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Friday, April 06, 2007

Come on Ramblers, let's get rambling.

(I decided to title this post with a little movie quote, thinking my friend aaron will be so proud).

thank you all for your wonderful comments yesterday!!!

ok, down to the ever present business at hand.....

yesterday as you well know I had a doctors appointment, which I was dreading, a necessary evil in life, don't worry I won;t go into gory details about it.

I get to the doctors which is across town during rush hour, my bubs drops me off so he can find a spot. I am about 15 minutes early for my appointment. I get in fill out the forms and begin to wait, bubs shows up with a little present in hand, he stopped at a record store and bought me/him the best of The Replacements, as well as a little black and white matted photo of Audrey Hepburn...he said I seemed tense, and that this should make me smile.

it did.

you see 10 years ago I was diagnosed with very early stages of cervical was not a big deal, a couple of appointments and a little bit of pain and I was fine and have been fine ever since, but that being the case, the "c" word, is still a scary, scary thing to hear.

So I have flashbacks of this every time I go to the doctor, so me seeming "tense" is sort of an understatement.

Plus...hello...the weigh you at the doctors, I don;t even own a scale, so it is a good way for me to forget any weight I may have gained. Until now.

Needless to say the appointment was unpleasant but fine, even the weighing...which was not that frightening, I actually weigh less that I thought, I actually weigh what I would have "lied" and said I weighed, now I can lie and say I weigh less.

Anyway, the doctor was 45 minutes late for my appointment, but when all was said and done it went well. As I was getting ready to pay and leave...I pass out.

On the damn floor after sort of slumping against the wall for a minute.

where the hell did this come from? Am I that delicate a flower that I can no longer even have an appointment without having a "spell".

So then I feel better, stand up and go to pay again, while mumbling something about my bf and I need to tell him I am fine, as I have been in the office for a very long time by that point. But....before I get to far, I pass out again.

um, seriously...what the hell?

I am finally feeling a bit better manage to pay, get out to my bubs and somehow we are outside walking to the car, it's freezing and I am dragging my coat and scarf on the ground and mumbling and not making much sense...really it's all a blur but the air felt good against my skin, it was very cold but I needed that, the 6 block walk to the car didn't even phase me, my bubs held my hand the whole way.

What I do remember clearly is when we got back to the car...we had a parking ticket.

wtf? seriously? SERIOUSLY?????

that was my day? how was yours?

Oh and to top it off, we have been going to the post office everyday to check our PO Box, Keith has ordered some things off ebay (a couple weeks ago), as have I, I am also waiting for several checks for some artwork to come we go, we haunt the PO every day and wait.

still nothing.

Bubs is clearly upset, as am I....though, I have been lucky, though I have gotten all of the things I have been waiting for I have gotten 3 wonderful surprises.

1 - karen beth, who is lovely, send me a wonderful little note with images she clipped from a adorable!!! Karen Beth is one of the best mail givers out there, she should start a business where people pay her to send other people packages, they are that good.

2- Amazing Risa in Equador sent me a little collage as well as some tea, a magnet, and a lovely pencil and sweet note. She is delicious and I will have to repay her with many lovelies.

3- Evil Kate, who I lovingly refer to as Ka-Jenn, as she is one half of my fake celebrity lesbian power couple was recently in Ireland, Scotland, and London...much to my delight she picked up some Irish fashion magazines for well as the awesome trashy tabloid "Hello" complete with cover story of Angelina's latest baby purchase.

4- Greek Vogue came in the mail, sure I actually bought this one off ebay so it really shouldn't be in the gift category...but it arrived from Greece, when the purchases I have made from local people, have yet to arrive.

oh and I worked on two new block sets yesterday and I am loving both sets so much, they are both up for sale in my etsy shop.

well, I hope you all have a lovely Easter, I will be spending the day the same way I spent it last year...muddling through doing the taxes for the comic shop, luckily this will be the last year!!!


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Blogger Gypsy Purple said...

Hope you guys have a blessed and happy Easter

9:00 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Haha...when I read the title of the post, I actually heard Lawrence Tierney saying it in my head. How sad is that? I should probably go out more.

