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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Unofficial Post #150

Unofficial Post #150....

yes, this is technically my 150th post, but.....don't count this one, as Monday will be a good one because I have been tagged to reveal goodies about myself, so.....

this post is merely to inform you of my Saturday Night Special Sales...

Please write SNS in the "Message To Seller" section and wait for a revised invoice.

Sales Tonight Are...

20% Off Everything In The Sale Section
15% Off Everything Else


happy shopping.


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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Mean Cheese Is Coming

The Mean Cheese Is Coming, The Mean Cheese is Coming.....

ok so we were not supposed to have the little mean cheese this weekend but......her mom called last night (late) and asked if we could switch as Keith is working all Easter weekend so he would not be able to see her at all, plus his ex hates me and still doesn't want me to care for her child...

I digress...

so the mean cheese will be here later in the evening, which if you remember, might be a disaster. We started to tear apart the apartment so we would give me a new work space, but we never finished we tore it up and then decided to wait until Sunday to finish as we would both be here....

so now....there will be trouble, there is quite literally stuff everywhere art supplies and books have taken over the entire house.

My bubs was adorable he just kept saying "you have to make a mess to clean a mess" every time he saw the look of fear and panic in my eyes.

So today's post will be cut short, as I have some work I need to get done before I start to clean up, that work for the most part is getting two new block sets up in my shop, one already might be spoken for...not sure yet.***

But I am determined to get them done as they are about 1/2 way there now....

I also did two new collages and posted them last night on etsy.

I am very proud of them, I don't know why but I am, they both seemed so delicate, and well vulnerable in a way, if that makes sense?

The one done in pink tones is called "Farther Down I Am Desperate For You" (title totally swiped from Mathew Sweet lyrics)

and the green one is called "Something Takes My Pain Away" (ditto for the title of this one).

the other photo today is the mean cheese of course, look how adorable she is!!

I wanted to thank you all for visiting Amy's blog yesterday that was wonderful, also thank you all for sharing your stories of pre-teen angst with me as well, I think that is why we are all bonded together like this, if we all met in person we really would be friends, I can just tell.

While blog stalking this morning I had my daily read of Isabella's blog and low and behold....she wrote about the lovely collaborative corset that Gillian made with one of my collage works.

I was so excited to see it, Isabella is scary talented, really...her work is delicious, please tell her that she needs to open up an etsy shop!!!

***(new blocks are officially posted, one is already gone and the other is shown here)

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A post where I let my guard down, talk about books, and Ebay OCD

Good Morning!!

Off to a bit of a late start this morning after staying out too late last night and then coming home and having this massive allergy attack...I know, I know, it's my own fault for going outside during spring and all, but really...I cannot be a hermit girl all the time.

Can I?

First off, I just want to thank everyone for playing along with celeb letters yesterday, I love reading your letters as well, and a big thank you for those of you who don't write, but just red the letters, I say thank you because you are putting up with a big heap of insanity, lol.

ok, so yesterday morning I got a lovely convo in my etsy box from the uber talented Amy Martin, saying that she had featured me in her blog.

I immediately headed there to see what she had to say....can I just tell you, I was totally taken aback.


the way she writes, and the beautiful things she said about my I have to say, my eyes filled up with tears, and (please allow me to let my guard down for a minute) for just one minute it allowed me to see myself through someone else's eyes. I had no self doubt or angst about anything, I forgot that I am that dorky girl with the low self esteem who used to have peanuts and apples thrown at her on her bus rides to school, I forgot for a minute that most of the time I am scared and very doubtful of what I do.

that is what her post meant to me, so please, I beg all of you to go to her blog and shower it with your comments...they're like internet kisses you know.


moving on from there, yesterday was crazy and hectic start to finish, my bubs and I are changing our apartment around so I will have a work space in the one room with the Air conditioner, as this summer I will be working form here, at the moment the entire place is in a shambles...eeek.

