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Monday, February 12, 2007

morning morning

hi strangers

Very Happy Monday morning to all of you....I have been awake for about a half hour, drinking my mocha and trying oh so desperately to wake myself before I try the whole typing thing...

alas, this is about as good as it's going to get...sorry darlings.

How was your weekend? We had the little mean cheese so needless to say, I am still tired from that, in all of her precocious adorableness she really can take a lot out of you.

Plus she spent most of the weekend dressed like Bette Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, but a bit cuter but even more dangerous.

So that was my weekend, bubs and I just manned the home front, and I got to work a littl last nigt on some things, I am actually making a companion piece to my painting "Becoming Imaginary" I am thinking of these paintings (of which I might do one more of) as my "bottom of the rabbit hole" series, with just a hint and feeling of Alice in Wonderland.

Oh and while I think of it....I have a couple items in my shop that are on special right now, with some of the proceeds going to the "Moxie Fund", the moxie fund was started this weekend as one of the Etsy Sellers (moxierings) husband was killed this weekend in a car accident, leaving her and her children in dire straits, so there is a fund started in her name, if you don't like my stuff but want to help out somehow, you can search on etsy for "moxie fund" and all items from different sellers will come up.

things are quiet right now here at chateau neighbors have been screaming at each other for days now....apparently lady ghetto is very upset with lord ghetto for "screwing my friends"....there has been an awful lot of screaming and yelling over this very touchy matter...though they recently when out and bought a large scary ass dog, so maybe this mean looking beast will be the glue that holds their beautiful relationship together.

Oh yeah and this large beast makes their little poodle bark even more than it already did.

I know, I know.....I live in the best place.

and speaking of all things ghetto, I tried to watch part of the Grammys last night (hello, Justin Timberlake was on) and I think I had it on for over 45 minutes when I realized I had not seen them give out ANY awards....what the heck is up with that.

The whole thing was like a really strange variety show capped by one lucky but seemingly tone deaf girl winning the chance to go on stage and sing with MY Justin....

it was I turned it off, not getting my fix of my longing for awards shows...I will have to wait for the Oscars I guess.

Do any of you have romantic plans for Valentine's Day?????? My bubs is going to have to work as his restaurant had like a jillion reservations, and I will be at the comic shop....we planned to have a pre-Valentine's Day, day on Tuesday, but of course we're supposed to get a snowstorm, like 10 inches.

And unlike in NH where I grew up, it is illegal to drive during "Snow Emergencies" here and Ohio, so we will be trapped at home, plans to go to the Columbus Museum of Art have gone out the window...though a stay at home date will be even more fun I think.

ok here are some updates.....

Don't forget we have 3 days left on the Valentine07 20% discount special in my shop, this is good through Valentine's Day.

Also, we are 5 days away from Slumber Party Weekend, which will be the most fun you can have at a virtual slumber party....

what you need to know is this.....the party will last Friday and Saturday Night into Sunday...thus giving you lovelies in far away and different time zones a chance to enjoy the fun.

I will update the guest list as the weekend progresses...

How will I know you're here? Easy, just leave me a comment telling me you have arrived and what you have brought etc, and if you have a blog or something, it would be fantastic if you could blog about it too. I will link all of your blogs/shops in the Slumber party people can visit you.

Which Stiletto Heights Blog is the party on? The answer to that one my loves, is all of my blogs, so people who don't want to travel to my blogger blog from myspace don't have to....

So this is where we'll be, getting our slumber and most of all our party on.

I for one am really excited.

Oh and....because this is Valentine's week I am going to feature every day, a romantic piece of art, not necessarily love...but just pieces that have rich and soft romantic and dreamy feel to them.

Today's piece is called "A Degas Dream" and it is a small 4x5 collage on paper, and it is encased in a 4x6 acrylic case, so it is ready to display...I am doing a small series of this size piece, and I am loving it.

they are all available in my shop.

ok, that's all for now loves, talk to you more tomorrow.


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Blogger jewelstreet said...

How sweet of you to help moxie!

I think it's great that you will be featuring romantic, dreamy pieces all of this week. Oh, wanted to tell you again that I'll be at the slumber party.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My "date" for Valentine's Day is with 11 other individuals partaking in a focus group on the 2008 NH Democratic Primary. It's from 8:00-10:00pm, but I will be paid $85.00 just to spout my liberal political opinions! I cannot complain. Typically, I do not qualify for such surveys and focus groups, whenever they call and ask me the pre-qualifying questions, since I am not the typical American they are looking for. Their survey topics are typically lame - grocery shopping habits, car shopping habits. But, alas, I lucked out this time - an interesting and intelligent topic! I wonder if they'll be serving us dark chocolate refreshments for the holiday? I did watch "A Charlie Brown Valentine" on ABC this Saturday night, as I do every year. What's confusing is that the original book, which I own, is completely different from the TV special - still written by Charles Shultz. Go figure. In the story, CB gets a Valentine from the little red-haired girl in the end; in the TV special, he gets it from Snoopy and no such luck from the little red-haired girl. Oh well. I spent the weekend cooking indian and thai, and watching re-runs of Ask this Old House. What a life! :)

10:20 AM  
Blogger RecyVintage said...

Good morning, dear.

I didn't know that about Moxie. That is so very sad. My heart goes to her.

I love the new pieces that you are doing. Very nice! I'm in love with all of your work though and aspire to own more of it, someday.

No plans here for Valentine's Day as my love is roughly 9,000 miles away. Bummer. I should plan something special to do for myself, in honor of the day, but I have no idea what. Any ideas?

Well, off to see what I can get into!

xo... KB :)

1:09 PM  
Blogger said...

You already know how I feel aboutthose pics. I adore the muffin head. You guys have love all the time, what is Valentine's day anyway??? You probably have a more romantic Random January 23rd than anyones Feb.14th. I just guessed on the January thing. I wanna come to the slumber party. Only if I can where little cheesies outfit.

3:39 PM  
Blogger said...

Only if I can "wear" the mean cheese's outfit. I swear. I can't spell or think. I was a straight A student. Where did that get me? Dislexic and confused.

3:40 PM  
Blogger gilfling said...

Oh the mean cheese looks so cute in her dressy up outfit! I used to have neighbours like that so I can certainly sympathise - put some loud music on and dance and paint at the same time!!!

Did I tell you I am coming to the slumber party? I am so excited!! I may be popping in and out due to time differences etc but I shall be there with pie-jiminies, face mask and microphone hairbrush!! xxx

6:07 PM  

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