Congrats on surviving your doctor's appt, although the passing out is always freaky. Good for you for even going, though. I've only been once in the last ten or so years, and that was a gf-mandated STD test (under the guise of a physical -- although I was happy to discover my cholesterol wasn't that bad. Of course, this was three years ago, so...okay, serious tangent, sorry).

Hey: hope you and Bubs have a good weekend. Yay for Zombie Jesus!!

Miss you. xoxo

9:23 AM  
Blogger B. Franklin Jackson said...

Jennn -

Did you ever watch Deadwood? You remind me (in an awesome way) of Alma Garrett.

My last GF had the same cervical cancer scare - I know it's not fun at all.


9:50 AM  
Blogger RecyVintage said...

Oh wow... what a day! That is so scary that you passed out! Why did that happen? Do you have an idea? Poor dear. I hope today is TONS better for you and that you get some mail to cheer you. :)

Have a great weekend. I'll be thinking about you and sending you GOOD vibes!


Karen Beth :)

9:52 AM  
Blogger Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hope you are feeling way better! Sometimes the adrenaline kicks in even when the news is good!

Hope you both get mail & have a wonderful Easter.

I married an I don't have to do my taxes! LOL!

10:34 AM  
Blogger moogan said...

I hope you can spend the weekend, while not doing your taxes, relaxing and giving you body some rest. Hope the weekends yields better times for you

10:50 AM  
Blogger B. Franklin Jackson said...

ace - I heard the same thing re: let's get rambling..

10:55 AM  
Blogger said...

Oh no! I hate doctors...Don't freak, but...I don't go.... I know I know... It is the latin voo-doo in me....I figure, just take me...I have lived a good life...I can't ask for more... take me...Is that morbid? but, after seeing that you go and we are totally twins.. maybe I should go too???? I dunno....Fainting would be the least of my worries, I think I would kill over and end up in a catatonic state of shock and trauma.....Although, really fainting, in real life like you did, I have never done.. How scary....! How awful! I am glad you are a wee bit better......Burn the ticket.. Okay, burn a copoy of it, after you send in payment....xxo,Vanessa

11:28 AM  
Blogger Izabella said...

I hope you are feeling better, you were probably hungry & stressed to cause fainting?!

I love love the new blocks..oh I want all of them!!

xo ~Bella

11:54 AM  
Blogger Ming_the_Merciless said...

Sorry to hear about the parking ticket and stressful day.

Hope your week gets better.

Happy Easter.

1:32 PM  
Blogger KSV said...

Honey, I am so sorry you had a rough day. How odd about the "spells", and being in a doctor's office, did anyone bother to check and make sure it wasn't something more serious. WAIT, you said you lost weight, are you eating alright??? Just joking. I fainted in the shower once, my brohter had to help me when I came to. Maybe you were over stressed or tired. Whatever the case, feel better, and I will talk to you soon!!

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would freak me out toooo! I still have to go to the doctors all the time..not a wonderful place to have to go. Your friend sounds like a trip. I wish he could take me to my doctors appt.s too. An Audrey pic. is a wonderful way to cheer someone up. She rocks!
Anyhoo, I'm glad that your alright. Phewwwwww! *Wipes sweat off of head* Scary.......
Your work is always wonderful.
I am totally inspired by you to try that type of work for myself. :) (Excited)

5:20 PM  
Blogger jungle dream pagoda said...

Are you ok? Please let us know about you and the fainting. I know what it sounds like! Hmmmm. In the mean time enjoy the Replacements (one of my faves) and the Audrey pic(another shared fave)and I shall enjoy those lovely blocks!

9:16 PM  
Blogger coco said...

Days like that really are horrible.
Hopefully you have a better weekened.
Love the pictures at the top of this post.

5:51 AM  
Blogger artandghosts said...

oh man im sorry to hear about the medical scare.
i had a serious form of blood poisoning when i was 8, and i still fear doctors because of it, like expecting the worst every time because of the memory.

i do sympathise, and the passing out??!! wow, i would imagine that would be a post office thing! i often feel really suffocated in there, for some reason they are unbearably hot.
but of course, i do hope you are feeling recovered from your ordeal.

and these collage blocks keep getting better and better.
im in love with them all!

12:04 PM  

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