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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bringing Sexy Back...again

Oh my god, the Victoria's Secret Fashion show was the coolest thing EVER!!!!

Seriously the wings were so theatrical and wonderful, and really everyone knows I am not a huge fan of winged creatures...except butterflies, which I like.

so anyway...I am getting off track.

Back to the wings...there were points that just gave me the chills, there was one model who had on the crazy wings that looked like tree branches, that were coated in incredibly. It reminded me of a character from the Shakespeare play Titus Andronicus (I think that is how it is spelled), I can hardly remember, I have not had my complete works of Shakespeare since I moved here, I refuse to buy one as I know my beloved and well read and well loved copy is hidden away in a box in NH....

anyway, Titus' daughter has her hands cut off, and tree branches inserted into her arms...and though that is the most disgusting thing...I thought of that when I saw the fashion show.

I got the chills and cried, all at once I missed theater so much, I missed walking into the Palace when it was all quiet, and no one was there yet, I miss sitting in the dressing room and beginning a ritual, I miss taking classes so many years ago at the Institute.

When theater and acting were still so magical to me. Before life drama and countless heartaches made it all seem less than beautiful.

I miss my innocence in life and in art, I miss the joy I got when I would hear the curtain fall back onto the stage.

That beautiful aching silence.

The card I chose today is called Ophelia by the River, and it features a Waterhouse painting of one of my favorite characters. It is available for sale in my etsy shop.


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