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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I have just a few days until Craftin Outlaws...I'm gearing up and getting nervous.

Everyone keeps saying not to be but I can't help it...I am a Craft SHow virgin I am thankful that it is at a bar, the alcohol might help, much like losing my actual virginity.

I have been creating like mad, when I get home from the shop I get right to painting, and that has been great, though I am so tired, it will feel good to have a little rest when the weekend is over.

Also, I have been talking to someone at a gallery who is interested in carrying my work...Yay!!

So, sorry that my blog has been lacking, my snarkiness...not quite so snarky. Please forgive.

Oh, and today was comic day at the shop, and the new issue of Catwoman came in, and you finally find out who the father of her baby is...I can spoil this because I know no one who reads this, it's not Batman, damn it!!! They have been banging for years now, he leaves town for a while and she hooked up with someone else, not just someone...but Wildcat from the JSA.

I need icecream, I am very upset.

Here is a piece that I am going to be bringing with me to Craftin Outlaws, it is also available on Etsy. It is called Taxi Dancer Love Affair.


Blogger Aaron said...

Hahaha: "I am thankful that it is at a bar, the alcohol might help, much like losing my actual virginity."

Anyway, don't sweat it, JFTB, you'll be fine. My philosophy is, you can't get too nervous about something called "Craftin' Outlaws". (I'm imagining a mustachioed old west sherrif yelling about how they need to capture those damn "craftin' outlaws".) Oh, and congrats on the potential gallery show. Go, you!

9:12 AM  

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