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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dreams and Symbols

Something traumatic happened yesterday...when i got to the shop and hopped out of the van I noticed a little bird in our lot, didn't really think much of it...I was just running into the shop and then quickly back into the van to continue with morning errands, yet on my walk to the van the little bird was still on the ground, and it was very close to me. I walked right up to it, had I bent down I would have touched it, but I didn't, I just stared at it, and it stared back at me.

I called to keith telling him that I thought the birds was hurt, he said it was fine, and for me to get in the van as we had to go...normally I am not really a fan of birds, but I was touched by this little creature, when we got back from running pur pre-comic book day errands, the bird was still there, I walked up to it again, so close...just staring at each other. Keith was yelling for me to not touch it, that it was probably just sick and that I should let "nature take it's coarse". Now at first I though that was mean...but I know he's right, I just wish I had never seen it, never had to look at it. I think it was me having that thought that made me feel worst of all.

I had birds on the brain I guess, so last night I did a painting called "Her Beauty Had Wings" you can see more of it in my etsy store.

On a totally unrelated note...I had this dream last night that I was at a comic convention (lame...I know) and in the dream I was waiting in a very long line to get someone's autograph...I was in one line (for Carrie "Princess leia" Fisher) and Keith was in another line right next to me. Once I realized who's line he was in, I freaked out and joined him, because low and behold, he was standing in line to get Jackie O's autograph, she was still alive and young and beautiful.

You have to understand...I love Jackie O, I love theKennedy's (I'm from New England, it's mandatory), I even go so far as to call Ted Kennedy "Uncle Teddy"... in the dream, I finally made it up to the front of the line, and there sitting next to the finest fashion icon the world will ever know...was JFK, I started to cry, reacting to him as if he were a rockstar...telling him that when I was little my parents had a picture of him hanging up right next to a picture of the Pope...that's all I remember...also for those of you who don't "know" me...I was not alive when Kennedy was president, or when Bobby ran, or when dear sweet drunk Uncle Teddy drowned that girl...I am not sure where the obsession stems from. I do know I cried for 3 days when John John died (I only cried for less than a day when he got married).

what can this dream mean? I am open to anyone's theories on this...


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