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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A New Month Begins

I am really hoping that this month will be more productive than last one...I spent so much time stressing and freaking out about my comic, why it wasn't done, if I was going to have to go search and find an artist to complete the pages that were not done...all that worry in a way was for nothing as I did end up getting the pages, finally!!!
The book is finally at the printer, and I can rest easy, at least for the time being. What's sad is that this issue is going to be magnificent and now I have to find another artist, but for now I can be happy about it.

The book is still selling really well online, and the feedback I have gotten is great and everyone seems to love it, so I know I am doing something valid, and I know people are really responding to it. It is available for sale in my Etsy Store as well.

SO If I could only find an artist who is willing to do the book for more than one issue.

On another note, I am still running my sale on Etsy, and today I listed this altered wooden tea box today, it was done in conjunction with Jewelstreet's Creative Challenge.

The Box is titled Beautiful and Silent.

I am really looking forward to Monday when Etsy launches v2 of their site!!

Oh, and I may or may not be blogging tomorrow, but PLEASE....look for me at on Thursday as I will be guest blogging there.

Woo Hoo!!


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