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Friday, January 12, 2007

Finally Friday

so today is yet another step closer to all art all the time....

as I have been mentioning in a few posts I have been training laura to take over the comic shop for us, she and her husband Rob (yes, Rob and Laura ...just so delightfully Dick Van Dyke) will be the new owners of Midgard Comics, there is still paper work and nonsense to go through but over all things seem to be going smoothly.

A bit of a load of my weary mind today, as I take a moment, sit in silence and relax before a crazy weekend with the peanut as our lives get turned upside down until Sunday Night, luckily little Sarah has been easily amused by my old issues of Vogue no worries or panic attacks.

I am a bit worrisome about being a stay at home artist, is something I want to do more than anything, but a teeny tiny part of me is scared by all the alone time, I don;t want to turn into a crazy agoraphobic who has to put black tape over the windows and throws cats at the neighbors.

well...I don't really have to worry about the cat thing, I am allergic after all.

Though the thought of what my days can be filled with are just astounding....I fancy the fact that I can get up and exercise I can ride the stationary bike and blare my Justin Timberlake CD without fear of being caught or given "that look" by my darling bf, maybe I will even start belly dancing again that always made me feel so worldly and exotic.

After that, I will make some coffee pop in my Damien Rice cd and boot up the computer to read all the blogs I now obsess over, then pop over to etsy to answer emails and maybe add something to my shop, then I will paint for a while, list some more to my shop and then shower and look all pretty and fresh as a daisy for when Keith gets home from work. I can also walk on over to the nice PO and maybe stroll through the park next door...before it is invaded with those creepy stalking geese or children.

That doesn't sound too bad of a life now, does it.

No more walks to work in the rain, like today...leaving my hair both fuzzy and horrible.

oh....before I forget, I am planning a special promotion for my shop for valentines day, and I know many of you have bought things from me in the past, so you will already be included, but if you are interested in being on the mailing list send me an e mail at and I will include you.

Special discounts are coming as are free gifts such as comics, art cards, and the sweet taste of chocolate goodies....

As I am a total sucker for all things romance and heartache.....Valentine's Day is my time...

It just may be my second favorite holiday after Halloween...

ok, that is plenty of babble for a gloomy Friday. I will be here alive, well, and blogging on Monday.

I am sure you will all be missing me terribly.

The photo today is a small art card, I just listed it in my Etsy Shop, it is a bit bolder and more whimsical then my usual pieces, it is titled "Harlequin"


Blogger gilfling said...

Jenn, I love, love this card! It has quite a different feel from you other work, it is so bold and beautiful! I know the perils of working from home, it is too easy to become hermit like, but the freedom is wonderful and you will be creating all the time! I am excited for you and can't wait to see the direction your art will take now that you have more time to dedicate to it. OOh and will be wonderful to see your etsy valentines goodies.

Gill x

5:34 PM  
Blogger stilettoheights said...


Thanks for the kind words! Look for Stiletto Heights Etsy Valentine Goodies and savings starting next week.


5:42 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Valentine's Day. Grr.

But listen: I am so happy (and even a little bit jealous) that you are going to be able to be a "stay at home artist". Seriously, what a fantastic opportunity; I'm very excited for you.

6:29 PM  
Blogger said...

You will be fantastic. Don't think about it. Just enjoy the ride. Ya, I know, that is miss worry wart over here telling you to stay calm. Miss obsessive I need my own room. I know I know. But you will do marvelous. And, yes, you can come over. But, hmm, are you sure you know about the blanket situation??? Okay okay, I trust ya. You will have a trial visit first though. hehehehehe. Okay, I do, well, do you really think you can handle the covers, but are you sure?

11:05 PM  
Blogger stilettoheights said...

Thanks Aaron and Vanessa....

I know at least some people (even if I worry) have faith in my bizarre art dream and believe I won't throw cats at the neighbors and become a shut in...


11:50 AM  

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