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Monday, December 11, 2006

How I spent my weekend

Saturday I tried really hard to get a bunch of stuff done, but no matter how hard I tried everything seemed really empty to me.

I was trying to finish up a commission piece, and I just kept getting all scared and doubting myself, I just kept remembering a commission I did that someone hated, and I just lost all confidence in myself.

Usually I get all the stuff together to work and I just look at all the pieces and I see it starting to come together in my head, I see the shapes and the colors, but Saturday I just had nothing, I was totally spent.

Rather than force it I just put everything aside.

Sunday morning K and I actually slept in until about 8:00 and then got up and did the X-Mas tree thing and he made breakfast we did errands and had a nice day, I painted in the afternoon and it really felt "right" again, I was able to finish the commission which is the photo shown here, and I really enjoyed doing it.

The photo does not do it justice, it really is so cool in person and in the light.

I love dance and that was the inspiration for the piece, I hope she likes it a lot, I am still scared about that, but hopefully things will go well.

If anyone is interested in getting a commission done just contact me though My Etsy Store and we can set something up.

At this point it would probably be too late for Christmas, but why do you "need" a reason for art.

Sorry about the excessive use of "quotation marks" in this post, I don't know what's gotten into me



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