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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Mystery abounds in the land of Stiletto-ville

so this morning started off with a sleepy morning with Keith, he had today off and we were going to spend some time together, but then he had to go and do a bunch of stuff....

so, needless to say I am here at the shop, though we have someone here to watch the place...I am here anyway. I shouldn't complain I did have many days off in a row because of the holiday, but it would have been nice to spend some down time together.

wait...I am getting off track. The morning was nice as we eased into the day, I got to the shop and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had sold a few things last night on my etsy shop, Yay!!!

We also received in the mail a gift certificate to a restaurant called Dragonfly, it's downtown and seems so totally cool. They mystery is that the card is made out to both of us, but it says it is from "Santa"...that's it....

I am mystified by it all...I have no idea who would do this, I have a few suspicions but overall, I don't know.

The place seems very cool, very artsy. They even have a "chocolate bar" on Saturday nights, now keep in mind I don't know what that is, but it can't be bad.

Hopefully we can do that sometime soon, it might end up being a wonderful night of escape, from the stress of the mountain of money problems that continue to plague us.

I hope whenever it is we get the chance to go, that the mysterious chocolate bar...brings a smile to Keith's face.

so...whoever it is that gave us this wonderful treat...THANK YOU, whoever you are, from the bottom of my dead heart. It really means more than you could possibly know.

I hope you are reading this.

I have been continuing to take it easy as far as creating things, I have some ideas in my head of projects that I want to do, so perhaps I will work on them tonight.

Keith's parents are coming into town this weekend, so I will be unable to work, as we will ahve the little monster as well. I think this visit will be a nice reminder of home. I only wish I had the money to fly my mom out for a few days, though I know we would drive each other crazy and I would probably be cursing the visit...I do miss having a sense of family.

I listed this card in my shop yesterday, it is called "Nothing Could Be More Perfect" and it is available for sale in my etsy shop.


Blogger Aaron said...

How could anything called a "chocolate bar" possibly be bad? Someday when I actually have the money to visit OH, you and I will totally go down to the chocolate bar and get tanked.

Ooh! You know what would make a chocolate bar even better? Hot bartenders. Because sex and chocolate. Yum.

8:24 AM  
Blogger stilettoheights said...

aaron, I know, I am so excited!!!!

the place also has an art gallery!!! How cool is that???

ps- come to OH!!!!!

10:03 AM  

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