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Monday, January 07, 2008

the other side of the weekend

good morning

How are you?? Your weekends? Marvelous? Mine was low key but great, well great except for the couple hours yesterday when I started the long arduous journey that is my taxes....seriously, I have no idea how one little person (that's me) can amass so many receipts, between the post office and supply receipts I must be responsible for the death of so many trees just to make the receipt paper.

So, here's the deal, my taxes are a huge undertaking that I plan to work on little by little lest I go insane. So, if I am not posting quite as often, please know that I have not abandoned you all for a glamorous life, in fact if not blogging or painting or doing the etsy thing, I will most likely be wither 1- on the stationary bike peddling my way to hotness, or doing my taxes.

I am still going to really try to keep up with blogging at least 3 times a week but just in case....

so, in just a couple days I am going to see the Dancing With The Stars tour in all it's glorious over the top camp. I am so excited you see the way most people feel about going to see concerts, well that is how I feel about this, or going to the ballet or theater, they a very rare treats these days, but when it happens I am though the roof.

you see my mum raised me on a healthy diet of dancing, dancing, theater, more dancing and more theater, now...mind you I was NOT one of the bratty theater kids I would eventually work with when I was on the, I was a student of dance for many years and a lover of theater...we would get dressed up and her and I would go and sit in the cheap seats of the balcony and just lose ourselves in that world.

she would whisper quietly to me...."that's going to be you someday"

and it was, I can say that, for a brief while I lived the life of flood lights, dressing rooms, and curtain calls....and I would be lying if I said I did not in occasion miss that...

but it's a hard life, and the people...well some of them or more than wonderful and then there are others....well I'll just leave it at that, the others....and frankly my skin is not thick enough to deal with that, and the health of my poor bedraggled body also cannot deal with that rigorous instead my new stage is my studio, my new actors are my collages...acting out the most wonderful stories, plays, dances...each one giving the type of performance that when they are done they feel a piece of them has died.

but in a good way.

wow...hell of a lot of babble there, and I am not sure if any of it makes any sense at all, can you tell I am putting off working on the receipt pile.

photo today is of a new(ish) piece that is available for sale in the shop.

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Blogger Aaron said...

Taxes = blows.

DwtS tour = You will have a blast. Good for you.

Happy Monday!

8:46 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Not only does your post make perfect sense, it brought a tear to my eye. Especially for all those little girls that wanted to dance, but could not. I took two years of ballroom dance as a child and I loved it. The costumes these days are so beautiful. Your health and well being is much more important and we are glad you are here to share your experiences. Thanks.
xoxo-Susan K.

9:15 AM  
Blogger CountryGirl_CityLife said...

taxes and dances, two subjects I thought no one would ever blog about in one post :) xoxo

9:40 AM  
Blogger Ribbon Wand Maker said...

Have a blast at the show. I love the memory you shared...

11:42 AM  
Blogger SadieAndLeo said...

Wow, your recounting of your love of the theater and how you have transformed it into your art was so beautiful, made me ache.

On that note, you know how extremely envious I am of you. Please, for me, scream loudly and insanely when Max comes out onto the stage.

I've given up on doing my own taxes. Every year I have done them, thought I have done them right, and then get a letter letting me know I owe. Just about every April I want to move to Canada.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Karen Beth said...

It did make sense and it was beautiful. :)

Taxes are the worst. I normally have very simple taxes so that is good. Now, what scares the heck out of me is a simple balancing of the checkbook. IT NEVER BALANCES.


It strikes fear in my heart every single time.


12:37 PM  
Anonymous Noelle said...

I've got one word for you: Accountant.

The best decision I ever made. Because, before, doing my taxes was so stressful I had to treat myself to a massage. Price of accountant = price of massage. Plus, there's the bonus of peace of mind knowing I made no mistakes.

1:48 PM  
Blogger jungle dream pagoda said...

I completely understand your "babble"
just came off a 6 show weekend.
You are only too astute about your speak of "the others". I am astonished at the poison that comes my way sometimes. One would think that sh*t would end in high School or at least college,but as you know wannabes prefer to make everything highschool-ish. They seem to be unable to understand that I do this not only because it is the very breath of life to me,but I also make honest to God cold hard cash from it! I pay union dues and everything for my privelige to take it seriously.
The schedule.. yes it can be all encompassing to take care of yourself to be fit for those 2 hours you spend on stage.
The play is the thing as they say.
...and this time I get to do it with my 1st born . Utterly amazing.Why am I bringing my child into this cut throat world? Because,she already has the passion. I know you understand, it a disease you wish no cure for.
You act because you HAVE to you are powerless under its heady elixir.
I know your lovely art now has you under its spell. Crazy how art tends to pick its particular victims er participants.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Ming the Merciless said...

Yikes, now I appreciate the fact that I have only one job and one W2 form.

Good luck on the taxes. Hope you get some money back.

8:32 PM  

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