We also went to the used bookstore again yesterday and traded in a bunch of Keith's old books....and with the sore credit I got the huge pile (except for Vogue of course) of fantastic fashion books and a Pre Raphealite book...for the rest of the day I was flipping though them every chance I got...I am telling you, I am so inspired right now and have a ton of things in my head...if I can somehow get them down on paper and canvas...well, I think we will all be happy.

So when pouring over the books, which are so good I wish I could eat them, I got it in my head that I wanted to find some of the Vintage Fashion magazines that the photos originally were published...

oh, this is where I can get into huge, and I mean HUGE trouble!!!

I went sirectly to the computer and then directly to ebay where I typed in the words "Vintage Vogue Magazines"....

well, this is where the trouble starts, from there I found quite literally a million magazines I wanted...then I narrowed down the search "Vintage Vogue" + "Janice Dickenson", "Vintage Vogue" + "Gia"...ite went on from there.

Oh no, can I ask....How much is too much to spend on a single magazine?????

Don't worry I didn't buy anything yet, but I was only stopped because my bubs got home and asked what I was doing, that seemed to have momentarily broken the spell.

but that can only last for so long, right? I mean eventually I will go back there, and on an impulse will buy something, and then all of you will ahve to hear about it, and my guilt about buying a magazine for $100

please, I need help!!!! I could pay bills with that $100 or buy some clothes.

I have to keep that in my mind, at all times.

One last thing before I dash off to do some work today...

I have one set of blocks left in my shop that I listed last night, the rest have been sold....I will be making more in a couple days, for those of you interested, I have gotten emails etc from some of you, so don't fear there will be more. I have a couple sets being planned out in my head already.

I also listed a new collage called "You Used To Love Me Like This" which is also up in my shop.

ok, loves, until tomorrow.


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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dear (Insert Name Here) week # ?

(you know what to do peeps)

Dear Mark Wahlberg

first off...what's up, how are you?

I am not sure if you remember me, but I was at a New Kids On The Block concert back when I was about 12 at the now torn down Boston Garden.

I was at the time completely head over heels mad for Jordan Knight, well me and the rest of my foxy girls were all very pleasantly surprised with the announcement that Donnie's younger brother "Marky" Mark was going to be performing for the first time with his new band...The Funky Bunch.

I was all a titter, how cool was that, two of the Wahlberg brothers for the overpriced cost of one...

since at that time you were a nobody you were still free to roam the Boston Garden without packs of women and gay men following you about, just trying to "get some".

So, imagine my utter 12 year old excitement when you were standing not 20 feet from me chatting it up with some of the security team.

I played it cool, the way only a newly developing 12 year old can do.....I screamed, like that high pitched yell of a young girl in love.

"Oh My God......It's Donnie's Brother...!!!!!!!!"

I know, I know, I was such a Lolita with my hypnotic cries of delight.

But you did look at me, and I swear, we had a sort of connection, I may not have been as hot as the other Boston girls you no doubt ran with on the mean streets...but I was beginning to develop, so it's not really out of the question.

so you remember that?

Oh, I'm sorry, I sort of went in a different direction with this letter than I thought I was going to, I should get to my point.

You were awesome in "The Departed" much better than in The Perfect Storm, and The Italian Job...those movies, well...not so much.

Jennifer Gordon

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Post #146

Good Morning!!!

I could not think of a snazzy title, so....there you have it, we're at post #146.

I am pretty proud of myself for not giving up the old blog here, especially during the long and lonely months of no comments and no readers, this sure are a lot more lively and fun filled now though, and I have all you to thank for breathing a little life into me.

See, I think of all of you not only as my friends, but as ae group of co-workers that all hand out together and in the movie Clockwatchers

anyway, this blog will be all over the place and a ramble fest today as I have no coherent "theme".

