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Thursday, February 08, 2007

And here’s the damn monkey wrench

(the painting of the beautiful not mine)

Ok so you all know how much I loathe when things don’t go according to plan (and by plan…I mean MY plan).

Yesterday was “comic book day” my day to be at the shop…but, of course, the books never show up some sort of “winter storm emergency” or other nonsense….kept them from being put on the correct truck.

So I wait around all day (at home) for “the call” saying that the books are in, I of course don’t want to get too involved with anything, so in turn….I do nothing,

Yeah, you heard me, nothing.

Well, strike that, I did go with the bubs to the grocery store and kinkos and other such blah, blah….and we watched Superman Returns, but I did nothing “work” related.

So now…I have to go to the shop today…and I am all hyper about not getting stuff done, and we’ll have the mean cheese this weekend and….


Wow, that actually helped a little bit, I was afraid I was going to go all “Dog Day Afternoon” for a second, but, no…I’m good now.

Some of this might have something to do with the fact that since working at home I have totally given up on low carb monster and any other crazed energy drink, but today I had a sugar free Red Bull…


Sure my heart is going like a trillion miles an hour but if you think about it my heart would be going that fast is I got the chance to exercise, right?

Wow….this is all over the place, must regain control of my sanity, after all today I have to deal with the public.

Oh, I am totally obsessing over the artist Glenn Barr recently. I got his Hearts Aflame postcard set ages ago and periodically I have taken them out just to fawn over, I am really in that kind of mood I guess.

His work has this wonderful mix of a fantasy and retro world that I just want to fall into, sport some big hair and a mod dress and get a scooter and just drive baby…drive.

I think that is why I am in a huge vintage illustration kick right now, like the image I showed yesterday…or the Mata Hari pendant I have in my shop too, I just love it, so sexy and fun all rolled up into one.

Sort of like me…….kidding of course, I am as you know the hugest goof of goofs in the planet.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be a little more together with the whole blogging thing…

I am torn with topics for tomorrow….perhaps a little compare and contrast me and my family with the Movie Little Miss Sunshine….OR maybe a little “Fashion Friday” theme.

Who knows.

Until next time darling, darlings.

Big x and a big o

(images shown today are...Cynthia by Glenn Barr, and Mata Hari me of course)


Blogger gilfling said...

Oh I find days like that so difficult too, when you are waiting....for something....and cannot settle to do....anythign. Hope today is better for you love. Okay I MUST, MUST convo you regarding 'the project'. Infact I shall do it now. Finally.

8:25 AM  
Blogger jewelstreet said...

Love, love, love, the Mati Hari pendant! Just gorgeous. Love the Glenn Barr piece too.

I hate days that don't go according to my plan which are, of course, most days. Be glad that you have a blog that you can go all nuts on and get it out. lol.

9:43 AM  
Blogger NancyPearlWannabe said...

That pendant is beautiful. I'm going to bookmark your etsy page so that my bf can "accidentally" stumble upon it and order me something pretty for VDay.

12:05 PM  
Blogger RecyVintage said...

Sorry that you got thrown off your schedule yesterday. However, a day of doing nothing is good for us many times. I hope you were able to enjoy it somewhat.

I'd still love to know more about the corset project. Maybe you could incorporate that into tomorrow's entry? Just a suggestion... :)

Hope today goes along more smoothly than yesterday!


12:09 PM  
Blogger dusk&summer said...

that sucks, i love snow but i hate it when it gets in the way of my plans :(

12:55 PM  
Blogger Gypsy Purple said...

Lovely post as always...I totally love the Mata Hari one!!!
What self respecting gypsy won`t!!!


10:25 PM  
Blogger said...

At least you got to hang around your "B" boy? I find that the days that are set only for me to stay home and create, if I don't create I get all weird and frantic, and everything I am doing seems like this huge waste. But it isn't.. and sometimes you have to just say, what the *&$%. You have really good hair. That is all that matters. hee.

11:39 PM  

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