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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On a Dark and Stormy Night...

Happy Halloween fearless readers!!! I will be closing up shop early today to go home and hand out candy, and by hand out, I mean eat mini kit-kats while watching the Blair Witch Project and painting!!!

I have been going on and on about Halloween and Autumn so I won't bore you with it today, suffice to say I won't be babbling about it for much longer, I will have to move on to how much I hate Thanksgiving, or as I call it "Happy Small Pox Giving" Day...but that's just me.

You will probably also hear an awful lot about how strange it is to be with someone who loves "Everything Christmas" yes, I do mean everything, this is something he really should have told me before I moved out here...giggle.

I am still having my 20% off sale in my shop, come on people spread the word and show the love...I need to get my asthma medicine.

ok, guilt trip over, and besides, I know you're all as poor as I am, unless Bill Gates has been secretly reading my geeky blog, if that;s the case...BUY MY STUFF BUDDY!!

The piece I am featuring today is still new and available for sale in My Etsy Shop, I chose it today for obvious reasons. The title is "Masquerade"

If I do not post tomorrow, it must be because I have slipped into a diabetic coma from the chocolate feast I will be eating tonight.



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