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Monday, September 17, 2007

just me on a cold autumn morning,

hey everyone.

first once again I want to thank all of you who have been so wonderful with your comments, and emails of support during this week...during my semi breakdown and back again.

So, you are all wondering about Craftin Outlaws, how it went, was it fun....

Now, I am left wondering do I start with the good, or the bad...I never know, some people prefer it in a specific order, others all will nilly in a chronological order...I am going to start with the bad...

  • Kate was supposed to get here on Friday night, staying with me for 2 days during the show time, but.......................instead she gets in a car accident in NYC and cannot come to the show, last I heard she was fine, but sore. Stupid NYC cab drivers!!
  • While setting up for the show, I notice that Carla, you might know her as supastarr is set up right next to me, and I am a hundred shades of thrilled, I love her, but then I notice someone who is not Carla setting up next to me, I sheepishly try to tell them that they are in the wrong spot...but they don't care and set up next to me anyway....oh, and they are another collage
  • it's sort of slow....steady but slow...slow enough for me to panic
  • at one point I was "this close" to selling my piece The Beekeeper's Wife, the women were fighting over whether or not to put it in the bedroom or living room, it was rather adorable, so then they ask me the price, and I politely tell them it's $100...the abruptly drop the piece back onto the table with a shocked looked on their face....all the while mumbling that it was beautiful, but not $100, what? Really they said that, I tried to explain that it is two pieces each measuring 8x18 inches and that if they were in a gallery that piece would be priced at many hundreds of dollars, they did not seem to care....they just wandered away.
  • AT one point when I was wandering around someone came to the table and my bubs was telling them that all my pieces were one of a kind and I had no prints, they went on to tell him that they were not one of a kind considering "all I was doing" was finding pieces out of magazines, all I can say is thank god I was not there, I think I would have burst into tears.
  • Money wise.....I made less than I did last year, which is a disappointment as I have a $250 prescription to pick up in a few days...oh well. the good (I am not a Debbie Downer)

  • I bought (before the show even started and I thought I would do better) a beautiful new purse from a Vendor names Aqua's fantastic, it is hidden away right now to be given to me as a present, or else I would show a picture....but it is made from an amazing beige and dark brown's looks like vintage French's amazing.
  • My bubs was there to help me the whole day which was just the bee's knees, really!!!! We also got to see some of our favorite real life friends who came out to show their support.
  • Megan from MoogansCreations was across from me, and like that was not wonderful enough, she made for me.....a custom "mean cheese" plush.
  • I got to see a lot of the etsy people in "real life" and met a brand new glass jewelry person, also named Jennifer, you need to look at her shop, really beautiful.
  • Did I mention my new purse....yeah I know I did, but's that good.
  • To make up for the mean things those few people said, I did hear a lot of more than wonderful feedback, in fact one young woman bought a collage and I swear she was almost crying, she was telling me she did not know a lot about art but she thought my work was "the prettiest she'd ever seen", and right there....that made the other not so nice stuff fade a way, a bit.
  • whiskey drinks on a sunny but cool Saturday in Autumn...yup, sipping whiskey, selling art, and buying new purses....all with my bubs. In some ways, it was the perfect day.
So that was it, in a I know I should not even worry about the bad stuff, and in short I am not (anymore....Saturday night and Sunday...that was a different story). I very rarely do shows and this is sort of why, I am very, VERY sensitive about what I do, it takes a long time to build confidence and in a short instant it is whisked away, back down to nothing. I am left empty and tired when all is said and done.

That is how I am feeling now, you world, my little world that I live in now is very safe, I make things I spend a lot of time alone in my studio, the real world being just a hum traffic outside my window. It had been a long time since I had to put myself out there like that, and I will say it did tire me out a lot more than I thought it would.

I spent most of Sunday in a sleepy haze, not doing any "real" creating but some planning for new merchandise for my shop....

I am hesitant to say what is on the way, for fear of a little copy catting going on, but I am really excited...

Anyway so besides some planning of that, I just sort of lazed about the house, I even watched the Emmy's last night because I am a sucker for awards shows....and I am totally obsessed with Heroes and waited until the end to see them win, and they didn't...

wow, this was a whole lot of babble...yikes. Oh and if you are wondering about the's my latest altered book, it's called "A Sort Of Fairy Tale"

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Blogger Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oooh, people can be so rude sometimes! Do they think we are deaf--or stone? I'm glad that you had enough good things to report to offset the bad. Your new purse sounds lovely! yeah!
Smiles, Karen

8:34 AM  
Blogger Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh dear. Thank goodness for the yummy drinks and the new bag (can't wait to see it!).

Pls know that if you ever decide to do some work that is Arab-inspired in any way, would be happy to feature you and your wonderful work on my blog.
Maryam in Marrakech

8:45 AM  
Blogger Beej said...

I'm sorry that people suck, and I hope you know WE all think you are super-amazing-incredible &c.!