I have been very, very, very, distracted lately with an almost consuming need for new clothes. None of my clothes really fit me any more. I have not been on a really good shopping spree since I moved here, almost 3 years ago. Sure I bought a piece here and there, but not a ton of stuff. And considering when I moved here I was a hell of a lot smaller than I am now, due to the fact that I obsessively worked out and ate only "luna bars"...that might have something to do with it.

I think my new spring fever has something to do with the fact that I am longing for some new clothes, that and my upcoming trip to scenic Pittsburgh at the end of April. You see, I will be going to the Pittsburgh Comic Convention, and setting up in the artist alley section. I NEED new clothes for that. As one of the few women at the conventions, well, you have to maintain a certain level of cute, or else the comic geeks won;t even stop at your table....

I say this with a lot of love and no disrespect for the nerd herds that attend the conventions, as you all must know, I am one of them too...

My big dilemma is somehow getting the money to go on a little spree...that is where the problem is.

I would go thrifting to save money, but the thift stores close to me are just filled with garbage and clothes from strippers...which isn't really the look I want to go for, frankly at the ripe old age of 31 I can't really pull of that cute/slutty look anymore, now I have to go more with the sophisticated geek chic look, which really I am fine with.

Also, fashiony question.......Does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor that Zac Posen is going to be doing a line of clothes that are more affordable for the mass market???

I can't remember if I read that someplace or if it was just a dream I had, and yes...I do have dreams like that.

oh, if you all get a chance, you need to check out my etsy shop I gave it a whole new look with a new banner and avatar to match, I am sort of freaked out by change, so this is actually a huge step for me.

So yesterday I got almost everything done I needed to, and even got a chance to list a new art card set...which I love and actually was what inspired me to make the new banner for my shop, as well as a new set of blocks.

Oh I need to thank Rebecca for buying the James Dean Collage that I listed was a wonderful surprise and a much needed moment for me, as I am having one of those weeks where I am filled with a bit of panic and self doubt, thinking that I am crazy for doing this full time artist thing....but then something happens and I am reassured for a minute. So thank you Rebecca, you gave me that moment yesterday.

I included a picture today of the amazing corset that Gillian made using the collage I did...It is probably one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen!!!!

until tomorrow. (Fan Mail Wednesday!!!!!!! Everyone get your thinking caps on)


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Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Time For Thugs

Good Morning everyone.

please forgive the fact that typos will undoubtedly run rampant this morning, I am blogging ever earlier than usual and with less coffee in me than usual, I have a ton of stuff I need to get done today, very little of it fun.

Again, I have a zillion packages to package, an ad to design, invoices to be sent out (remaining Comic Shop Business), stuff to list on Ebay, and of standard time to paint and list on etsy.

Again, I look to the heavens and bellow..."Unpaid Intern, where are you????"

ok, enough of that.

I hope you all had a delicious weekend.

We had the mean cheese this weekend, and Saturday she was all mean and all cheese. It was rainy and awful all day, so we were house trapped and even fashion magazines would not help ease her...

we watched a ton of trash tv though, which helped me...including Spiderman 2 as the mean cheese has a total thing for Tobey Maguire, we also watched the Shirley Temple classic...The LIttle Princess....the best thing though was I finally got a chance to watch a special DVD that my bubs gave me for Christmas....

It was a dvd that contained 2 "After School Specials" from back when I was a was awesome.

The page I have linked to is not the dvd set I have, but...hint, hint...I totally want it, there's nothing like bad morality tales from the late 1970's and early 1980's to make me feel good...

Yesterday got a little better weather wise so we all got out of the house, in the morning we went to the art supply store to look for some larger blocks (no luck yet, but I have one more place to look) and to get so more small canvases.

When we got home my bubs decided to take the mean cheese to the park next door to our house, as it was beautiful out by that time.

I stayed at home so I could have as my mom would have put it "a moment's peace"...shortly after they left there was a banging on our screen door, I look out to see it is the little neighbor girl (sigh, this is why I hate having the door open).

So, I am now forced into chit chat with a small child, when what I really want to be doing is reading W.

