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Monday, August 14, 2006

Was it too soon?

ok, so I might be suffering from my first case of sellers remorse...I won't say which piece it was as I don't want anyone to feel strange about it...
When I worked at the gallery I would often hear artists talking about pieces of theirs, adn they would say that they were not ready to sell it yet, and I guess I never least until now.
I have been so caught up with creating which is great, I've also started to sell some stuff, which is also great, I've been listing everything I have created on my etsy shop . I have done this with no hesitation, but for the first time, one of the pieces I sold in the past week makes me feel at a sort of loss. So strange...when I removed the piece from the wall there was an emptiness there.
What is all this selling going to do to the artist in me?
So this is the new deal, if I think I might not want to part with something...I won't. I won't list it, it's that simple.
I know, I know, I need the money and all that stuff, but don't I need myself more? So, no more selling stuff just to sell stuff, everything I sell will be because I want to.
I am babbling, I know, it was a tough weekend, so much stress, and there seems to be tension in the air, or maybe it's just my upcoming birthday.
Who knows...
Did manage to have a little time to paint this weekend. This is a new piece called "He Gazed at Her From Across the Room.


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