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Monday, October 02, 2006

A little list of stuff I hate

1- being hungry...I ran out of the house this morning sans breakfast or much in the way of coffee...had a ton on my mind, I am having my forst Trunk SHow tonight so I am feeling nervous and fat...when I got the shop, food!!

Diet Coke is not lunch

2 - why are low carb Monster energy drinks so damn expensive...

3 - stress, stressing about tonight, being out of my element.

4 - money problems

5 - republicans

6 - days when the weather people say it is supposed to be 80 outside, so I dress for that, and then it ends up being cold and overcast.

7 - missing my guy when he is gone all day

8 - having to put my entire etsy shop into "edit mode" while I go to a show, I am so lazy, any added work tends to amke me cranky. I have left a few pieces up in my shop, including this one I listed today called "Long Walk Home"

9 - not having talked to my mom in a while, I know when I call her she will be tense and strange because I have not talked to her, so it makes me put off calling her...making it all worse...eek.

10 - not coming up with a better use for my blog on a Monday morning. Bad Jenn, bad!!


Blogger Aaron said...

No, no, dear Jenn: lists like this are a perfect use of your blog. It allows you to vent, it lets the reader identify with your woes (Monster drinks: so expensive!), and it also allows me to laugh at your expense.


7:39 AM  

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