constant darkness has taken a bit of a toll, the seasonal depression has been plaguing me and all I ever want to do is sleep, though the fact that my bubs and I have been collectively sick for a while does not help either.

Anyway, I am determined to do it all, work a lot, blog, exercise, take care of the puppy and do my taxes...also enjoy life....that needs to be in there, because my bubs and I have the tendency not to do that, we go through life, we work, we work...we enjoy each other, but there is always this pressure about needing to be working, well I am really hoping that with spring, that we will stop and smell the roses again.

ok, now to work, to work.....

picture today is of several new art cards, some have already been listed, some already sold.


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