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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Who Doesn't Love a Fashion Show

I am so excited, tonight is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!!! I love seeing all the models with those huge wings walk the catwalk. It is like theatre to me.

I know as a "strong woman" I should be all offended by the models and hate that they make women feel bad about themselves, but I just can't hate them...sure I hate the eating disorders of the super-waifs...but I just can't hate the models, and the fashion.

When I was a little little girl my mom took me to a Barbie Fashion Show, it was at the Sears at the Mall of New was the late 1970's and any trip to the "Big Mall" was like heaven to me...the mall had these indoor fountains where all the kids and disappointed moms would gather to smoke cigarettes, my mom an avid smoker would linger there for hours and people watch, I would beg for pennies to toss in the fountain.

It seemed so foreign and cosmopolitan...strange and sad.

The day of the Barbie Fashion show...I have to say, it was a day that in many ways changed my life. The women would strut down the catwalk wearing beautiful gowns, all crazy colors and puff sleeves, the models would be holding barbie dolls that were wearing the same dresses.

It was magic.

I wanted to be that so badly. I just wanted to be pretty, I wanted to wear those clothes and walk...and just be, untouchable.

How things change over time, I stopped growing at the height of 5'3" not a model height.

But that passionate love for fashion and fashion shows has never died, the excitement of the clothes, these beautiful living pieces of almost makes me want to cry.

So as I type this...I feel like a kid at Christmas...

This is one of the many reasons I use so much fashion ephemera in my collage work.

Here is one of my pieces, it is available in my etsy shop and it is called "I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"

you just might get a special treat if you can tell me which model it is in the image.


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