The little girl proceeds to show me her cell phone (the girl is only about 5 and belongs to the gangsta' couple next too me) I tell her her phone is nice and ask if it was a special present...she tells me no, that it is to be used in case "my moms gets dead, thens I need to calls 911".....

what the hell do I say to that?

SHortly after that bubs and mean cheese get home form the park, he has a look on his face, I ask whats wrong and he tells me about how as he was pushing Sarah on the swings there were a bunch of up and coming thug types playing football...something happened and all of a sudden there was a verbal brawl, complete with tons and tons of "Mother F*&%er" and the horrible "N" word that I won;t even type....

again, it's a good thing the mean cheese is deaf.

It is going to be a long summer if this keeps up....

ok, hate to cut it short but I really need to get to work...though I don't want to, not even at is one of those days where I can tell the Spring Fever is creeping up on me, and it will take all my will power just to get through.

oh, this is my 145th post today, how cool is that??? I feel so accomplished. I am also at 795 sales, so I will be getting awful generous leading up to 800, whoever is number 800 gets a free 8x10 collage...yay!

I have listed another "Gia" card in my shop, I think it's a good companion to the other card. I will be listing the other fashion card I am showing a bit later today too, as well as a JAmes Dean collage and a new set of blocks.

very excited.

until tomorrow.


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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday Night Specials

Happy Saturday Everyone

It is once again time for the Saturday Night Special Sales

mine are as follows:
Please write SNS in the message to seller section and wait for a new invoice.

Sales tonight are:

art cards buy one get one half off
paintings 20% off

happy shopping!


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Friday, March 23, 2007

Obsessions and the like

Welcome to Friday~~~

it has been rainy in scenic Columbus for what feels like forever, which has put me in the mood to curl up eat some cakes, and nap, nap, nap.

but alas, I have packaging to be done, blogs to be written, and houses to be child-proofed in preparation for the mean cheese arrival this weekend.

First order of business today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIMEE!!!!! (I am pretty sure it's today). You should all heads on over tp her blog and wish her well!

Yesterday I mentioned that the one and only Jody sent me a documentary about Gia. I watched it yesterday, and I cannot thank her enough!! It was wonderful, filled with photos I had never seen before, as well as a wonderful interview with legendary make up artist as well as Gia's former lover, Sandy Linter. Sandy is still white hot, and oozes with Debbie Harry cool!


Also a prolonged interview with Francesco Scavullo was also totally amazing. When I was little I would stare at the covers of Cosmopolitan and just wish I could look like those girls, what I did not realize then, was that Scavullo was shaping the way I viewed "pretty".

Anyway, the documentary was amazing, and now I am even more convinced that if I was a dead, heroin addicted, lesbian super model from the 1970's...I would so be Gia.

I included today one of the wonderful images from her photo shoot with Helmut Newton, as well as an aceo I have of her in my shop, which features a very early pre NYC modeling days of Gia.

I also need to talk about how excited I am about a couple of things, first my darling friend Karen Beth has decided to do a zine, it is still in the very early planning stages, but she has asked me to do a cover for it, I will be collaborating with the adorable Lou from "art and ghosts" on the project.

I have been mentoring Lou over on etsy, and she is not only wonderful as a person, but just eerily talented, if you have not seen her work, you need to. I am in love with her photos, but she also does some wonderful work with doll imagery which is just fascinating.

While talking with her we realized we had a mutual love for the movie "Picnic at Hanging Rock" which I have not seen in years, but it is one of my favorite genres of movies "anything about a boarding school".

SO anyway, the darling said she would send me a copy of the movie....YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it's all I can think about!!

Oh and if you have the chance, your should check out the wonderful Tina's cute blog over on myspace, she decided to feature me as her shop of the week, which was a wonderful surprise when she asked.

I have a special sale going on her blog so you can go check it out to get the code if you are interested...

