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Monday, September 25, 2006

When it's all said and done...

ok, I survived Craftin Outlaws and my first evert art and craft show...and it was pretty fun, not at all as scary as I thought...I know, I know I am a big baby.
Now I am doing my first "trunk show" a week from today, so I will be busy trying to get stuff together for that as well!!
The night before the show I was freaking out, not about what to bring, or worried that I wouldn't sell anything...but I was freaking about about the obvious....


first, I've been too too lazy/busy to work out, so I am feeling far less than glam and lovely, so the outfit had to be perfect...I spent Friday night discussing with Keith what I should wear...he was a good sport, and only rolled his eyes about 10 times during the ordeal.

There were a few things that I knew I wanted...I wanted it to contain brown, so I could use my new Burberry plaid bag...I also got a new skirt so I could finally wear a certain pair of shoes that I have been carrying around with me everytime I have moved for the past 3 years...this was the perfect event to wear them.

Need less to say, I was more than pleased with the outfit on the hanger, cute little flare skirt, black t-shirt with a sweater a scarf and of course...cute shoes and purse...yet when I put it on...well, not as much of a success as I would have hoped...but I had no time, it was what I had to go with.

I was parading around our room, modeling for K. pointing out the subtleties of the outfit, the purse, the shoes...all of it- he mustered a lackluster, you look fine...yet then he got suddenly excited, looking at me with such a light in his almost made me cry, he had such love on his face, then he said.......................

Your outfit matches the color of my Superman Archive! (then he ran to get the book to show me).

He was right, who knew he had such an eye for color?

SO that is the story of the little outfit that could, and the little artist as well.

Here is a little something I have on my etsy store right now. It is a box, and I called it "A Girl Named Ophelia...I think it is really pretty...and sometimes you just need something pretty.

I have more photos of it on etsy, so you can see the whole thing.

oh, and while I was at the show, Keith bought a 1967 Twiggy Fashion cool, I will be selling it on Ebay I think, but I will blog about it tomorrow most likely...I want to keep!


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