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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

valentine's day

well...I am cheating, it is not yet midnight and I am writing my blog for the morning, you see I will have to dash to the comic shop tomorrow and was not sure how much time I would have to be thoughtful in the morning...

so with that I are all you doing today, my dear sweet valentine darlings???

we have been blasted by ice and snow the past two days so I am feeling anxious, somewhere between The Shining and Doctor Zhivago....

at the current time of writing this 11:47pm on the 13th, our ghetto neighbors are playing some "music" very loudly...

that must be the sounds of seduction they are trying to hide....ewwww.


my bubs and I had a mini Valentine ceremony during the day, between shoveling breaks for him, he gave me a wonderful card and he melted chocolate onto a plate and put little heart shape sweet cakes on a little dish and presented it to me while I was online "working"....sure they were sweet cakes of the Little Debbie variety...but it was so beautiful, I gobbled them up so quick and then the plate was just a mess, I should have had some bit of self control and taken a photo of it, as it was beautiful.

he says he is not romantic, but he is, that proved it, as if carrying my photo around with him for 12 years didn't prove he still has my was like I was Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain).

I will not go on and on about my bubs, though I could...and someday I will, I will tell our story, though some of you know it because you read my comic and some of you know it because you lived through it (especially you Aaron).

but that will be a tale for another time...

oh, seeing as today is Valentine's Day that means that this is the last "official" day for you to use the Valentine07 code to get 20% off in my etsy shop.

I have been filling my shop with lots of things, a new mini journal is in, as well as the second painting in my "Through The Looking Glass" series.

It is titled "Becoming Alice" and it is a companion piece for my Becoming Imaginary piece. They work as single pieces very beautifully and together they are wonderful. I have been re-imagining the Alice in Wonderland myth, thinking of who I would be if I were her...if that makes any sense.

I tried to capture a living breathing storybook.

oh, speaking of dreams.....I finally was able to get a Treasury list on Etsy...I have never been able to get one before, but I finally did. I got to pick beautiful items and put them all together to tell a story.

like a collage, anyway...I titled the list Day Dream and I attached a screen shot of it too (sorry this is just for blogger and typepad those on my myspace blog know....I can't do the picture thing, so you will just have to click on the links...

well that's it for now I hit publish it will be 12:00am and it will be Valentine's Day.

love you all!!!!!!

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Blogger RecyVintage said...


Your treasury looks great - wonderful picks!

Sounds like you had a lovely prequel to Valentine's Day last night. Your bubs does sound very romantic.

I hope your day is lovely. Keep warm!


9:53 AM  
Blogger said...

Hello lovely Jenn. I am so happy to have you to visit this love infused day.. I am on my way to deliver tons of cookies.. then I am coming back to crawl into my bed...Yay...I want to hear the bubs story...can't wait.. Vanessa

2:03 PM  
Blogger Gypsy Purple said...

Happy valentines to you!!!


9:49 PM  
Blogger gilfling said...

Oh Jenn, I love that you had a pre-valentines day and I hope your day yesterday was just as wonderful. Your treasury list is just stunning. Off to work but shall return later!!

8:19 AM  

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