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Monday, August 07, 2006

Sexy and Scary

Such a productive weekend...I'm feeling a little spent...

Good thing was, that K. and I could spend a little time together on Sunday as it was a child-free we spent the day hanging out- went out and bought tons of art supplies and other collage materials. It was good to just be with him, we use to spend 24 hours a day together when we were both running the shop- and now we're lucky to get any time together-

24 hours a could we have not killed each other- that's usually what everyone asks, but it just worked, maybe because we spent 12 years away form each other- we just wanted to soak each other in as much as we can...

Saturday I spent the day painting like crazy- worked on the first part of the poetry paintings for Giles, and also did a lot of Halloween theme vintage Frankenstein and Phantom of the Opera pieces-

on the opposite end of the spectrum I did some great sexy pieces too- another great Corset ACEO that is pretty doing these, the sexy bobmshell stuff is really where my heart and my head are at-along with the fashion studies as well...I could work like that forever! I;m always a little sad for a moment when something sells...for years I kept everything...I'm still so new to the selling aspect- it's still strange, but I love it, it's like sharing a secret with someone, or a riddle- it's all about seeing if they can crack the code...not really sure if I'm making any sense or

Things have been going well with my etsy shop ( ) so if your interested in anything or just want to see more of what I obsess over...just go there!!


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