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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where do these arctic creatures get their scarves?

I think I have officially overdosed on Muppet and Stop Motion Christmas Specials, I never knew it was possible, not did I ever think that I would be the type of person to do it.

Then again, I thought those things in life before Keith, or as he should be called Keith "I love Everything Christmas" Cousineau...I mean really, he is like damn Santa himself.

He loves Christmas so much that he won't even watch the movie Bad Santa...


so anyway, back to my point. Last night he put in one of his Christmas specials that I had never seen, it was one of the ones with the puppets, like Rudolph but not Rudolph...the one we watched had Fred Astaire and it told the the origin of Santa, complete with Santa battling the Nazi's and a strange song that made Santa seem like a pedophile.

It was while watching this that I realized all the damn penguins and seals and snow beasts in these specials all wear scarves and other winter accessories.

What's up with that? Where do they get these, so they really need them or are they just trying to be one likes A show off.

I just don't get it.

I tried to talk to Keith about it and he just sort of shook his head with a look on his face that said "what is wrong with you", and all I could think was ME...what's wrong with those penguins who need a jacket...

I wonder if there is someone on Etsy that is making all of these accessories for Santa's friends, it has to be the only answer, winter birds must be shopping on the internet.

Now that I have convinced all of you that I am crazy...I will leave you with these thoughts to ponder.

Today I got a wonderful commission project from someone who wants 6 art cards all done with vintage African American singers and is going to be beautiful, just so beautiful...I can't wait.

in honor of this cool project I will be doing, I am listing an item in my shop that that particular person really likes as well.

It is a card and it is called A Woman of Earth and Sky


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