I got to see my friend Diana last night briefly, we met so we could look through my book, my book being my small portfolio of little collages, while she was picking out the pieces she would be taking, she told me how her son's Godfather had just returned home from Paris, where he picked up a new magazine foe me.

I was just thrilled, I don;t know which one it is, but it does not matter at all!!!!! As you all well know, I have a bit of a magazine, problem.

So I am coming up on a bunch of milestones that will be happening in the coming weeks, I am almost at 150 blog posts, 800 items sold on etsy, and my one year mark on etsy's a lot going on all at once, you can expect me to get all generous and crazy with goodies with purchases, like Willie Wonka or some such nonsense, but instead of the oompa loompas, we just have the mean cheese.

that's all for now loves, until next time.


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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Post about a book, a shop, a purse, and a good mail day

Good Morning people!!

ok, be warned, this post might be all sorts of all over the place today, I've got a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of attention span on my part to do it...

so hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride (said in my best/worst Bette Davis, All About Eve impersonation).

First, let's get back to two days ago...thank you all for the lovely book suggestions, I am convinced that the Time Travelers Wife will be a good choice.

So, my bubs and I had a spare 45 minutes we decided to go to the new, Used Book Megastore that has opened less that 5 minutes from our apartment.

Half Priced Books, is sort of the Barnes and Noble of Used places....complete with "comfy" chairs and a coffee's not Starbucks people, but they do try.

so anyway, we went to the new location and I was armed with my list...I have to say as they are still new that the store was overall...wonderful, with a great fashion section....but alas I was on a mission. To get a new novel.

I head over to the fiction/literature section with list in hand and.......IT'S TEENY!!!!!

One long shelf front and back, but some of the books that were classified as literature...cough...Danielle Steele...cough, really belong in the romance section.

I look through everything and find.....NOT ONE BOOK on my list, they did not even have a fall back choice of another Patricia Gregory book so I could continue with my Royal Court OCD.

I did notice they had a few Tracey Chevalier books, and I did love her book The Girl With The Pearl Earring so much, that I decided on Falling Angels....

On the way out, I noticed that they did have an over abundance of a book called "The History of Farting".


I could not evn open it....and really can't imagine that a subject matter such as, would warrant a book.....but who am I to judge.


(ok now we jump forward in time)

So that night when I am about to go to sleep and curl up to read my new book, I am about two pages in and I think to myself, wow...this is good, it reminds me of a book I read where two little girls play with the gravediggers son in the cemetary...

(I turn the page)

enter the grave diggers son.

I've already read this damn book.


(now we move ahead in time again)

so last night while out and about, I find myself in conversation with someone from the Half Price Books Dynasty, I tell him of my shock and horror over The History of Farting....he tells me that book is the highest selling book at all of their locations, that the book store as a whole bought the rights to that book, and have made a virtual fortune from it.


Yet one more reason to hate Ohio...

(ok, now we are going back in time)

My Purse Saga....

ok so the other day I got it in my head that I needed a new purse, so I went a browsing through etsy to find the perfect lovely thing to be the replacement for my Prada for the summer, the only catch....I am painfully broke and in debt up to my eye balls.

so when I found this

I fell in love, I sent a message to the shop owner Ellene McClay, to ask if she would consider trading, and I was lucky enough that she said yes!!!!

You must go to her shop Deciduoussoul

everything in it is wonderful, wonderful!!!!!

ok, now on to the celeb letters of yesterday, I just have to thank you all for playing along in my fantasy world, I really love reading the letters, they give me such I think we really broke new ground yesterday, we had some nice angry letters, plus our first ever letter to a fictional character.

good job!!

I have decided that sometime over the summer I am going to self publish a book/zine, a compilation of the best of the letters, it will be like the Post Secret books, except instead of deeply emotional and honest, well it will be vapid and hilarious.

The other day I also got some wonderful, wonderful mail....Not only did I get two fashion magazines, W and Harpers Bazaar but I also got an amazing present in the mail from the lovely and talented Jody. You may be familiar with her shop or her blog....I stalk both on a regular basis.

