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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Cult Down The Street

I just need to say that I am going to be so excited when election season is over and done with...for so many reasons, one being that I am so sick of attack ads. But most importantly for me, is that perhaps my neighborhood will go back to normal.

Many people know that I live right next door to a large park, I walk by it everyday on my walk to work, but what most people don't know is that I live right down the street from a giant religious cult...I refer to it as "Helm's Deep" as it looks like the giant stone fortress from Lord of the Rings.

This being the case, the crazies from the cult have to drive by the park to get anywhere, so in my beautiful park there has been these giant buses with bill-boards on the sides, with messages that basically say things like. "So and So politician loves Gay Marriage but Jesus hates Gay people" and then there is another one that has really graphic photos that says something to the point of "Jesus crys when women murder their babies, Say no to abortion and Jesus will give you a treat" or some such nonsense like that.

Sorry, I needed to vent, I have nothing against religion, don't get me wrong, but He;m's Deep is going to go Waco on Columbus, seriously....this is a place that even really religious people are scared of.

ok, enough of that babble.

Today is cold and rainy and I am feeling lonely for something I can't quite put my finger on...I don't really feel like talking to anyone or really doing anything, perhaps I am feeling lonely for a feeling, that feeling of being connected without talking or anything.

I guess I miss Keith, he has been working so much lately and when we are home at night he is so tired...he works really hard. Yesterday as a surprise he brought me an eggnog shake, and when he gave it to me he said that ice cream was his version of flowers. I almost cried, then I drank the whole shake in less than 5 minutes and felt sick. It was worth it though.

Oh, I forgot to say, Keith is the president of the "I Love Everything Christmas" club...he actually pulled out all the x-mas DVD's over the weekend, and we actually started watching them.

it is going to be a very long Christmas season.

So, with that in mind, this is an ornament that I made, it is a year round ornament, for people who are cooler than the rest. It is available for sale in my etsy store.

it is titled "Travel in Venice"


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