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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Twiggy is here!!!!

Last week I wrote about how I saw a Twiggy Lunch box at a toy show...since thewn I have been on a Twiggy kick.
So while I was at Craftin Outlaws, Keith went to an auction, and low and behold...he found a Twiggy Fashion Tote.


This little number is from 1967, and was put out to hold all the Twiggy Fashions for you Twiggy dolls, she was Barbie's friend too if you didn't know!!

So this is the bag, I love it, I even contemplated using it as a purse...until of course I looked up the bag on ebay, I found some other Twiggy nonsense...and well, the temptation got to be too much for is now up on ebay....I know, I know, ebay sucks...but so does not ahving money for groceries and art supplies.

For now, the beautiful Twiggy fashion tote is living at my side, by my a little cat or tea-cup poodle.

I am major problems, I know this, please son't judge harshly...I am sensitive.

oh, and I got an e mail from a book publisher that might want to include me in an art technique book.....

oh my god!!! So cool if somehting happens with it, I'll keep you posted!! I looked up the publishing company and the company itself is totally legit!!

things have been a bit slow on etsy for a few days....but I am really loving the new things I am doing, so that is all that matters.


Blogger Aaron said...

You know, that really is one stylish "fashion tote". Too bad you can't get one with a picture of, say -- and I'm just thinking out loud, here -- Audrey Tautou? 'Cause, you know, that would be hot. Just sayin'.

(Devil's Advocate: Yes, but was Ms. Amelie ever on an episode of The Muppet Show? Me: No, you've got me on that one.)

5:15 PM  

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