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Thursday, September 07, 2006

I wish...I wish...

today has been hectic, and one of those days where you work your butt off, and you feel like you are spinng you wheels, that you never get anywhere...

that's actually my whole life right now...well, except, personally and creatively, everything is great, financially and business is all stress all the time.

I had to pick up my medicine last night, it was over $200, just for one....grrrrr.

I wish that today, instead of being woken up by my neighbors poodle who had barked almost non-stop for 3 days...I wish instead of that, that I could have stayed in bed, cozy and secure. Feeling cool September air coming though the window.

I wish that instead of rushing around this morning and getting the comic order and all that nonsense, that Keith and I could have had coffee and sweet cakes, then he would have played the guitar, and I would paint....I with that there could be a time, when he did not seem worried, and I felt really good...I wish all these things....

Last night my back was starting to feel a bit better, I was able to finish a couple pieces that I was working on, this is one of them...slightly sexy, a bit naughty...maybe that's another wish...who is called "Impossible to Resist"

It is for sale in my shop.


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