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Monday, December 04, 2006

This is the start I am off to

December was going to be my month, my month to get my crap together. I was going to start painting every night no matter how late I had to stay up, thus freeing up my mornings to work out again.
My goal is to get back into shape and to lose a little weight before Keith's parents get here at the end of the month with many boxes of cookies, which I will not be able to resist.

Well the month started and I did not work out on Friday, I can't remember why but I know it was a really good reason. I could not exercise all weekend as we had the peanut and there is no way to do that when she is around.

So today was my day, I worked last night so I would have no excuse not to get my butt on the exercise bike, so when Keith left in the morning I set the alarm for another hour of sleep, he leave at 6:30 and there is no way I am getting up at that time, for hell's sake...that's still night.

So I set the alarm...only to wake up at 9:00!!!!!!! I had mistakenly set it for pm and not is like the fates are conspiring against it my destiny to not loose weight??????

needless to say I did not get my act together and ended up having to rush to work....oh and the wind-chill today was 3...yes, 3 degrees.

a week ago it was 70, now it is 3.

Also I keep having these strange dreams that I am running, not like jogging, but running and hiding from something. Last night Keith and I were running together, through a swamp, through a carnival...I could psychoanalyze myself but I really am in no mood for that.

Needless to say all this running has started to play a part in my art, this is one of my latest pieces and it is available in my etsy shop.

it is titled "Would I Ever Be Able To Stop Running"

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Blogger Aaron said...

Sleep is nothing to feel bad about, Jenn. Exercise? Overrated. And I work in a gym, so you know I'm an expert.

7:05 PM  

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