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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Is it too early to think of New Year's Resolutions?

With the New Year looming on the horizon, it is only natural that people start to wonder about resolutions, and figure out what they need to work on in the upcoming year.

The natural resolutions are always the same...lose weight, eat better, exercise more, don't be so hard on myself.

Lats year I was pretty good about most of them, eating better, the exercise and all of it. I know I can do those, that's not really a challenge anymore, I know I can stick to that nonsense until at least April...

I was talking about this with Keith, and he was saying that he was considering his resolution to be that he was going to be less judgmental about people....

trust me when I say that this is a shock, as Keith and I are notoriously snotty and crabby about most people.

How could he do this to me???? What will we have left to talk about if we are not being judgmental about other people...the nerve of him to do this....

I was left with no other choice but to have my resolution be, that I am going to be judgmental enough for both of us.

I am sure that I could maintain this resolution throughout the year if need be.

I am still taking my little break from constant work on my art, I did list a few new things yesterday, just some small art cards.

This is one of them, it is called "A Degas Afternoon" and it is available in my Etsy Shop.


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