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Monday, August 28, 2006

Fall Fashion Vogue!!!!!!!!!!

ok, I am feeling a bit better today than I was on Friday...Nothing has really changed, the weekend was a tough one with the little peanut....the money situation is still awful, I need 2 of my medicines in less than 10 days, and all the bills are due...

So, why do I feel better, is it because when I was walking to work there were no geese to be seen anywhere???? Ok, I did have to walk through a torrential downpour but still...

Is it because I got to watch a Marilyn Monroe movie (Niagara) last night....

or perhaps it is because after way too long without being in touch, I am now back in contact with 2 of my most favorite people in the dear friend Weird Aaron of Funky Carter Blog Fame and my friend Lisa the wonderful artist and designer behind the Oona Coco line of Couture handbags...

Those are great reasons, don't get me wrong....some of the best, but the truth is, I think I am in a good mood because Vougue's fall fashion issue finally arrived in my Post Office Box this weekend!! YAY!!!

I wait for this damn magazine all year, ever since I was little and I would beg my mom for money to buy Vogue and Elle at the CVS, ever since I would spend hours and hours flipping through the pages and cutting out my favorite photos and putting them in albums and dare I say the dreaded words...scrapbooks. I love Vogue, for some reason everytime I get it I get those little butterflies in my belly like I did as a kid.

Fall fashion Vogue to an almost religious experience, I savor it, have a ritual...I flip through very quickly, with catty remarks, oh...Kate Moss looks so Old....or Michael Kors has let Project Runway go to his head, I though Linda Evangelista was know (while I di this Keith ususally falls into a semi-comatose state, it's his way of protecting his brain). After this portion of the ritual, the next phase is to go through again, slowly, I DO NOT READ ANY THING YET!!! Then I make more thoughtsul comments like, I am so glad Kate Moss is back, Oh, those Michael Kors shoes are like pieces of art, Linda Evangelista is what all models should be...(Keith, still unconcious). The next phase takes a very long time, it's the reading, no more comments, just loving the whole damn thing.

Those phases take a week or so, depending on how busy I am (it's like 800 pages afterall). Then the final phase, is when I rip up, cut out, and try to "organize" all the images I want out of it...this doesn't happen for a very long time, it for some reason takes a while to part with Fall Fashion Vogue, it's like letting go of a piece of my childhood, everytime.

So, in honor of this, I made this art card, with an image taken from a Vogue gone by (years ago)

I call this piece "Escape of the Young Queen" (Marie Antionette is so hot right now...) it is an ACEO and it is available for sale in my ETSY shop.

ok, so far I have one suggestion for my Halloween costume...thanks Heather! Anyone else...?

So far I'm thinking that I should be Rulah Jungle Goddess but I'm open to whatever...


Blogger Aaron said...

I totally adore you. Really.

Also: You should consider some zombie art for Halloween. Ooh! Maybe I'll comission some for the party -- you do comissions, right? God, I love zombies.

What was I saying? Oh, you rule. For real. And I'm really glad we're back in touch, yo.

6:59 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Ohmydearsweetjesus, I totally spelled "commission" wrong. I'm so embarrassed; never mention this to anyone.

7:00 PM  

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