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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Whole Bunch Of Stuff and Some Shop Info

Hello Stranger

(please not that I am saying that in the same sexy way that Natalie Portman did in Closer)

did you all miss me?

We I had a somewhat eventful and uneventful you well know we had the the bf's little one this weekend so there was oodles of Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock...Friday night passed without event Keith was at work so the "mean cheese" (little sarah, will explain nickname at a later date...ooooo such mystery) and I chilled at home content with fashion magazines and bad tv.

Saturday Keith and I decided to get her out of the house, because the weather was awful and we could not bring her to the park we decided to go to a giant McDonalds with one of those disgusting indoor play areas which is really just a giant petri dish of yuck.....but I digress.

While there we were overwhelmed by the most horrible attack on ALL of our senses...first, we're in a McDonalds and that is bad enough, but the entire place smelled like feet, and it was SO loud, there was a princess birthday party so there were a ton of little girls screaming, then there was a boy in the corner just jamming his hand on his butt...but when we saw a little girl "pleasuring herself" against a giant French Fry sculpture....well that was when we HAD to leave...

THIS is why I am not cut out for full time parenting....I just couldn't handle it.

Because of the giant fun she had the "mean cheese" feel asleep early, and we are about to sleep as well when a VERY loud gunshot was heard, immediately followed by two more shots...

Now I hate to say this but my first thought was that our depressed alcoholic neighbor had shot his wife and child and then himself, but then we hard a ton of voices and there were people right outside our door, Keith was all brave and trying to look out the window to get info, but we could barely see anything, I called 911, but the cops took forever to get there...and by then, all was quiet, people scattered into the park and drove away.

Though the cops were there again this morning looking through the grass...

Oh the drama....figures, right when I am about to become a Stay At Home Artist....things go to complete and total hell.

We need to move, seriously...

The rest of the weekend passed without further incident, highlights include, a inpromptu dance party sure it was just me and the little one, but I donned a princess skirt and feather boa and we strutted supermodel style through the apartment to Justin Timberlake....

I am pretty positive that I brought sexy back in my little get up.

Then last night I stayed up late to work, on some stuff. I am planning my Valentine's Strategy as I type this, so you darling ones are the first to know.

As some of you may realize during the Christmas Holiday I sent out a special discount mailing to all my buyers offering them a special discount, well I am planning on doing the same thing for V-Day...Yay!!!

I am announcing it here first, even before the mailing goes out, I am also planning on GIVING AWAY 2 pieces of artwork in the coming weeks.

I will be giving away a free 8x8 original piece to my 575th item sold, I am at 572 get it while you can...just 3 items, no matter what they are you will get the free collage.

I will announce the other freebie later in the week.

So blog is your chance, the special V-Day discount code is Valentines07 just write that in the message to buyer section and wait for a new invoice before you pay.

You will get 20% off everything in my shop with that special code, now through February 14th.

This sale could also be considered the "help me raise money to move to a safer neighborhood" sale...

The piece featured today is called "Reach Into Your Page, And Breath It Back" and it is for sale in My Etsy Shop

oooooh also, tonight are the Golden Globes, and I am a total awards show I can't wait, I will be dressed up an raring to go!!


Blogger jewelstreet said...

Can I be your blog stalker? lol.

2:28 PM  
Blogger stilettoheights said...

I would LOVE it if you were a blog stalker...

truth be told, I have a weakness for all who post comments...


2:58 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Reason #4,815 that I am sad you moved away: We can't watch the movie awards shows together. Seriously, you're the only other person I know who gets excited about watching the Oscars (even if they are a joke).

Reason #1,623: You could be watching Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock with me!

Also, I need to work a 42 in here somewhere. Perfect: I managed to work the entire mysterious number sequence from Lost into this comment. Thank you, Iamadork.

8:04 PM  
Blogger said...

You are so fun!!!But, what were the shots??????And your sale!! Yippee... I really have to make my way over there!!!Well, I'd say, you are about to be a stay at home artist and....There is much action to inspire you in the neighborhood!! I can see you in your gown on your red carpet...Where did you get those jewels???

9:30 PM  
Blogger stilettoheights said...

Aaron- I was totally lost (pun intended) about those numbers...never seeing the show and all, but I feel special that you trusted me with the code.

Did you see the "globes" last night? They are my fave awards show after the SAG awards...I don't care if they are just the white trash Oscars

Vanessa- lol, I never solved the mystery of the gunshots, I am such a bad Nancy Drew....

I did sport some fancy duds last night for a while....though I forgot my camera at my soon to be ex-comic shop...

will have to have a photo shoot another time.

11:14 AM  

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