Well she sent me a documentary about Gia, no not the movie starring my favorite person ever, Angelina Jolie....but an actual documentary.

How hot is that?

I will watch it today while I do a bunch of stuff that is not fun, such as laundry, packaging things, and what not.

I really wish I could get an unpaid intern to do my packaging and stuff for me, that way I would be free to paint all day.

Because I am really enjoying what I am doing lately, check out my latest piece, it is not in my etsy shop yet,but later today it will be. It is called "I Never Spoke About You"

I am also listing several art cards, all about my latest obsessions, a Gia card, a Boleyn card, a NYC card, and a vintage lady card.

so excited.

ok, you have read enough of my babble for now, I probably should have saved some of this for tomorrow's post when I will no doubt have nothing to write about.


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dear (Insert Name Here) Week IV

(*** it's celeb letter time, write them if you got them...also stay tuned tomorrow for news about the fan mail...I will be compiling them into a book...woo hoo!)

Dear Angelina Jolie

(please, while reading this letter you must here the song Angie by the Rolling Stones being played)

First, before I say anything I just have to give myself props for not writing to you every week because you see...I love you.

Like, love you, love you. You are my favorite. I love you, not nearly as much as I love my bubs, but I can easily say that I love you as much as I love sweet cakes.

When you were making out with your brother and looked like Morticia Adams...I was fine with that. When you were wearing a vile of Billy Bob's blood and talked about having sex with him while watching the Game Show Network, well that was great too. When you stole Brad away from that trailer park skank, Jennifer Anniston, I could not have been more over joyed than if I had taken him.

You are even better than Jackie O, yeah, thats right...I said it.

Congrats on the latest purchase of that adorable toddler from Vietnam, I think he will go perfectly with your other children....though, I am not a huge fan of amassing the babies like you are, I have to trust that you are doing it for a reason.

My bubs think that you and Brad are secretly plotting to star in a live action movie version of the "It's A Small World" ride.

But I doubt that you and Brad will be doing the "Disney thing" anytime in the near future.

Another very belated congrats on creating the most beautiful human being in the world, your little baby Shilo...for the record, she is way cuter than Tom and Katie's little cyborg.

I will leave you with one very important plea...please adopt me. I know I am 31 and really should be able to take care of myself, but...hear me out....I don't want to.

I'm an artist, I'm quiet, I'll just live in your little guest house with my bubs and we'll stay out of your hair. I'll even help tend to your army of babies...well, I'll help to take care of some of the ones who are no longer in diapers, I'm not good with the whole "butt pants" thing.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

* * *

good morning...

uh oh....this does not bode well, when I went to type a cute title for this morning's post...I had nothing, total and complete writers block.

apologies in advance if this goes astray somewhere.

So yesterday I wrote too soon about how well I was feeling because no sooner than I was done typing when I got very sick again, though by about 11 or 12 I was feeling better and was able to work all day!!

That was the first day that I was able to work all day, no time to lie down and read, just work, work all day.

It was also the first days I did not have any kind of creative block, in fact there was not enough time to do all I wanted to do.

So, though I have writers block thins morning, I seem to be over (knock wood) my creative block.

I stayed up to the wee hours last night finishing "The Other Boleyn Girl" and I am still very much caught in its spell...I need a new book, and quick.

I am hoping my bubs and I will be able to head out later to find something for me...we have a zillion things to do, none of which are fun, all of which involve going to places we hate (Post store).

So please, let the book suggestions come rolling in!! I will tell you honestly that I am leaning towards just getting another of Patricia Gregory's books, because I am totally enthralled with the whole "court" books, and I am thinking that I might need to read her book about Elizabeth I...though I would really like to read about Marie Antionette too, so here's your chance...load me up with suggestions.

also please take into consideration that I will be going to a used book store to buy the book, so nothing that just came out please.

