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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Things That Can Be Accomplished WHen Keith Is Cleaning

the title just says it all huh?

What is it possible for me to accomplish while Keith was cleaning up after the New Year visit. You would think that I could do almost anything....but alas, last night while my guy took down the Christmas Tree, put away the decorations, organize the kitchen, compile a bag of excess sweets, I was only able to accomplish 2 things.

I made 2 new pendants for my etsy shop, now I know, I know that doesn't seem like much. But in my defense....pendants take me a million years anyway as I am very particular about them, but things go even slower when you buy the wrong art supplies.

I am totally addicted to fluid matte medium, I love it, I use it as glue and I mix it in ALL of my paints, if it were not for matte medium, well...I don't even think I would be an artist.

SO anyway, back to my point. The last time I was at Dick Blick I was astounded because I noticed they had a generic version of matte medium, and it was only $4 as opposed to the $16 for the stuff I ALWAYS get.

I was so excited that with the extra money I bought the biography of the model Gia...


I finally got a chance to use the new stuff and I realize it is not a liquid at all, but a thick doesn't mix with paint at all, everything is just getting all f-ed up.

I know it is just me needing to get used to it, because once I got the hang of it I was able to work, but I just felt like rain man, all crazy and fixated that it was NOT the right kind...

grr, I feel crazy, I think it is too much chocolate.

speaking of chocolate, I will be giving away free sweets with every purchase from my etsy shop (if there is room in the box) This means free kisses (Hershey, not French), so Christmas bells and other such assorted nonsense.

so, buy the sweets, it makes me feel less fat if you eat them too.

Oh, and if you get the chance head on over to Funky Carter Today as I wrote a delightful blog over there in which I discussed the relationship of Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street.


The photo shown is one of the pendants that I was able to fight the gel medium to get finished. The pendant is for sale in my shop.

remember, free sweets with any purchase.



Blogger Aaron said...

What the hell is Dick Blik? An art supply place? Is that someone's actual name? Why?

So many questions. Thank you so much again for filling in today, Jenn; an excellent -- thought provoking, even -- job as always! You're the bestest!

7:27 AM  
Blogger stilettoheights said...

A-ron, yes, Dick Blick is an art supply store. Sorry I have to remember not everyone is as dorky as I am.

Thanks for letting me fill in at funky carter, it was the highlight of my whole sad week.



10:17 AM  

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