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Thursday, July 12, 2007

when Thursdays feel like Mondays

hello darling ones

well yesterday was over in a flash and I did nothing that I "thought" I was going to do...just a lot of home time, then reading a lot of comics and prepping of some new art cards and a new canvas piece.

I am really loving making art cards again.....there was a time that I was just burnt out on them, but as of right now, I love them...I think it is helping that I am making them in a series....and though I do not list them as such, just knowing the story in my head of these pieces is really helping...

so much babble right off the bat...

sorry I am still half asleep.

So yesterday during letters to celebs of my most favorite co-horts left a comment with a great week will be "Letters FROM celebs"...yes that's's time to roll play, so get your thinking caps on now.

So yesterday as I said was a "day off", though we did not do much, I did get to go meet my wonderful friend Steve for a bit, and see some other friends at the same time...then bubs and I decided to go and have a Starbucks reality my bubs does not really care for Starbucks though I was whining all day that I NEEDED a "tall, skinny, iced, white chocolate mocha" he finally relented.

So before we hit Satrbucks we went to Barnes and I could look at the magazines (I know, like I need any more magazines. But when I was there, I new favorite magazine (besides Vogue Nippon), it's called Androgyny Magazine and it's fashion for men and women...and it's spectacular, it's even in English, but don't be fooled it's not an American Magazine as most of ours is from England and I love it...all the boys and girls look like ghosts and there is even a "dead girl/crime scene" inspired photo spread...I know, it's dark and in bad taste doesn't matter, it was just refreshing to see photos that would never and could never make they way onto American Vogue or dare I say...Elle.

I swear I looked through the magazine non stop for an it is time to devour it and read...but alas, no time for that today, as I really must do some creating and then...package parcels (note the alliteration), I really wish I had a packaging elf to help me...that way I could spend the day reading celeb gossip on the internet and making stuff...and even, drawing which I am still doing, or at least trying to do...thank you to all of you who put up with frantic/negative/crazy emails from me about how I "can't" draw....all of your support means so very much.

also before I go of my dearest far away friends has a birthday today, please head over to her myspace or her etsy shop (she's having a sale) and wish her a very happy birthday.

ok must consume caffeine....pronto


ps- Nick because you were wondering...yes, I was a HUGE fan of "It's Your Move" but totally forgot that Justine Bateman was on an episode...I might have to borrow the dvds

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Blogger Aaron said...

How much does "packaging elf" pay? It sounds like a decent job.

I love the letters FROM celebs idea. I am so in for that one.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY! I can't wait for next week letters from celebs, it looks like I will be in town and even if I am not I will still come back with a delayed comment. I must RUN to the store on my lunch break and check out this mag, I love any mag with crime scene fashion shoots. Um, and you so can draw, so keep drawing, I love those pieces in your shop. Maybe you can hire one of your neighbors to package? I am sure they could use an extra $15.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Karen Beth said...

Love the new piece! It reminds me of Wuthering Heights but I've already told you that. It is just fab!

Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday, especially the trips to BN and Starbucks. I know it is horrible but I like Starbucks. I get a plain soy latte.... mmmmm... I like Mom & Pop coffee shops better, of course, but Starbucks works in a crunch. Wish I had one right now!

Hope you have a lovely day! If I were closer, I'd help you package things as you know I LOVE doing that. I'm odd, yes, I know. :)


Karen Beth :)

10:15 AM  
Blogger catbishop said...

I could be your packaging elf...

11:38 AM  
Blogger gilfling said...

haha Jenn - i let out a wee yelp when I read your blog comment and then came over here to see your piece! Great minds and all that! I just adore it - so so much. Happy packaging!!

2:04 PM  

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