9:24 AM  
Blogger jungle dream pagoda said...

The altered art book is sooo lovely,and I love the idea of it being sort of a fairy -tale! I think the good definitely outweighs the bad!

9:29 AM  
Blogger Craftymoose Crafts said...

It always amazes me how rude people can be!

At least you got to meet some cool people, your bubs was there, and you got a new purse!

(P.S. Hope I am not the inspiration for Debbie Downer! LOL!)

9:35 AM  
Blogger stilettoheights said...

no, deb you are not the inspiration at all, I am just a sucker for alliteration and frankly I stole it from Kate who said it the other day, lol

9:39 AM  
Blogger supastarry said...

whiskey! I sheepishly drank cheap cold beer in the sun. If makes you feel any better, your hair looked amazing!

9:43 AM  
Blogger moogan said...

I am so sorry such terrible people said such horrible things. You work is so lovely. Damn them, damn them all.
It was so great getting to see you and your bubs again.
I hung the Petite Heights sketch above the sewing machine and you'll be getting a Petite dollie soon.
Don't let a few sour pusses bring you down

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Gillian said...

Oh where do these people get their manners!! They are just rude and wouldn't know fabulous art even when hit with it in the face! I am so glad that you got all the wonderful comments though!

Cannot wait to see what ideas you have brewing!!

11:01 AM  
Anonymous A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh my gosh!!! I hate the show things. People are so rude and clueless. Just know that almost everyone who does them feels exactly like you do. I totally agree with a safe place alone doing art.. and outside is simply the real world we try not to venture into so often...

Although, I am finding so much alone time is really messing with my brain cells. Yesterday I dwelled on something this woman from my old career said to me on the phone... I thought about it all day. And it was dumb and pointless, and I should have not let it in.... That is what alone time does.

But, I would rather have alone time than real world time....

People come to my shows, and stare at things, whispering to eachother that they can do it themselves.. People can be so....

Your work is amazing, and moving and beautiful!! I love it, I have oodles of it that I have proudly stalked out in your shop. Let's lean on eachother... Oh, we already do that! Ha!!! xoxoxooxox

11:04 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Don't let rude people get to you ~ they're so not worth it! Your art is definitely unique and that in itself is something special :)

Glad you enjoyed the show, I wish I had had time to stop by. Maybe next year :)

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

everyone's a critic...I just can't believe they have the nerve to do so in front of your face. Your work is gorgeous and you have tons of customers to back it up :) I am so happy that bubs spent the day helping you there, how sweet and fun. yum, whiskey.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Sweet Spice said...

i'm so proud of you for putting your work and self out there...its hard to do and some of us haven't gotten that far, we prefer the safety of online =o/ Oh and mean people suck

your new altered book is so pretty

1:31 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Jenn, you may have forgotten what it's like to deal with the public on a daily basis, but let me remind you that there are always going to be uneducated, dumbfuck, ignorant, rude jackasses. I see them every night. Sometimes it seems like there are more than not, but those are just bad days.

The point is, whatever stupid shit people said had nothing to do with you or your talent. Some people just deserve to have my foot in their face, Chuck Norris-style.

We all love you. And even if the show didn't live up to what you hoped, I'm still proud of you. xoxo

4:55 PM  
Blogger Carla Sonheim said...

I really enjoyed reading your post today. Thank you!!!!

P.S. Shows can be R E A L L Y hard.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Megan said...

Jenn, your work is beautiful! You've developed a wonderful hand of your own. I'm sorry that you had some crumb-bums (that's what my mom would have called them) stop by your booth. I had people ooh and ah when they saw my woven table linens, then balk when they saw the prices. What do they expect? It was woven by an American artist, not a ten-year-old in a sweatshop in Malaysia.

It was wonderful meeting you in person! I hope that our paths cross again soon.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Noelle said...

You just need to find some big spenders. People not willing to pay $100 don't have it to spare, it's unfortunate they turned it into someone else's problem. They're not spending their money on books, either. I think your stuff is great.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

i just had to comment and say, i totally understand about shows. it is so tough. i did 3 fairly "bad" ones in a row and just started feeling like maybe *i* really DID suck and my stuff sucked, etc. . . then i did a 2-day show this past weekend and even though i had a couple of people like you mention . . . i also had a woman buy *7* skeins of yarn at once . . . never once batting an eye at the prices. people who understand and appreciate what we do make it all worth while!! :)

(i do plan on doing a lot of shows, but if i sold as well as you do on etsy, i doubt i would!)

10:14 AM  
Blogger alexgirl said...

I love the book, Jenn. It's gorgeous.
And I can't believe those women--get some effing manners! Your stuff is very reasonably priced, I think. They musta been mega cheapskates.
But it sounds like it wasn't all bad. Thank goodness for your bubs.

ANTM starts tomorrow, are you excited?!!! I'm positively giddy.

7:43 PM  

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