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Thursday, August 10, 2006


So I think I am starting to come down after was a big day for me as a person and as an artist- I hot the 200 sale mark on my Etsy Shop which is a huge deal. I finally got up the courage to start showing and sharing my artwork with the world this past April at the Pittsburgh Comic Convention, it was within the the week after that they I set up shop on Etsy... the rest has been a blur.
It's strange, I've never been more creative in my life, which is an incredible high that I hope doesn;t go away...I feel a little more comfortable with what I am doing artistically and thanks to getting some commssion work I am forced to branch out from my safety zone.
My big fear is that it will all go away- or that I will start to think of art as work...I don't want to ever feel like I have to force myself to create...
I mean, I am human, and to be honest who wouldn't rather be sleeping or getting drunk or just lazing about with someone...
But I love what I do, and just the thought that someone else might love it too, well that's almost too much to handle!

This is a small piece I have up for sale in my shop it's called Castle and the Raven
it is a real different piece than what I usually do- I like it a lot- I hope I can hold onto that feeling and work with other pieces like this!

Also just found out that I will be doing some small commission cards for Dani at BellaJean
That has made this very quiet Thursday get a little brighter- she also said I could use one of her beautiful Sunflower photos in a piece too- that is a real compliment!

Later peeps!


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