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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blogging by Proxy

Today is a rare treat, my darling bf Keith has written a blog entry that I will be entering here...personal secretary style...oh, yeah, that sounds so He was inspired to write this because everyday I tell him my "goose and groundhog park update".

so, this is his entry, his mad bad typing skillz (and a little creative's my blog after all).

Park Update - Foreign Correspondant (Keith)

So here I am, sitting idle in the "family vehicle" lovingly referred to as ..."The Devil's Toaster" (white mini-van). I'm waiting behind some local businesses, alongside a park to meet the UPS driver and pick up the comic order...Jenn and I do this every week in order to pick up our comics early so we can get the funny books into the hands of the ravenous comic junkies, that are our customers and friends...but I digress...

This is not a tale of comics or UPS, this is a Goose/Park update. As you loyal readers know, Jenn has been keeping a record of the Goose takeover of our park that she passes on her daily walk to work.

Well, I fear the geese are stalking my wife to be...

No sooner did I park the van did I notice the feathered intruders in the large field to my right (editors note- this is a park...not my park that I usually walk by).

A look of recognition crossed the multitude of billed (I think he means scary...) faces staring in my direction. A chorus of goose honks erupted, and they marched like an army toward the pavement and parking spot.

(editors note- this part reminded me of the march of the penguins in Batman 2, the first time I saw this movie, I was 16 and Keith and I made out during most of it...the 2nd time we saw it he told me I should wear a Catwoman outfit...he had a thing for her...I was irrational like many 16 year olds...and cried...)

I swear, it was creepy, as the 30 or more dirty birds made a b-line for the van and then circled it honking and goose-stepping in a rage.

They however, never paid heed to myself, or the drivers side of the vehicle at all, they seemed on a mission, complete focus on the passenger side...they seemed to be looking for, they were looking for someone...

then it hit me...

Jenn is usually here with me, we have coffee and chat...but today she chose to go to the shop early and update her etsy shop with a new piece she did last night.

Do the geese know this, do they know our pattern, do they know her pattern (editors note - am I watching the geese, or are they watching me?).

I pray my fears are unwarranted, that they are the crazy ramblings of an over active imagination...but I can't shake it, my girl is being stalked by a gang, a dirty, loud, a wandering gypsy clan if you will...I pray I'm wrong.

-keith, fiance and blog correspondant

(the photo featured in this blog is the painting was so determined to list today....I'm glad I did, now I fear that it is personal between me and those damn filty that crappy Jaws movie (IV- The Revenge).


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