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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Worst Day

So after the perfect day, the most beautiful un-birthday a girl of 31 can have...yesterday went to hell, Car poor K. had to walk to work this morning, over 4 miles...and it's going to cost us $400 too.
Of course, right before I need my medicine in a couple weeks too...I feel like Charlie Brown...if he was a starving artist and comic creator living in blissful love in Columbus.
I got up early, and painted because I did nothing last night...too much stress!!!
I even managed to work out for like 20 minutes before I walked to work...ok, it's not great I know but it's a little something.

I managed to create this piece, an ACEO called "A Beautiful Myth", I wanted to do something that was just pure beauty, the antithesis of what yesterday was. Plus I am still reading the Tennyson, so I am obsessed with Ancient Myths at the It's always something right.

oh, and this morning when I was walking past the park, there were no geese, or groundhogs, but I did hear a couple little girls screaming....I've been watching the news too much, all I could think was JonBenet...but when I looked they were just screaming for the sake of screaming...

I don't think I ever did that...did I


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