I know two people told me to get The Time Travelers Wife, but I will be honest...when I saw the word time travel...I was really put off, I know , I know...I shouldn't be.

OK book guidelines...

NO science fiction
NO fantasy (though I do like King Arthur kinds of things)
NO romance
NO bad Horror (Dean Koontz and Steven King I am talking to you)
NO books that could be made into Lifetime no women getting beat by their hubby's then finding strength to move on...
NO HARRY POTTER (I am not dissing the potter, but I just don't want it)

I do like historical fiction especially things that are "class dramas", I am fascinated with all of that.

I also like books about the fashion industry (duh).

Oh, and speaking of "class" I am thinking of retiring my Prada Purse for the summer, yes, I know it's a shock to me too...but I am leaning towards getting something hand made at etsy, though I have no I believe that I might offer up original artwork as a trade for a cute bag.

If that doesn't work, I will sell my soul for an adorable purse.

so yesterday I spent most of the day working on the piece I have shown here...this was just a quick photo of it I took last night, it is listed in my etsy shop . It is called "Lavinia".

I sketched out the idea before I started but as I was doing it I was feeling really good about it, proud of the fact that it was different than what I have been doing lately, it feels good to be trying something new, though when I was making it all I could think was "what if people hate it", I usually don;t think things like that, I did show this piece to darling Aimee last night and she gave it a wonderful response so I am feeling better about it now.

ok, tomorrow we are writing to celebrities, so get your thinking caps on my lovelies.

until then, a million kisses and a million hugs.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

wait...where did the weekend go?

good morning strangers!!

ok, where the hell did the weekend go? no,'s gone and I hardly remember it.

First, I want to say a big thank you to all the people who gave me well wishes during my plague...I am feeling a bit better, though totally run down, not sure what I have or even if it's gone, luckily I have my bubs, and I have been able to give myself over to a book.

The Other Boleyn Girl

(thanks again to Karen Beth for loaning me the book)

I know I talked about it the other day, but seriously, seriously...oh, my is so good!!

I have been in that world for days, every chance I get!! Thank god it was about 700 pages, I am almost done...I feel like when I am done it will be like losing a limb, I am that attached to it right now.

ok, enough about the book.

Saturday Keith worked crazy hours and then by the time he got home he was so tired, I managed to get a teensy bit of work done, but I did get a bunch of things packaged to go to the PO...then on Sunday we started to do out TAXES...argh!

Well, I should not complain, we a re a bit more organized this year and all, and in reality Keith did all the hard work yesterday, all the totaling, and adding of all the papers (am I impressing you with my business speak?). I will be left to fill out forms and the like for the actual forms.

We are lucky though, as this will be the last year that we have to file for the comic shop. YAY!!!

I really can't stress that YAY, enough.

I tried in vain last night to organize my collage supplies, thinking that not knowing where anything was, played a part in the creative block....

all I have to say is, my goodness I have a ton of bits and pieces.

I only got about 1/3 of the way through it before I just had to stop, I was so tired and bored of it, plus I was aching to get back into my book.

Oh, sorry to be all over the place, but you all HAVE to go look at Gillian's blog, she is finally showing some photos of the Corset she is designing using imagery from one of my paintings, it is delicious. I am showing one photo here, because I just HAD to, but you need ot go there to see the rest!!!

ok, now I must get some work done, I have not gotten anything accomplished in days and days...

well, I did get a few pieces done over the weekend, including one piece that the lovely Michelle snatched up right away after I featured it on Saturday, as well as this small collage, titled, "Will I Wear This Dress"

I also just listed "I Have Words For You" which features a cool fashion illustration.

I have it listed in my etsy shop.

until tomorrow lovelies, in which you will read a post about how much I loved the book which I will no doubt finish tonight, so get your thinking caps on, I might be asking for book suggestions.


