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Monday, December 17, 2007

Le Sigh


How are all of you this fine Monday morning????

well this weekend was filled with the little meanie and cheesie, it was also filled with many hours of snow and sleet....leaving us house bound.

so, what to do with a mean cheese during a snowstorm???

1- read books, well she flips through bad fashion magazines, and by bad I mean if they come in the mail with Jennifer Anniston on the cover they immediately get tossed her way. Anyway, she flips though magazines and I read books, currently I am reading a collection of the old times daily comic strip "On Stage" by Leonard Starr, as well as a biography of Amelia Earhart.

2- you gotta dance...I did a lot of dancing this weekend, the cheese loves it, she hoots and hollers and claps and signs more, more, more....she is especially a fan of the jive, though right now my calves are killing me, my legs hate the jive. So I danced and she cheered, my bubs laughed.

3- watch every holiday themed movie you have in the house, so we watched, It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Frosty The Snowman, Frosty Returns, and Batman II.....yes that is a Christmas movie, re-watch it if you don't believe me.

4- Stop the mean cheese from tearing down the Christmas trees

5- Stop the mean cheese from touching the stove

6- stop the mean cheese from tearing apart the bookcase

7- Stop the mean cheese from hoping down the stairs

8- stop the mean cheese from sliding down the stairs

9- there was also a brief bit of outside play, when my bubs (tried) to pull her around on the sled, which turned into her diving out of the sled and falling down, running, falling down, running, falling down and then her taking off her mittens.

10- Stop the mean cheese from taking off her mittens

so there you have it.

When all was said and done and she was back at her mom's house, my bubs and I got to have a splendid movie date and went to go see The Golden I know people say it's confusing....but it's not, at all, in fact I am pretty sure a very small child could understand it. There is also hooplah about it being anti Christian or something or, it's not, not at all....It's a fantasy movie afterall, and I am sorry that in this fantasy world there is no "Jesus".

in all seriousness, I LOVED it, though I admit to being a sucker for any large scale sweeping fantasy epic. I do know all the words to the Lord of The Rings movies....I love it all....well except Harry Potter anything, my ex husband, that no good hippie would spend hours and hours smoking pot and watching the first two HP movies, I think he had a thing for Hermione...or Harry...or both, it was hard to needless to say Harry Potter is just sort of boring to me.

But, Golden Compass...brilliant, so go see it, many times so they have enough money to make the sequel to it.

ok, that's enough blah blah today.

oh and before I go I am having a little sale in my etsy shop, Buy 2 Reproduction prints and get a third one for free...just write which print you want in the message section!!

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Blogger Chucka Stone Designs said...

Sounds like you had your hands full with the cheese but made the most of your snow bound weekend! We were stuck inside too so of course i spent most of my time in Etsy forums lol...addiction?

I was questionable on that movie but you changed my mind, we'll have to check it out after all.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your recounting of her actions, very cute to me because I didn't have to worry about her taking off her mittens, tearing things apart or hurting herself.

I can definitely understand why you are not a fan of Harry Potter, as I am sure you can understand why I'm not a fan of LOTR, well, maybe not. It's just that they don't "do" it for me. I don't loathe those movies, I just don't "get them". I did love the Chronicles of Narnia though, so I will probably love Compass. And Daniel Craig, hello!

I do not envy your weather.

1:05 PM  
Blogger alexgirl said...

Fun times with Mean Cheese! Well, tiring, but fun.
I love Christmas movies, so I would've had a blast with you guys. (And I'm definitely re-watching Batman II--is that the Tim Burton one?)

3:58 PM  
Blogger Chickenbells said...

Well...that sounds like a busy weekend indeed...being housebound with a small child is difficult under the best of circumstances. The movie looks good, my mother and I both want to see it, but my 10 year old niece though it looked a little intense...tee-hee!

4:30 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

ugh. wasn't the snow just icky? :(

4:59 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

The snow has been a douche to me in a variety of ways these past few days, but thank God it seems to be gone for the forseeable future.

And to think: It's technically not even winter yet.

12:28 AM  

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