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Friday, December 08, 2006

WHat an incredible fan letter

Today when I got to the shop and checked the e mail, I had a wonderful e mail from a reader of my comics, and it just blew me away. I really felt like I had tapped into something with my book, sometimes it goes unappreciated, and other times I feel like I have connected with a reader, and it makes it so fulfilling.

This is what he wrote, I am leaving out his name. After reading this, if you are interested in buying my comics, they are available for sale in My Etsy Shop

I sell them in a set of #1-3

Hi Jenn,
I read your rock! I love it that they can make me laugh and feel pain in the same issue. You are a very talented writer and the honesty and compassion for the charecters is so refreshing. If only more comics were like this...but to leave at this would sell it short. There is a romanticism there that appeals and tries to breach the harsh reality of modern day life...for that I salute you. Part cynical, part hopeful dreamer, part go getting partier, part insecure...all's these contradictions that make for good reading because people really experience them in their spandex required....LOL.
A couple of times when I was reading I thought that this would make a really good movie or a stage play as there is a lot of dialogue that flows nicely and the layouts in 2 and 3 really made me think of movie close ups. I like the art in issue 1 the best though....can't quite put my finger on why though but I like the way Ian draws it.
Anyway, enough gushing from's fantastic.


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