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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Night Special Sale

Hello strangers...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

Tonight in my shop I am taking part in the Saturday Night Specials, starting at 5:00 Eastern Time and Running through 6:00am, I will have the following sales.

Please make sure to write SNS in the message to seller section and I will send you a new invoice.

30 % off all pieces in my paintings section

20% off all pieces in my sale section

Art cards and pendants BOGO, buy one and get one half off (you can mix and match)

Happy shopping!!

xoxo~ Jenn

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Bubs-Aversary

morning darling darlings

thank you all for the well wishes yesterday, I am still feeling awful and every part of me hurts but my blogging "fix" needs to be had, you know what I'm sayin' (I say this with a very thich "street" accent. is bubs and I's anniversary.

It is hard to pin point an exact day in our long history which began 15 years ago, but we consider the first time I came to Ohio to visit sort of the beginning of the "real" relationship, the Jenn & Keith v2 if you will.

So it was 3 years ago today that I stepped off a plane in Ohio after a treacherous flight through 1 snowstorm in New England and they a crazy delay due to ice in Detroit (where I say them actually hitting the pieces of ice off the plane with large sticks), and smack dab into what would be my new life.

It is one of those things that I say both, I can't believe it's already been three years, and I can't beleive it has only been three years...

I guess Keith and I feel like we've been together a lot longer than that, what with the whole "grey area" before our actual relationship....also that fact that we were first loves so many moons ago...

Today is also.....The birthday of the Mean though she cannot read, and we won;t see her, we just need to do a little shout out Happy Birthday Lil Cheesy, wherever you are.

So I have not been able to be very productive the past few days sue to the plague and the huge amount of pain every part of my body is in, but I did manage to work on some new block sets yesterday, I have one left that did not sell, that is still up in my shop, it's strange that it is still there because it is my absolute favorite so far, I love the fashion images on them, I can just see this on someone's desk in a cubicle or office....

But then again I am a sucker for fashiony anything, so to me this is really cool.

The set is called "She Began To Fade Over Time"

Oh, I do have to say that while not feeling well yesterday I started to Read The Other Boleyn Girl, and so far it is wonderful, I found myself totally engrossed in that reads like "word candy", if my paintings are "eye candy" if that makes any sense....the book is just lush.

Thanks again Karen Beth, it was like you could sense I would need a good long read.

I can't believe yesterday was the Ides Of March and I totally missed it, I was hoping to create a masterpiece of Shakespearean feel....but alas, the day sort of snuck up on me, like assassins on Julius Caesar.

ok, I must now either a- go back to bed, b- read some blogs, or c- get some work done now.

love you all!!!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mail Orgasm

hi lovelies!!

ok, today's post won't be very good, as I feel as though I am being engulfed in a plague...


seriously for some reason I feel like I am going to die, though it is nothing specific just dizziness, aches, scratch throat and an overall feeling of just plain yuck.

(whine, whine, whine)

yesterday was a total cluster f#*k!! so nothing got accomplished here on the home front, but I did get two wonderful treats in the mail!!!

I got the hotter than hot skirt from Rebecca

I was going to include a picture of me in it, but I will wait for another day when sitting at the computer doesn;t make me feel like dying.

In also got a package filled with love and goodies as a gift from my darling Karen Beth

check out that vintage scarf, how wonderful is that, it is so perfectly me!!!!!!!! The best part of the package was that she wrapped the entire thing in fashion photos!!! I should have photographed the box first, but like a little kid I tore into it all willy nilly!!

anyway, that you to Karen Beth for the treats and to Rebecca for the hot skirt. You should all go to her shop and get some of her very economical hottie skirts.

and to give you all something to look at I included the best fashion photos I have ever seen, I discovered the photographer, Vangelis Kyris when the lovely Maryam in Marrakesh posted some of his photos of his in her blog.

I would do anything to be able to get my hands on a magazine with his work in it, so I could use it in a collage, isn't it the best you've ever seen???

ok, until tomorrow hopefully when I am feeling better, ugh.


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