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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


it is 0 degrees outside, there has been no school for days because of the cold and there is ice on the insides of my windows.


I know, I very trite of me to go into a spiel about the weather before I have even said good morning to all my lovely ones. Is this what our relationship has become, endless bitching about the weather????

In all honesty I was going to start writing about some thing completely different but when I sat at my computer I felt an actual breeze through my window, and when I got up to look...there was the damn ice.

You know, I almost prefer the Global Warming that we were suffering through last month to this...though I should not complain as I no longer have to walk to work anymore....though I do need to somehow get to the post office to mail out some packages....but that is a walk that is far too long to take in this weather....eeek.

Hopefully my bubs will get home from work early enough that we can both go....

oh, speaking of my bubs.....

here is a little funny (and adorable) thing...he has recently (3 days ago) discovered the internet...yes, my guy had never been online before, as up until recently our computer was at our shop, and during the tenure of his first marriage his ex refused to let him touch the computer...(psycho).

In his newness to the internet he has found the brilliant pleasure of "googling", he has googled himself, his comic, all of his favorite bands and so on.

What he found last night was w that Chris Issak will play a concert at a private party for fifty thousand dollars....


ok, so yes, we don't have fifty grand, and if we did we would need it to pay off bills and what not...but in our fantasy land, (ok, my fantasy land) we somehow get a ton of money, and Chris Isaak plays at our wedding.

So knowing that, please email me if you want my paypal account to make donations to the Chris Isaak Wedding Gig fund.

now onto to news of the mouserson.....there is no news.

He seems to have gone missing, I have not heard or seen the little beast since the attack, we have humane traps all over the place with peanut butter, which is supposed to be for mice what cute new shoes and purses are to me....


I am overcome with this mini mystery, where did he go, is he dead, if he and where did he come from in the first place?

I am afraid he is dead behind my bubs book case, which was the last place I saw the scurrying.a

On the other hand I am afraid he is not dead, only waiting it out, to once again show the pinchy face when I am least expecting it.

Mousey mouserson will then be called pouncy pouncerson.

You will all also be happy to know that I did end up exercising for a bit yesterday, though the resistance was stuck very high on the bike and I could only do 5 miles and I wanted to do at least when I could make it no further I decided to just have an impromptu dance party, I was doing my thing when I suddenly realized I was a grown up version of the little girl in Little Miss Sunshine....

for those of you that have not seen this movie, I urge you to do so....though I will be honest it is not as funny as everyone tells you it is,in fact it is rather depressing at times, but still wonderful.

Other than that, there is nothing new in the world of Stilettoville, I will be once again working at the comic shop tomorrow so I will have to break out of my little routine.

I made some really lovely things yesterday, one of which sold almost immediately (thanks manxxie!), I have one collage left that was listed yesterday, it is a collage using the Waterhouse Lady of Shalott piece, which I just love.

It is called Suddenly Time Stopped and it is for sale in my etsy shop....

ok, well I am off to read some blogs and then workout for a bit...I am going to treat myself to reading some Tennyson poems when I am done, as a little thank you to myself for not being a lazy bones.

until tomorrow bright eyes.


ps- don't forget there is still time to use the Valentine07 discount code in my shop to receive 20% off your entire purchase!


Blogger Gypsy Purple said...

I`m very very impressed with the exercise routine!!! You are WAY better than me

By the way...this peanutbutter thing is a new one for me...true??

What about posting one of those poems...and thanks for wishing my wishes


10:35 AM  
Blogger jungle dream pagoda said...

Love the new piece,is that Ophelia?
Good for you on exercising I make it to the gym 4-5 times a week myself and its hard(especially when I am in a show).
On your Bubs and being new to the internet,I just got on it myself this time last year. My co=star in Tommy,told me he googled me. I said," Im google-able"? Ofcourse I went home and googled myself!

11:05 AM  
Blogger KSV said...

I think, when you have ice on the inside of your windows, you are free to bitch about the weather ;)

I think there is a little miss sunshine in all of us. I was listening to my ipod walking to class yesterday and realized I was singing along the whole way.

Bad news, your mouserson is smarter than you think. Remember Tom and Jerry? It's like that. Smarty Smarteson, is more like it. Check your cupboards, check the walls. Hopefully he doesn't have a wifey wiferson and they are having babies. I hope you catch him soon. OR maybe the cold got him.

11:12 AM  
Blogger gilfling said...

Oh my dear! Wrap up warm - maybe mr mousie is knitting himself a wee scarf in a wee cubby hole. And oh my gosh Chrish Issak! How absolutley wonderful would that be to have him play at your wedding - maybe you could convince him to sing the odd Johnny Cash song too! Now that would be perfect. x

1:57 PM  
Blogger My Marrakech said...

Your work is so, so lovely!

6:30 PM  
Blogger said...

I dragged home 3 Tennyson books today. And for the Third time. Peanut butter does not always work. I promise. My mice do not like it. I think they prefer harrassing me to eating peanut butter. ;) Soooo, Miss Loveliness galore, it was 80 degress here today. I sat outside in the country at the studio this evening, by the cobblestone walkway, under the stars in my pj's, cuz the weather was magnificent, and wrote. You should be here. I tell ya. you should. What are you thinking living in that cold weather?? ps: Bub's is funny tooooo???? Just watch out, cuz my curly long haired cutie steals my seat in front of the computer if I even get up to get a kleenex. :)

12:32 AM  
Blogger stilettoheights said...

gypsy-Don't be too impressed with the exercise, I have only kept it up for 2 days...

jungle- It is actually not Ophelia but the Lady of Shalott. Oh I miss doing theater, I remember I would lose at least 5-10 lbs per show, it was a built in diet.

Cinderella- Coffee almost came out my nose when you wrote wifey wiferson.

gillian- if i got chris isaak to play at my wedding you my dear would be invited of course...

marrakech - thank you so much.

Vanessa- your weather sounds to die for.....and believe me I am now thinking that my mouserson, must have a peanut allergy and knows to stay away from the stuff...

7:50 AM  
Blogger RecyVintage said...

I am convinced that we may have been separated at birth. We both love new purses and shoes, mochas, and now I find that you also love Tennyson??? Ah, yes... we are kindred spirits.

Incidentally, I'm more of a latte girl than mocha and I had (drumroll) THREE soy lattes yesterday. Excessive, much. But, my Mother and I went on a nice shopping excursion so it was in order, I think. I loved every sip of it!

Have a great one! xo...

9:59 AM  

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