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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An idea I have stolen from an Etsy post.

Here is a big list of nonsense you should know about me.

1 - I have seen every episode of Beverly Hills 90210 multiple times.

2 - I learned how to read when I was 2

3 - I got stabbed in the eye with a pencil as a child

4 - I have an eye phobia

5 - I LOVE shark movies

6 - my favorite color is red

7 - I am divorced

8 - I am scared of babies/having babies/holding babies

9 - I love comic books

10 - I am allergic to life and I don't eat meat

11 - I have known my bf since I was 16

12 - I have OCD when it comes to how I need my bed sheets to be

13 - I need to sleep with white noise

14 - I was almost a twin

15 - I love Anne Of Green Gables

16 - I am in debt

17 - I own a comic store

18 - I would rather be an artist

19 - I love to nap, but never get the chance

20 - I used to have an eating disorder

21 - I am obsessed with fashion magazines

22 - I almost backed out of my first wedding once the ceremony started

23 - I eat to make me feel better.

24 - I miss NH

25 - I want botox

ok, that's enough for now...thanks for reading the nonsense, and when your done, feel free to pop over to my etsy shop and poke around for one of a kind gifts!!

This is my latest art card, it is called "She Launched a Thousand Ships"


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