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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A New York Minute

since opening my store on etsy four months ago, I have made a ton of new and wonderful friends, all of whom deserve me to write accolades about them, but today I am going to write about Dani, from Bellajean.

Dani is an incredible photographer, prbably one of the best I have seen and that is really saying somehting. She has this incredible way of photographing buildings, they almost seem to be alive...that sounds strange I know, I don't mean alive in a crazy sci-fi way...but alive in the sense that you can imagine the life within them so totally.

So one day, while bonding over our mutual love for Marilyn Monroe, New York City, and Little Debbie Cakes, we decided that we wanted to do a co-production of sorts, my collage and painting with her photos...

Her New York photos are our first project together, as I adore the city, and ache for its intensity, and heat...I ache for thyis so bad that I can almost feel it calling to me from the Mid-West.

I did this piece which I titled New York Rose -An Afternoon in the City it is a piece I am incredibly proud of, I decided to concentrate on the intimacy of such a large city, the very small story that it can really be about.

Thank you Dani for the inspiration and letting me use the wonderful image of Washington Square Park...


Blogger Aaron said...

It's probably redundant of me to keep saying this, but that's a really nice piece.

Art piece, I mean, know.

8:15 PM  

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